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December 7, 2011 Comments Off on Does Adrian Ryan know it’s Christmas? Views: 840 Media, Videos

Does Adrian Ryan know it’s Christmas?

The bitter sting of tears, indeed...and, no, this is NOT a photo of Adrian Ryan.

The King of the Homosexual Agenda, Mr. Adrian Ryan, Esquire, has been obsessing over the 1984 Band Aid song/video “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” on Facebook for the last several days, much to my chagrin. Every time he posts about it, I’m compelled to watch the video AGAIN and it’s making me insane. I decided to share the insanity with everyone. Please enjoy.

It also raises so many questions…like, why is this song so patronizing? How come none of the black singers got a solo? Where’s all the women? And, why the hell did they invite Marilyn? He looks stoned and I think he’s wearing a Super Mario jumpsuit.

Also, it’s a bit depressing to see how young they all are and compare it to how old they are now. For those of us around for the original airing of the video, it’s a tad demoralizing…

But, Sting is so gawdamned HOT looking! And, it makes us giggle when he sings, “the bitter STING of tears..” ’cause that’s HIS name! Tee hee!

Also note that all the gays named George (Boy and Michael) are the best singers.

But, Bono’s line: “Thank God it’s them instead of you!” makes us shudder even though we know it’s an ironic statement.

We hope.

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