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Capitol Hill Talent Show – Tonight! And a few tips from us…

You think you have “it”? Lots of people think they have “it”, then they get tested and find out that it’s curable with a round of aggressive antibiotics… but we aren’t talking about THAT “IT” hunty – we’re talking T-A-L-E-N-T! Or at the very least some Charisma, Uniqueness and Nerve that can overshadow a possibly underdeveloped “talent”. A solid charm offensive on stage can go quite a ways, but if you don’t have “IT” then you need to learn to fake “IT”.

Come down to the Grill on Broadway, Friday nights and test out your talent – You’ll have a built in audience just waiting for you! All you gotta do is roll out your dog and pony show and see what people think! (Please don’t bring a dog or pony.)

If you score big, you’ll be invited back to the Finale in a few weeks where a winner will be crowned, and given a cash prize of $1,000 (you can pay for quite a few voice lessons with a grand!) and a trip to Vegas (where you can also spend a grand, but in a much less productive way!) Second and Third place winners will also win a lovely prize. Maybe a sack of ramen noodles and a train ticket to Enumclaw or something…

Wanna perform? Register Here(you can’t just crash the stage!) and start warming up your act!

Wanna get noticed? Wanna be a winner? Here’s a couple tips:

  • Follow RuPaul’s advice: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent go a LOOOONNNG way. Special emphasis on UNIQUENESS… don’t bore people!
  • The audience wants you to do well. Give them something to cheer for! Hand out candy as part of your act, if it works in context – they’ll remember things like that!
  • Big and Flashy isn’t always better than Tight and Classy. You can roll a turd in glitter all you want, but it’s still just a turd.
  • Stick with your strengths! Polish your act – this is the time to shine!
  • And for drag queens, and would-be drag performers – you have the most competition here. Your lip synch better be tighter than Mormon girl on prom night, and your look better be fierce as fuck. And if you’re gonna lip-synch, surprise people. Disco is WAY too predictable for this talent show.

At the finale, you just might see some familiar faces from on the judging panel… and you better be ready for the read…


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