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Support “Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers” A New Anthology Of Queer Horror Comics

Art: Robyn Adams

Art: Robyn Adams

Oh, this is so up our alley of horror.

It’s a Kickstarter Campaign we j’adore and it’s for the publication of a new comic book called THEATER OF TERROR: REVENGE OF THE QUEERS by Seattle’s own Northwest Press, the queer comic book/graphic novel publishers owned by Zan Christensen. He’s teaming up with editors Justin Hall and William O. Tyler and San Francisco drag legend/horror buff/actual horror film director PEACHES CHRIST to create a massive anthology of queer horror comics containing over 250 pages from 33 LGBTQ artists including names like Ed Luce, Howard Cruse and cover illustrator Phil Jimenez. 

If you love those classic EC horror comics from the 1950s and subsequent film and TV adaptations like Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt you’ll definitely want to help the $20,000 needed to publish the anthology. It’s an LGBTQ horror lover’s dream to have these stories told through a queer lens with these fantastic artists involved.

Also: this needs funded so we can all have a copy!

Here’s more info via the Kickstarter page and here’s a LINK to go show your support….DO IT!!!!

Don’t you wanna see “Frankenschwein” and “Dyke Witch” come to glorious full color LIFE???!!?

cover by Phil Jimenez with colors by William O. Tyler and design by Charles "Zan" Christensen

cover by Phil Jimenez with colors by William O. Tyler and design by Charles “Zan” Christensen

Art: Ed Luce

Art: Ed Luce

Our $20,000 budget will cover printing, postage, the cost of additional rewards, Kickstarter and credit card fees, and our creator payment fund. Whatever we raise above our goals will go to increase our creator page rates. So please, support the queer arts!

  • Printing: $9000
  • Creator Fund: $4700
  • Rewards Cost: $2000
  • Postage: $2000
  • Credit card and KS fees: $1800
  • Misc: $500

Horror has always been a genre full of queer possibilities and potential: misfits and underdogs take on creatures and dark forces often aligned with societal oppression and violence. This diverse group of LGBTQ creators, who represent some of the best of both mainstream and indie comics, take the genre to its limits, crafting stories to frighten, educate, shock and awe.

Featuring contributions from:

  • A.C. Esguerra
  • Alegra Figeroid
  • Ashley R. Guillory
  • Brad Rader
  • Dave Davenport
  • Diego Gomez
  • Ed Luce
  • Emeric Kennard
  • Eric Kostiuk Williams
  • Fiona Smyth
  • Geov Chouteau
  • Howard Cruse
  • Jen Hickman
  • Jennifer Camper
  • Jon Cairns
  • Joshua Grannell
  • Justin Hall
  • Levi Hastings
  • Maia Kobabe
  • Mariko Tamaki
  • Phil Jimenez
  • Rachel Pollack
  • Robyn Adams
  • Sean Platter
  • Sina Grace
  • Steve MacIsaac
  • Tana Ford
  • Tara Madison Avery
  • Terry Blas
  • Tina Horn
  • Trinidad Escobar
  • Victor Hodge
  • William O. Tyler



In addition to the books themselves, available in digital form or in print, we’re also offering a bunch of fun and unique things.

Signed Pinup Prints: Some of the movie-poster pinups in the book are being turned into signed art prints; you can get one of your choice, or the complete set of four signed prints!


Howard Cruse, Trinidad Escobar, William O. Tyler, and Ed Luce
Howard Cruse, Trinidad Escobar, William O. Tyler, and Ed Luce

All-over Printed T-Shirt: We’re offering a bundle that features a delicious, all-over-print t-shirt, featuring Michael Wertz’ endpaper art from the book.

Design by Michael Wertz
Design by Michael Wertz

Custom Video Message: At the $200 level, the one and only Peaches Christ will record a personalized video for you, good for any occasion where you want fabulousness mixed with menace! Whether it’s a birthday message, congratulations on graduating from college, sorry about your demonic possession… the possibilities are endless. (Also comes with bonus “Peaches cackle” ringtone so you can have Peaches in your pocket always!)

Peaches Christ
Peaches Christ

Original Art Rewards: Finally, throughout the campaign, we’re going to be offering original art bundles featuring pages from the book and brand-new art pieces from some of the talented artists in the book. We’re starting with Brad RaderJustin Hall, and Ashley R. Guillory. These rewards are extremely limited—usually just 1 piece will be offered per artist!—so act fast!

Artwork by Brad Rader, Ashley R. Guillory, and Justin Hall (sample images; actual pieces may vary)
Artwork by Brad Rader, Ashley R. Guillory, and Justin Hall (sample images; actual pieces may vary)

Risks and challenges

This is the 15th Kickstarter campaign we’ve run (or co-run) and we’ve gotten very familiar with the pitfalls that open up along the way. If we run into any delays in printing or shipping, we will be transparent and make sure backers are aware of the situation.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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