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Cue the Waterworks: “The Impossible”

Mr. Strangeways is a sucker for disaster films and family in peril films. Needless to say, he’s terribly excited after seeing the trailer for the film, “The Impossible”, which stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as parents on holiday with their three kids…in Southeast Asia in December 2004,  just in time for the infamous tsunami.

It’s a little cringe-y that this is a “white people in peril” movie about an event that primarily killed thousands of non-white people and a relatively small amount of Americans/Europeans in comparison but we also have to be cynical and note that very few Americans or Europeans would see this film if it starred Thai or Indonesian actors…we’re sadly inclined to care more about seeing gorgeous white movie stars battle the odds and end up in tearful hugs while lovely soaring orchestral music plays in the background.

Still…TSUNAMIS and HEARTACHE! I’m already packing up the Kleenix and making my end of year movie plans…

“The Impossible” opens in the thick of the holiday awards season, on December 21, 2012 (in the US).

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