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More Casting News: Dual Power Productions Gears Up For New Film, “R/Evolve”

Who doesn’t want to star/work on an ultra low budget queer indie film for no money? We know YOU do!

Dual Power Productions, the fine folks behind last year’s film “Heart Breaks Open” which played many film festivals including the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, is in pre-production on a brand new film called “R/Evolve” and they’re looking for both cast and crew. Here’s the Casting Call:

R/EVOLVE (a new feature film) is starting to crew-up for our summer film shoot in Seattle. We will be filming in July/August.

People of color, trans* folks, and disabled folks are STRONGLY encouraged to apply.

When style-photographer Lincoln gives a homeless, freewheeling traveler a place to stay for the night, a “good deed” ends life as they know it.

• Camera Department Production Assistant
• Boom Operator
• Key Grip
• Production Assistant
• Script Supervisor / Continuity Director
• Director of Accessibility

We’re creating a new position called the “Director of Accessibility”. This role manages accessibility accommodations on set. Whether that be working with our disabled director or making sure that we’re doing the best we can to manage other accommodations on set. If you’re interested in working with people with disabilities in film, then this might be the perfect role.

Experience not necessary for any role. We will train you. If you have experience, that’s great too. We have a great crew forming.

– CAST –
Matt (Lincoln’s Boyfriend) – 30s/40s – gay man
Matt loves being an architect, but not nearly as much as he loves Lincoln. He desires nothing more then a stable home and a caring family, which could one-day include kids. He spends his days working, going to the gym, cooking, and saving up for lavish vacations where him and Lincoln get to break free. Matt is a planner who doesn’t mind being a bit of a neat-freak. He’s good at spoiling Lincoln. He believes that freedom means having the security to not worry.
[There will be a sex scene]

Raccoon – 20s/30s – queer punk
Raccoon is a traveling genderqueer punk boy who is grounded in community, not in location. Si rides freight trains, writes letters and busks for money. When busking doesn’t work, day-labor fills the gaps. Raccoon takes risks and loves the radical adventures that life has to offer. A lover and a fighter, he knows, among other things, the interconnectedness of lace and work boots, the dismal future of capitalism, and that there’s nothing like wearing lipstick when swimming with sharks.

Punk House Queers – 20s/30s – queer, punk, artists, activists
Several scenes will take place at a punk house. We need a group of punk house queers to be the main friends of our character Raccoon. We’ll be casting 4 or 5 people for these roles.

Pretty Bar Gays – 20s/30s/40s – gay men
A few scenes will take place at a gay bar in Seattle. We need a few guys to play Matt and Lincoln’s pretty bar friends.

We will be casting in June. First and second auditions will be happening over the next few weeks. We will be filming in late July and early August.

The film will include dialogue from a script mixed with a bit of improvisational acting. There will be rehearsal time in June & July for you to get into character, hang out with the other actors and work with the director. The project will be shot with a minimal crew. It will be a very performance-heavy film in both it’s comedic and dramatic elements.

– MONEY – 
This is a no-budget, all-volunteer, DIY project. You will get a deferred percentage if the film makes any money, but there will be no upfront compensation. We promise to feed you well on set.

For cast, send a picture of yourself, tell us what role you’re going for, and tell us a little about why the character speaks to you.

For crew, send us a bit about your experience and what role you want to take on.

Send it to:

Dual Power is an entertainment company in Seattle, Washington. We produce media that promotes understanding, critical thinking, personal development and social change. Our work can be serious, fun, thought-provoking, educational or absurd. We use a multi-faceted transmedia approach to getting the message out.

What’s the message? In the words of Alice Walker, “Surely the earth can be saved by all the people who insist on love.” In the words of Utah Phillips, “You’ve got to mess with people!”

This film is being produced by Basil Shadid, directed by billie rain, and starring Maximillian Davis. If you want to see our previous work, check out:


 Side note/Disclaimer: Mr. Strangeways is involved with this production so we think you should DEFINITELY check it out…he also promises there won’t be a “casting couch”.

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