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Local Queer Film “R/Evolve” To Debut At London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


Maximillian Davis (left) and Lowell Deo star in “R/Evolve” a new locally made queer film from Seattle filmmakers, Basil Shadid and Billie Rain which premieres at the BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival this month.

We have no problem tooting our own horn, or the horns of our friends.

Dual Power Productions, the Seattle based film production company fronted by Basil Shadid and Billie Rain, last gave the world their powerful, locally made “heart breaks open” in 2011. That film, starring Maximillian Davis, Samonte Cruz and Brian “Mama Tits” Peters was a beautifully imagined look at a gay man dealing with his newly diagnosed status as an HIV positive man that played film festivals around the world.

Mr. Shadid and Ms Rain are back with a new film, that takes a look at a different issue facing the LGBTQ community: Marriage Equality. “R/Evolve” is a film centered on Lincoln and Lucas, a long term gay couple that appear to be ready for the next step in their relationship…and, it’s a matter of fortuitous timing; the film was shot against the backdrop of last year’s ultimately successful battle for marriage equality.

Lucas (played by Lowell Deo) is definitely ready to “tie the knot” but Lincoln is having doubts…not only about the status of the relationship, but about his personal and professional hopes and dreams and his level of commitment to LGBTQ politics. Lincoln, portrayed by “heart breaks open” leading actor Maximillian Davis is a photographer working for a large ad agency that is about to launch a huge new “pro-marriage equality” campaign for a major corporation but Lincoln’s vision for that project is changed by internal politics at his ad agency, and his new, sudden involvement with a free -spirited, young anarchist named “Raccoon”, (the screen debut of Lil’ Snoopy Fujikawa). Raccoon and his friends offer a different side to the marriage equality debate and Lincoln finds himself torn between different viewpoints and his own struggle to express himself as an artist, an activist and as a committed partner to Lucas.

The comedic romantic drama (or, dramatic romantic comedy?) was originally conceived by producer Basil Shadid  from a short outline, and using the collaborative techniques and process used on “heart breaks open”, the film was fleshed out by the entire cast and crew. (Writer’s Note: Yes, I was a “Story Editor” on this project…which consisted of three meetings between Mr. Shadid and myself, where I gave him feedback on his outline…which consisted of, “I like this” a couple times, and a lot of “I hate this” and “Don’t do that” the rest of the time. It was great fun!)

The film was produced during the summer and fall of 2012 and the film makers have just completed the final cut of the film in time for it to be sent off to the 27th annual British Film Institute London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival which runs from March 14 to March 24. “R/Evolve” was accepted into the festival and all three screenings of the film, on March 17, 18 and 23rd are already sold out! Director Billie Rain will be in attendance for the festival.

More information on future screenings of “R/Evolve” will be announced in the coming weeks, including its Seattle debut.

Stay tuned…there’s a lot more to come about this film.

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