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What The Hell Is Going On With The Homo For The Holidays Crew?!?!?

by Thursday at 2:36 pm


Jesus, Mary and Joseph Fiennes!!!!

It’s an appropriate blasphemy when it’s applied to the ongoing drama involving the cast and producers of the beloved and long running annual Xmas holiday show, HOMO FOR THE HOLIDAYS, staged at Oddfellows Hall on Capitol Hill for the last 32,378 years. The show, which includes a Jesus character in the cast, is a sweet parody of holiday variety shows but with a queer/drag/burlesque bent.

The show was created and produced by the team of noted and now very famous drag star BenDeLaCreme and the burlesque stars/real life married couple of Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover aka “Kitten ‘n’ Lou”. The adorable, very much DIY designed show quickly won the hearts of LGBTQ Seattle and allies who have a long history of supporting other great holiday shows like Dina Martina’s annual show at Re-bar, Lisa Koch & Peggy Platt’s “Ham for the Holidays” at Theater Off Jackson then ACT, and many others.

Unlike Dina Martina and “Ham” which both featured all new material (albeit with recurring characters) every year, Homo for the Holidays very much followed a formula familiar to burlesque…create a concept and add your various acts from individual performers, and you have a show. The framework and through line is the same and most of the acts with only cast changes creating very much in the way of new content. But, “Homo” has had a mostly consistent line-up through the years with BenDeLa as the host, Kitten and Lou as chief support plus beloved bio queen/performance artist Cherdonna Shinatra, resident beefcake performer Faggedy Randy, Jesus impersonator ilvs strauss (lowercase deliberate), boylesque stars like Waxie Moon, Paris Original, The Luminous Pariah and others, as well as other burlesque and drag performers like Jinkx Monsoon who appeared in the earliest incarnations of the show before becoming her own headlining superstar.

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Which Super Hero/Villain Would You Boink?

by Wednesday at 1:41 pm


I just got this sweet/sexy/stupid press release from ASHLEY MADISON, the straight dating/hook up website with the awful name. (It sounds like a strip mall store that’s trying to be posh when it’s actually selling horrible low count cotton/poly blend sheets and tablecloths. Maybe some horrid candles that smell like plastic and failure. Becky with the Horrible Hair likes shopping there. And, her mom, Dolores.)

They refer to it as “having an affair” but their “which heroes and villains cheaters would you have an affair with” survey is obviously weak code for “”which heroes and villains cheaters would you like to do the nasty with” which sounds sounds less genteel. They prefer the “high thread count” wording.

Naturally this is from a hetero perspective but apparently a bisexual/questioning/plain ole gay person or two snuck in there because 8% of the surveyed men wanna find out what  Ironman is hiding in his ironman jock strap and 1% want to investigate Captain America’s juicy American hot dog. Meanwhile,  12% of women want to pet Catwoman’s pussy.

Is this based on the actual comic book versions of these characters or are people lusting after Chris Evans and Halle Berry?

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Seattle University President Clutches Pearls In Horror Over Student Drag Photo

by Thursday at 5:18 pm

"Naughty" photo on cover of Seattle University's student newspaper website has unhinged the Jesuit administration.  Photo of Spectator website by M. Strangeways; original photo by Samira Shobeiri/The Spectator

“Naughty” photo on cover of Seattle University’s student newspaper website has unhinged the Jesuit administration. Photo of Spectator website by M. Strangeways; original photo by Samira Shobeiri/The Spectator

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Forum To Discuss Stonewall National Monument Happening April 5th!

by Wednesday at 1:17 pm




Well, you have your chance with a community forum happening Thursday, April 5th here in Seattle at Southside Commons in South Seattle. It’s a chance to tell the National Park Service what you think is important to relay in telling the story about the 1969 Stonewall Riots that helped spark the LGBTQ Civil Rights Movement.

More info and registration links:

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Peggy Platt, Beloved Seattle Comedian/Actress Has Passed Away

by Tuesday at 1:33 pm

Peggy Platt as Euomi Spudd (as the Virgin Mary) in the long running hit holiday variety show Ham for the Holidays. Photo: Chris Bennion/ACT

Peggy Platt as Euomi Spudd (as the Virgin Mary) in the long running hit holiday variety show Ham for the Holidays. Photo: Chris Bennion/ACT

Terrible news to report. Beloved Seattle comedian/actress/performer PEGGY PLATT passed away in her sleep last night. She was 59 years old.

