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February 11, 2015 Comments Off on STOP THE PRESSES! Our #1 News Anchor is LEAVING! Views: 1859 News

STOP THE PRESSES! Our #1 News Anchor is LEAVING!

Yanno, from just about everyone I know, 2015 has so far shaped up to be a shit-ton better than 2014. UNTIL THIS. 

Jon Stewart announced yesterday on The Daily Show that he will be leaving by year’s end. Start your crying/whining/commiserating…Now.

Let me tell you something. As a New Yorker, there are a mere four good things to have come out of New Jersey: Skee-ball, skateboarding, Kevin Smith, and Jon Fucking Stewart.
If you’re over 60, you might not care. But for everyone who’s been in college or high school at any time since 1999, The Daily Show has become our Number One Trusted News Source. Helped along, by the way, by the *only* honest reaction to 9/11 that made sense. Jon took the reigns from Greg Kinnear, and turned a ramshackle fake news program into something even real nightly news shows came to honor and laugh at. Whether he’s debating with Bill O’Reilly (a tough feat in an of itself without strangling the guy), writing a book on American History, or having the one show to feature/interview foreign dignitaries, Jon has heightened the awareness of the world in the eyes of generations in ways that the major networks could never do. And the cool thing? He’s been an equal-opportunity self-proclaimed spitball-thrower to everyone in politics and fame. Not only that, but Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, Aziz Ansari, Lewis Black, and many more funny people owe their careers to him. The Colbert Report would never have happened without the precedent of The Daily Show. And now, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore promises to have its own flavor from a much-needed black perspective, though with a different format. Who’ll spearhead TDS in 2016? Personally, I’m rooting for Jessica Williams.
Following in the footsteps of Bill Watterson and Stephen Colbert, Stewart is only doing what we can’t fault him for: exiting at the top of his game. All we can do is cherish the little time we have left, and thank him for his gifts to humanity.

So there’s your talking point over coffee today. And now, your moment of zen:

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