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August 25, 2011 Comments Off on We have the skinny on Karmageddon, the memorial/pub crawl to honor Sister Karma Za Betch Views: 798 In Memoriam, Nightlife

We have the skinny on Karmageddon, the memorial/pub crawl to honor Sister Karma Za Betch

Sister Stella Standing was kind enough to forward us the schedule for the Sister Karma Za Betch/Jon Krumbah Memorial/Pub Crawl, “Karmageddon” happening this Saturday, August 27 starting at 6pm at The Cuff Complex, via an email from Sister Katie Kizum. Sister Karma, aka Jon Krumbah, passed away from a sudden heart attack early July 30 after a night of promoting “Jockstraps & Glitter” the charity event he created to raise money for the Abbey of St. Joan’s Grant Fund. Here’s the schedule for the event:


6pm-7:30pm: The Patio at The Cuff Complex

Memorial/Cocktail Hour. “There will be a suggested $5 donation at the door for the Sisters Grants Fund. There will a silent auction for some of Karma’s leather and rubber gear, and other items will just be up for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the grants fund. We’ll start with some sort of “blessing” by the Sisters, probably ask a few Sisters / Friends to start the ball rolling with a story or a remembrance, and invite people to one end of the patio if they’d like to continue that, or just mingle, have a drink, and remember Karma / Jon.

7:30pm-8pm: Cuff Complex to Madison Pub

“The “Raising of Karma” which will involve Karma in effigy (a doll painted to look like Karma) that we will carry with us for the rest of the night. We’ll bring bells with us to ring as we follow the Karma Loop: we plan to move on from the Cuff to be at the Madison Pub by 8:00.”

8pm-9pm: Madison Pub

9pm-10pm: Purr

10pm-11pm: The Seattle Eagle

11pm-Close: CC Attle’s

“There will be a Karma drink special at CC’s (Captain & Diet, of course), a portion of which will also go to the Grants Fund. Sometime between 12 and 1, depending on how well we keep our schedule, we’ll have some sort of Sister blessing to induct her into the Nuns of the Above and send her on to the next stage in her Journey.”

There’ll be a LOT of toasts drunk to Sister Karma Za Betch/Jon Krumbah.


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