Best known as half of the Seattle comedy duo Dos Fallopia with fellow comedian/musician Lisa Koch, the two became part of Seattle’s Christmas holiday traditions with their long running “Ham for the Holidays” sketch variety show which ran for years at Theatre Off Jackson before moving to ACT theater. The duo, much influenced by classic sketch comedy artists as Carol Burnett, SCTV funny women Catherine O’Hara and Andrea Martin and the UK’s French & Saunders they also performed at gigs around the world since the two partnered up in 1990 with shows that combined music, satire, improv and dryly ironic political and social commentary.

Some of the iconic comedy characters they created included the always bickering mother/daughter country/western singing duo “The Spudds” with Peggy as the diva mama “Euomi” and the “Sequim Gay Men’s Choir” with Peggy as a sly gay bear who enjoyed telling tales on his other chorus members…all three of them.

Peggy also performed as a solo act as a comedian at clubs and venues around the country including winning the Seattle International Stand-up Comedy Competition in 1985 and opening for the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Kathy Griffin and Puppetry of the Penis over the years as a top Seattle stand up comedian.

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San Diego Pride Gives Back To Community With #MeToo LGBTQ Conference

by Thursday at 3:37 pm


This is how you create important community events that reach out to members of the LGBTQ public and deal with important issues. LGBTQ community Pride is more than parades, festivals, corporate funding and blandly produced events.

San Diego’s LGBT Community Center (something Seattle can’t apparently ever successfully do despite being one of the largest and richest LGBTQ communities in the world…) is teaming up with San Diego LGBT Pride (oooooh! A SOLO community Pride non-profit that actually does important things year round that don’t involve begging for money!) for a one day conference to help improve aid to LGBTQ victims of sexual violence. #MeTooLGBTQ  explores the facts that 40% of gay men and 44% of lesbians and 47% of transgender people have experienced sexual violence that has NOT involved rape and many of these people do not get the help they need to deal with the effects of any kind of sexual assault.

More info on the San Diego event scheduled for April 28th (pass the word to friends/family in the San Diego area) and here’s hope that Seattle can one day address such issues in a similar manner.

Note: It’s also pretty cool that San Diego Pride actually puts out real press releases! Something pretty much EVERY Seattle LGBTQ non-profit is apparently incapable of doing! Because, you know, it’s sooooooooo hard to do!!!!! And, why bother? People will just learn about their projects and events through the power of OSMOSIS!!!! Or, maybe magic!!!! Or, the huge reach of their social media!!!

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In Big Drag News: RuPaul Gets A Star; Trixie Wins All Stars; DeLa Gives Back To The Children

by Friday at 4:21 pm


So much drag news to share!

The big one is the fact RuPaul got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today in a splashy ceremony with huge crowds and Jane Fonda (???) presenting Ru with her ‘star’.

Why Jane Fonda?

Does not compute.

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Just Announced: The Return of LEGENDARY CHILDREN At SAM On April 14

by Friday at 3:21 pm

A performer at a previous LEGENDARY CHILDREN at Seattle Art Museum. Photo: Photo: Naomi Ishisaka

A performer at a previous LEGENDARY CHILDREN at Seattle Art Museum. Photo: Photo: Naomi Ishisaka

Grab your tickets NOW because THIS is a party that quickly sells out…it’s the return of LEGENDARY CHILDREN, the fabulously well produced night of arty queer expression that “spotlights all the gorgeousness of QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) communities…”

AND, it doesn’t really sell out since it’s a FREE community event that’s produced by the Seattle City Library and Seattle Art Museum but they do fill up so go reserve your spaces NOW before it’s too late!

It’s a fabulous fun night of creativity and a highlight of the Seattle queer arts scene that benefits EVERYONE. It’s also an all ages event so queer youth can go, too!

More info:

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Partage les valeurs du sport !!!

by Wednesday at 3:39 pm


They love us in France!

Got this fantastic press release the other day about this year’s Gay Olympics er GAMES since gays are forbidden to use the “O” word…

The Games are happening in Gay Paree this time, from August 4 through 12 and they REALLY want you to come and experience all the delightful Frenchiness of this year’s celebration of LGBTQ athletes!

I’m worried the athletes will show up a week early then eat themselves right out of the competition!

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Kathy Griffin’s BAAAAAACK In Seattle On June 16th!!!!

by Friday at 2:55 pm

Kathy Griffin returns to Seattle for a June show at The Moore!

Kathy Griffin returns to Seattle for a June show at The Moore!


