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You Are What You Eat!!



I thought I had a comeback for everything when I was teased as a little boy. “I am what I eat!” was my favorite.  I realized as I got older that it was so very true.  I am what I eat.  I mean, after all, they were calling me a fag and I DO prefer the taste of a hot man.  I learned to apply that mantra to all aspects of my life, most importantly, my physique.  If you eat a lot of fat, you will become fat.  Right?  Well, there is a lot more science to it than that and everyone is different as far as how we metabolize certain things.  I am going to focus this on my fellow gay boys and how we LOVE to get wasted and hit up that late night diner.  How do you feel the next day?

Now, I can start in the bar.  What do you drink?  If you are loving the brown liquor, I would caution you.  It is high in sugar and sugar will turn to fat.  Especially, since it is typically consumed late in the evening.  I suggest if you love the brown liquors, hit up happy hour for that shot of bourbon.  This leaves time for your body to burn it off before going into rest mode.  I tend to shy away from mixers in my cocktails.  I know this is tough one as most of you prefer a sweeter drink.  Juices are a no-no!  They are typically not all natural and very high in high fructose corn syrup.  If you cut that one thing out of your diet today, your body will start to change.

Moderation! We gays love to consume.  Whether it is food, booze, sex, etc… we lean to the excess.  If you change your habit in the bar, you will be well on your way to a healthier, sexier you.   I know what you’re thinking.  “What does BILL do?”   Ok, I will tell you.  I typically will start with an unflavored vodka on the rocks with a lime.  It takes a bit of time to get through it.  There isn’t a juice to get me all sugary.  There isn’t carbonation to get me plastered.  Cuz we know plastered people make the BEST decisions.  When I am finished with that, I have a bottled water.  Then another vodka on the rocks.   Pacing and knowing what your booze can do to you is key.  I am not saying I haven’t made my mistakes and started doing shots of everything, but I burn it off with some hot sex in the bathroom. I had to burn the calories right?

I know what you’re thinking.  “But I drink beer.”  Well, stop it!  The same applies with beer.  Choose a lite beer and alternate with bottles of water.  This simple change in your drinking habits will improve your body and overall health.

So you met a hot piece of beef to spend your night with.  You are both hungry!


Take that man home and make him some eggs and drink some water.  Do all of this shirtless of course.  Teasing is hot! There is nothing sexier than a half naked man in the kitchen serving me.  Lord knows, I will return the favor!!  This also gives you some leverage.  You are presenting major husband material qualities.  Well, at least for me anyway!

I am sure you all have a ton of questions, concerns, etc.  Just don’t ask me at the gym.  I will be busy checking boys out in the mirrors.

You can call me a slut, that’s ok. I am what I eat.




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