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June 7, 2011 Comments Off on Talking to The Nerdist Himself… it’s Chris Hardwick! Views: 1988 SGS-TV Land

Talking to The Nerdist Himself… it’s Chris Hardwick!

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani with Chris Hardwick in the Green Room at The Showbox. Photo by Kathy Ann Bugajsky

If you don’t already know Chris Hardwick, he’s about to eat your airwaves – his podcast is now the hottest thing going, he’s on G4, and he’s just signed a hot new deal with BBC America for a series of shows called MINISTRY OF LAUGHS, and has committed to a TV pilot based on his podcast. And, he doesn’t look half bad in a speedo!

It would be easy to reduce my continuous plugging of and Chris Hardwick to rampant fanboy leg humping, but the thing I dig most about Chris is his absolute human-ness, and his ability to embrace his Nerddom in a most extraordinary way. Right before he went on stage at The Showbox this past Saturday, he was kind enough to open his greenroom to us for a casual chat to talk about geekly matters.

Big thanks to Chris for making intelligence a virtue, proving that honoring the DIY aesthetic can lead to success, and showing that smart people are Pro-Equality for all.


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