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Princess Superstar Comes to Kiss-Off…And, Interviews L.A. Kendall!

May 22, 2015 Comments Off on Stuff To Do: Make Out Party @ The Eagle Views: 2388 After Dark / After Hours, Bars & Nightclubs, DJ Dance Party, Nightlife, Stuff to Do, We Love The Nightlife

Stuff To Do: Make Out Party @ The Eagle


DJ Nark is traveling the globe spreading syphilis the joy of dance music but the furry little dear is all worried about his event at The Eagle doing well tonight (Friday, May 22) so I got a telegram from Gdansk BEGGING me to promote it so…

It behooves you to go to Nark Magazine’s MAKE OUT PARTY this evening where you’ll find go go boys and gelatin treats full of booze and many stinky men hoping to make out with each other, plus DJs Futurewife and Rob Winter. And, a “make out booth” which we’re assuming to be that NASTY corner of the patio where PERVERSION occurs and queeny pretentious bitches GASP in horror yet keep coming back to gasp anew week after week…

We are a tad confused as to who will be there for the alleged making out since that nasty leather convention is going on in Chicago AND it’s Memorial Day Weekend, so many of the Usual Sluts are camping, probably up at the venereal encrusted Triangle Camp Ground in Bumfuck, WA. OR, you’re a dirty hippie and hanging out at FOLKLIFE (I’m living two blocks from Seattle Center right now, so I can already smell the stench of ineffective crystal deodorants and funnel cakes wafting my way….)

BUT, some lonely studs who can’t afford to go to Chicago, or Bumfuck will be there, and certainly some horny hippies will wander up from Folklife, so you’re almost entirely assured of some tonsil tangling.

Listerine not provided.

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