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IT’S HERE! Seattle Pride Day 2011 and here’s the...

June 25, 2011 Comments Off on Capitol Hill Pride is surprisingly well organized this year. Views: 1047 Nightlife, Seattle Pride 2011, Some Lovely Photos

Capitol Hill Pride is surprisingly well organized this year.

Surprises do happen. Last year’s Capitol Hill/Broadway Gay Pride Street Party was frankly, a bit of a boring train wreck…a poorly planned mess with not much entertainment value or that many participants and it did not bode well for this year’s event. But, they seem to have pulled their act together, despite their poorly designed website and poster riddled with misspellings and typos. This year’s Street Party was blessed with more booths, (albeit mainly ones devoted to Henna, Hemp, or Chiropractic adjustments), better organization, some lovely weather and a large enthusiastic crowd, many of them clustered around the Julia’s Pride Party corner and the amusing antics of Mama Tits/Busty McGee. So kudos to the organizers and hopefully they made enough money this year to pay all the bills.

And, yes, I got a photo of the iconic Boe Odyssey, though he’s tough to photograph since he’s always twirling…

All (poorly shot) photos by Strangeways.

Mama Tits entertaining the troops outside Julia's Block Party.

The crowd is transfixed by the power of Mama.

It's happening...the gays get to marry, next it's time for Robo Sexuals.

The people that you meet in your Homohood.

If Capitol Hill resident and artist Cody Blomberg were any cuter, we'd have to eat him.

Beloved (?) Seattle Character Boe Odyssey, aka "Flowing Scarf Gay Hippie Man" was moving so fast this was the best pic I could get.

Sad Banjo Man, I apologize for my poor photography skillz...

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