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June 4, 2011 Comments Off on Space Needle announces that puppies will be thrown off the top of the Needle. Views: 1187 Uncategorized

Space Needle announces that puppies will be thrown off the top of the Needle.

Evil Needle Owners power up for more diabolical deeds against humanity.

The Space Needle issued a statement yesterday to the PI website explaining why they aren’t flying the gay pride rainbow flag this year:

“(We) are not flying the flag this year,” Space Needle spokeswoman Mary Bacarella said in a statement Friday.

“We don’t make a habit of flying flags on top of the Space Needle and we make an effort not to  fly any flags on a recurring basis,” she said.

Bacarella said the Space Needle is giving the flag to the group, Seattle Out & Proud, which will be marching with it this year.

“Though we are not flying the flag this year, the photos of it flying last year continue to be a source of pride for everyone in our community,” she said. ” We are also working with Seattle Out and Proud on a major fundraiser to benefit the LGBT community.”

People are still pissed off about it, and still signing the petition over at Change.Org asking them to reconsider…it’s up to 2373 signatures. If the Needle’s decision inflames you, head over there and sign it.

Meanwhile, Seattle Out and Proud issued their own “now, now: let’s all be nice!” statement about the whole donny brook.

Seattle Out & Proud (SO&P) is excited that we are able to connect with the Space Needle this year to bring the flag to the parade and march with it up front. SO&P recognizes that the Space Needle raises various flags for occasions that are important to their organization on a non-recurring basis, that last year’s event wasn’t the first of an annual occurrence.

SO&P is proud to partner with the Space Needle to find new ways to utilize this powerful symbol of inclusion to unite communities and honor diversity. To that end, we’re planning a fundraiser with the Space Needle this fall to create a program where this flag can march, fly or hang over numerous cities and pride events. We already have an out-of-state pride organization interested in bringing this flag and it’s inspiring history and message to their next pride event.

SO&P believes that the Space Needle remains committed to honoring the diversity of our community, and we look forward to building a sustainable relationship with them in the future.

And since the Needle now claims they won’t fly flags on a recurring basis, we’re going to hold them to that, and we’d better not see that damned “12th Man Flag” if some dumb local sports team that’s not the Seattle Storm, actually has a winning season…

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