Out of limbo and career purgatory, the one and only motormouth comedian KATHY GRIFFIN is taking on the world yet again in her world tour which so far has been avoiding the United States but then THIS gets posted today on her Facebook:

Announcing the first THREE US cities/dates of my tour tomorrow!! Fans who are on my email list will get access to tickets TODAY until 10 PM…before the tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow, Saturday.

Also, I’m giving away 10 pairs of tickets to fans who signup for my email list!

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Trixie Mattel’s “Moving Parts” Show On Sale This Friday

by Wednesday at 3:49 pm


It’s just one HUGE drag show after another around here, isn’t it?

Murray & Peter’s “Shady Tour 2018” was just here last week and Peaches Christ is back next week with Jinkx and BenDeLa for “Drag Becomes Her” and Heklina’s “Golden Girls Live” show is coming up later this month…

AND, next month (April) features Bianca Del Rio, Todrick Hall and Jinkx Monsoon/Major Scales’ “Ginger Snapped” show.

We’re already hearing rumors about names for Seattle LGBTQ Pride month fun in June….BIG names including the return of TRIXIE MATTEL in her very own comedy/musical solo show MOVING PARTS being produced by Murray & Peter and embarking on a national tour this spring with Seattle penciled in on Tuesday, June 12th at The Neptune up in the U-District. Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 9th at Ticketmaster at 1oam.

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“Lesbian? Isn’t Danny Thomas One?” Golden Girls Show Announces Episodes!

by Tuesday at 7:12 pm


We’ve done some sleuthin’!!!

To find out the episodes being parodied at the much anticipated THE GOLDEN GIRLS LIVE: ON TOUR show happening Thursday, March 22nd at the Egyptian Theater on Capitol Hill and brought to you by Five Sense Reeling. It’s the annual holiday treat produced by San Francisco’s Queen of The Bay Area, the one and only HEKLINA that sells out dozens of shows every holiday season and honors the beloved 80s sitcom “The Golden Girls” with an all drag cast.

Joining Heklina (who of course plays the bossy pants Dorothy Zbornak/Bea Arthur character) will be San Francisco divas, Matthew Martin (Blanche), D’Arcy Drollinger (Rose), and Holotta Tymes (Sophia). AND, with very special guest star, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine Winner SASHA VELOUR  on hand in a couple of iconic GG guest roles.

Little birds have told us that the two episodes being recreated are: “Dorothy’s New Friend” and “Isn’t It Romantic?”

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Stevens Pass Gets Ready For Pride Weekend 2018!

by Tuesday at 5:04 pm



Ok, it’s not quite as swanky as Whistler’s Gay Pride Weekend but LGBTQ Washingtonians still have a fun ski weekend pride party to enjoy. It’s happening at Stevens Pass the weekend of March 17 and 18 and includes tons of fun events/discounts to use at Stevens Pass as well in nearby Leavenworth….which means a great opportunity for winter time alpine sports fun AND a chance to save on gigantic nutcrackers and Schweineschnitzel!!!


It’s also a benefit for Seattle PrideFest to help them put on the annual Seattle LGBTQ Pride festival events on Capitol Hill and at Seattle Center. You have to go to the PrideFest website to buy your wristbands!

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SPOILERS AHEAD: VH1 Announces Cast Of Season 10 of RPDR

by Thursday at 4:58 pm

….tonight, during/after the airing of the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3.

They’ve already announced that Season 10 of Drag Race will kick off the week after the end of All-Stars 3 which concludes on Thursday, March 15th. 

S.10 debuts on Thursday, March 22nd and VH1 has also announced that episodes will be ninety minutes and followed by the return of Untucked after, for two solid hours of draggy fun.

Now…we’re gonna talk about the rumored contestants so if you hate any kind of speculation then get the hell off this post ya big baby.


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The “Call Me By Your Name” Villa Is For Sale

by Wednesday at 3:16 pm

The villa used to film the popular gay romance CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is for sale in northern Italy.

The villa used to film the popular gay romance CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is for sale in northern Italy.

Who is buying it for me?

I neeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!

A lot of people went to see the highly acclaimed gay romance film CALL ME BY YOUR NAME and swooned over the sweet “first love” story about a 17 year old and a 24 year old having a passionate love affair over the course of a passionate Italian summer in the passionate year of 1983. It stars the adorably sweet twink Timothée Chalamet as the younger Elio and the hunky tall drink of water Armie Hammer as the older Oliver and depending if you’re a dirty old man/woman who enjoys barely legal youth or a jaded old perv who prefers strapping young daddy types, there’s something to drool over for everyone.

