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June 19, 2012 Comments Off on GLITUR Takes A Radical/Corporate Free Approach To Pride Views: 904 Queer Youth

GLITUR Takes A Radical/Corporate Free Approach To Pride

Leave your Hummer at home, Yuppie Scum! You are NOT wanted at this event!

I love those unicorn loving, radical young queer kids over in the GLITUR group, the queer offshoot of Occupy Seattle even though their acronym makes my copy editing/writing heart shrivel in revulsion. And, I also like their planned Pride Event happening this Friday night at Waid’s Restaurant in the Central District. And, I REALLY love the poster for the event…a DIY portrait of Divine ALWAYS catches my eye!

But, what the hell is GLITUR? I’m far too busy to interview them right now, (though it’s on my wishlist/to do list) so I’m taking the lazy/busy man’s way out, and resorting to a press release (their own).

The queers of Occupy Seattle are pleased to announce the formation of a new group for queer and trans activists and their allies in future organizing efforts within our communities. After the Pink Bloc’s resounding success on May Day in utilizing our fabulous queerness and fierce feminism as an effective tactic, we have decided to form a new, radical organization known as the Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries, or GLITUR.

GLITUR was formed with several goals in mind. We are here to announce the visibility of revolutionary unicorns here in Seattle, giving fellow radical queers a safe space for political organizing and creative expression. We aim to provide opportunities for sharing, learning and bringing light to the issues that affect our lives as LGBTQI peoples and to join in solidarity with other communities in their struggles with the systems and institutions that oppress us all.

Ya got that? Good.

“Drag Out Capitalism: A Queer Dance Party” is GLITUR’s rebuke to more commercially oriented Pride events:

Are you sick of the corporate spectacle that Gay Pride has become in Seattle? Do you reject the way local bars jack up their prices to try to make a profit off what is supposed to be a weekend of celebration and unity? Well so do we!!!

GLITUR would like to invite you to our Anti-Capitalist Dance Party and Drag Show at Waid’s the Friday night of Pride. It will be a night of boozing, dancing and performances filled with glitter and unicorns! We come together to strike back against popular assimilationist models of mainstream gay rights. We know that our work does not begin and end with the attainment of a gay marriage bill in WA State or with a begrudging presidential endorsement of it that seems more like a political strategy than real progress. And as long as ADAP is being cut, CeCe is behind bars for defending herself and anyone has to experience homophobia, transphobia, trans-misogyny, sexism or racism from the state or this capitalist society we will RESIST!!!

It will be $5 to get in with the proceeds going to Lifelong Aids Alliance, because Pride is about coming together and giving back, NOT MAKING MONEY!

I like many of their sentiments and I love their poster and if any of this is your cup of herbal tea, then please check it out. At the very least you’ll meet some nice unicorn loving folks and maybe learn something about radical queer politics.

But for the love of some unknown deity, do something about that awful name, GLITUR!!! It sounds and looks like you put “Glitter”, “Clitoris” and “Turd”  in a blender and hit the mince button!!!


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