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Naked Hussler Friday, Queen Mookie Saturday and Match-Game Sunday

"Glitoris" is just one reason to get glam, glittery and gorgeous this weekend.

This weekend there are two fabulous decedant reasons to swag down to Pony: Hussler and Glitoris. Get out your short shorts, glitter, eye lashes, high heels and leave those shirts at home because it’s going to be a hot and sweaty weekend.

Friday night “Hussler” will get you sweaty, hot and begging for more down at the Pony and what more can you ask for? Let them have it and eat your cake too. Then on Saturday night the delicious Queen Mookie and Devil Eyes hosts another month of “Glitoris”. Get out of your houses and condos and prepare yourself to “Freak The Fu$% Out This Saturday Night, Betches!”

Spin off the weekend with the fun-filled Match Game down in Belltown at Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater. A game show gone wild with Mister Belltown, aka Charlie Monroe Savage, and you never know who might show up in Belltown. But make sure to bring your pepper spray, mase or your high heels for protection because the crack-heads and drug dealers of Belltown are getting really feisty and aggressive.


Gams Galore, Charlie Monroe Savage and Mandie Liscious at last month's Match Game. Photo Credit: Charlie Monroe Savage

The Classic 70s fill-in-the-blank TV game show “Match Game” and its Dynamite host Gene Rayburn get a few new twists in MATCH GAME Belltown an exciting, fast-paced, live, interactive reinvention of the bawdy classic. Watch as 4 contestants per show will be pulled directly from the audience to try to win fabulously funny prizes by matching wits with local celebrity guest stars, GLAMAZONIA, TUSKEN RAVER, AYE TROOPER, LEIA PENNY, CAPTAIN K, ANITA CHAPEL, LANDO CAUCASIAN, DARK AMIDALA, QUINLIN RILEY & DARTH DRAMBUIE.

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