As for me, a perpetual young daddy prefer-er firmly on the #TeamArmie side of the fence, I was mostly drooling over the gorgeous Italian villa where they shot the film. Located outside Moscazzano, Italy in the northern province of Cremona, the dreamy 14 room estate dates back to the 1500s and is surrounded by a 5 acre park with two out buildings.

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Casting Call: Local Band Shaolin Hunks Need BEARS!!!

by Tuesday at 3:42 pm

BearsShaolinVideo Sometimes we see things on social media that just leap out at us…like this casting call for BEARS for a music video project from local beary rock band SHAOLIN HUNKS: 

We are shooting a video for one of our songs and we require bears in their underwear! Are you big? Bearded? Hairy? Or all three? Strip down to your tighty whities and join us in a dance party! George has been kind enough to let us use True Love after they close so show up at 9:30pm and be prepared to dance in your underwear (preferably tighty whities if you can but it is not a requirement). No jocks or bare butts/nudity. Even if you can’t come, please share! We need a lot of guys to make this work! Half naked big straight guys welcome too as long as you’re cool.

It’s happening this Saturday, February 24th at 9:30 pm at True Love Gallery, 1525 Summit Ave, just off of Pine Street and kitty corner from Steamworks. Check out the FB invite. We just listened to some of their tunes on their FB page…we like them! A fun rock band!

If you’re of the beary persuasion, then check out this fun video opportunity. Maybe you’ll get discovered! At the very least, that infamous bear loving tramp HONEY BUCKET will start stalking you!

Seattle based rockers SHAOLIN HUNKS.

Seattle based rockers SHAOLIN HUNKS.

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A Deliciously Non-Binary Video Valentine From Betty Wetter, Stephan Anunson and de Fontaine

by Wednesday at 4:21 pm

Delicious puppet work/design from

Delicious puppet work/design from Javier Ortega in the video FIRST KISS AT THE SKATING RINK by Stephen Anunson featuring the music of de Fontaine

Sooooooo, local film maker Stephen Anunson poked me a couple weeks back about helping promote a little video project he was working on and since I lurve promoting video/film projects, I agreed and the result is today’s world premiere of FIRST KISS AT THE SKATING RINK,  a sweet little valentine about a budding romance between two adorable characters of the non-binary persuasion tentatively exploring love (on roller skates) and featuring a lovely song by an electro pop band from North Carolina and all set on a very fantastical version of Seattle.

My reactions and thoughts to the video:

Betty Wetter in


Stephen sent over the video this morning with this info attached:

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Beefcake Babylon: Titan Men Has A BIIIIIGGGG NSFW Sale

by Wednesday at 3:45 pm

OK, I did a female-centric zexy post, now for a man-centric one featuring a big 35% off sale!

We love a bargain that large!

It’s Titan Men’s huge Valentine’s Day DVD Blowout Sale….get 35% off on in-stock DVDs (yes, those old fashioned shiny disc things you put into a Dee Vee Dee player which you’ll cherish when the ‘cloud’ inevitably collapses and you’re desperately horny for erotic entertainment after the Utter Collapse of Civilization in a year or two…)

Use code ” Cupid35 ” at checkout to get your savings!


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The Brilliance of The Obama’s Official Portraits

by Monday at 2:08 pm

Kehinde Wiley's official portrait of President Barack Obama and Amy Sherald's portrait of Michelle Obama.

Kehinde Wiley’s official portrait of President Barack Obama and Amy Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama.

1) He’s a terrific modern artist with his own unique style…Kehinde is doing his own thing.

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Winter Olympics Start Today And Gay Olympians Steal Our Hearts

by Friday at 3:06 pm

Out Gay Olympians Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon at the Opening Ceremonies in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Games.

Out Gay Olympians Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon at the Opening Ceremonies in South Korea for the 2018 Winter Games.

(Also some non-gay ones with hairy chests…)

The 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off Friday in Pyeongchang, South Korea (watch it tonight) with the Opening Ceremonies including our two out/proud gay Olympians skier Gus Kenworthy and skater Adam Rippon posing for multiple social media shots proclaiming their solidarity representing the United States.

This comes after some controversy over the pair criticizing evil under lord/inexplicably elected Vice President Mike Pence with both Rippon and Kenworthy expressing their disapproval of having Pence lead the Team USA delegation. The VP and former Indianan governor has supported the idea of conversion therapy where LGBTQ people can be “treated” and “cured” of being gay. Pence has tried to explain away his past support of the repugnant “treatment” and claimed that it’s “fake news” despite evidence to the contrary.

Both Kenworthy and Rippon took to social media to post photos of the pair with Kenworthy captioning the above photo:

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