Feelin’ a bit “piggy” lately? Seven Deadly Sins returns...

Naked Hussler Friday, Queen Mookie Saturday and Match-Game Sunday

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Some Lovely Photos: The Gluttony Edition

What!? Why are they still clothed? Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

Or, should this be a “Nooner” post? It’s full of images of scantily clad sweaty men dancing the night away at Two Knights Events “Gluttony” party last Saturday at Neumos, number 6 in their series, “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Regardless, it was a night full of zexy men, pig imagery, booze, dance music and judging by the crowd, about four females…FUN!

And, don’t forget there are TWO more events in the Two Knights party queue: EVOLUTION is happening Friday, June 24 at The Baltic Room just in time for Gay Pride…Join DJ Craig Gaibler for that nigh of fun and debauchery but don’t dilly dally getting your tickets…they WILL sell out. And, for post Pride fun, there’s the PLAY T Dance at Neumos on Sunday, July 3 with DJ John LePage. Tickets for that event should go on sale within the next week or so.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy these lovely photos from Malcolm Smith. You can check out MORE of his Gluttony photos on Two Knights Facebook page. and on his website for his business, Malcolm Smith Photography.

Oh, that's better...a man who knows how to undress for an event. Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

The Rapture is supposed to come next this what it's going to look like? 'Cause, sign us UP! Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

More hotness, after the JUMP! 

The blew the budget on a PROP!? Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

DJ Paul Goodyear bathed in the amber glow of dj success... Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

Where there's Gluttony, there'll be this case, overbaked pig cookies. Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

More shirtless sweaty mens. Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

Purple Haze, Purple Haze... Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

And, we finish with even MORE shirtless hotties...we are a glutton for 'em. Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography



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