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September 5, 2012 Comments Off on It’s A Bathhouse! No, It’s A Diner! Views: 1336 Food, Grub & Grog, Living

It’s A Bathhouse! No, It’s A Diner!

File this under things that make you raise your eyebrows. The Eater has a story about the transformation of the old Tribe/Basic Plumbing gay bathhouse/sex pit (located behind The Comet on 10th) into a 24 hour diner…YUM!

From the Eater:

David Meinert, the indefatigable restaurant and music impresario behind the5 Point Cafe in Belltown and Big Mario’s on E. Pike, is teaming up with the similarly indefatigable Jason Lajeunesse (Capitol Hill Block Party and a partner in Big Mario’s) on a new 24-hour diner for Capitol Hill.

No name for the project and it has a projected opening date of Spring 2013 and Mr. Meinert promises: “real food for real people, at great prices. And really stiff drinks.”

This new diner really excites us…Capitol Hill desperately needs a good, cheap 24 hour diner for those moments when you need chicken fried steak at 3am. And, this place will be PACKED on Friday and Saturday nights….once people forget about the fact that they’re eating in a restaurant with the ghosts of a billion cc’s of sperm.

But, after all, Seattle, or at least tourists who come to Seattle, are used to eating in former sex pits…after all, the current location of Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe is a disgusting old porn store that had video booths. We’re pretty sure that a thousand gallons of Clorox can sweep away decades of spilled seed.

Still…the “Three Second” Rule will NOT apply here…

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