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A Very Candid Conversation With The Lady Bunny On Her Solo Show, PC Politics, Controversy & Caitlyn

by Thursday at 1:33 pm


Michael Strangeways: Hey Lady Bunny! We’re delighted you’re visiting Seattle this week with your new one woman show, Trans-Jester!

But, we have questions…this is basically a free form one sided conversation flow with questions thrown in helter skelter…Jump in where you want!

Not surprisingly, there are some folks who aren’t happy that you or this specific show are coming to town. We had to deal with some complaints last year after you appeared at Seattle PrideFest. Some transgender community members aren’t fans of your type of humor…they called it divisive and phobic. We pointed out to some of them that comedy, like any art/entertainment, is highly subjective. Not everyone is gonna like every form of it. If you don’t like a particular form of art/entertainment…don’t go. In the case of PrideFest, they had the option of visiting other stages or wandering off to buy a $12 bratwurst or a “Dingleberry” treat.

Lady Bunny: I saw a sign in Seattle for a Steppenwolf tribute. I don’t like Steppenwolf, so I didn’t look for the date. Maybe they should see my show before judging it so harshly. It actually has a message of inclusivity and sticking together to fight the real enemy instead of each other. People are so tripped out that they assume that a show called Trans-Jester! is bashing trans people. But trans is a latin word meaning cross. I crossdress for a living. I’m a transvestite. Am I not allowed to refer to the nature of my own act without someone getting their panties in a bunch?  Drag queens nationwide are complaining about this. Suddenly, the acts they’ve done for years now cross the line. Someone took me to task for even doing the show at Stonewall Inn, where a trans person had allegedly been raped a few weeks before. Really? One allegation of rape erases the decades of Stonewall as a gay landmark? But to the PC crew, even saying gay offends them. They’d have us say LGBT every time or I’m not inclusive. I’m inclusive, but I just don’t have the time to figure out new configuration of letters they are using today. When Trump referred to us during the campaign, he used LGBTQ. I thought “Damn! I still thought it was LGBT.” And I saw it LGBTY recently. Coudn’t tell you what that Y stands for. Can you?

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Some Lovely Photos From Bob the Drag Queen’s Big Show

by Sunday at 10:08 am

All photos: Tiffany Von Arnhim




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LGBTQ SIFF Includes Susanne Bartsch, Tom of Finland, Allan Carr, Marsha P. Johnson & Robbie Turner

by Wednesday at 12:27 pm

SUSANNE BARTSCH: ON TOP is this year's "Gay-La" presentation at the 43rd annual Seattle International Film Festival on Thursday, June 8th.

SUSANNE BARTSCH: ON TOP is this year’s “Gay-La” presentation at the 43rd annual Seattle International Film Festival on Thursday, June 8th.

The Seattle International Film Festival opened its doors (for tickets) for the 43rd time today as they announce their full line-up for this year’s festival which opens Thursday, May 18 and runs through Sunday, June 11, 2017. Tickets also went on sale today for SIFF members and go on sale tomorrow (Thursday, May 4) to the general public for the largest film festival in the United States. SIFF had already announced their Opening Night Gala film, THE BIG SICK co-written and starring Kumail Nanjiani (HBO’s Silicon Valley) who is scheduled to attend the screening on May 18th with his wife and co-writer Emily V. Gordon and director Michael Showalter, as well as the Closing Night Gala, THE YOUNG KARL MARX and the Centerpiece Gala film, LANDLINE.

Also announced last week, one of this year’s two star tributes will be iconic actress ANJELICA HUSTON who will present her new film, TROUBLE during her tribute. The other just announced tribute will be actor SAM ELLIOTT who will be present for the Seattle premiere of his latest film, THE HERO.

Other highlights for SIFF 43 which includes 400 films from 80 countries and includes 14 feature film world premieres, 22 North American feature film premieres and 11 U.S. feature premieres:

Legendary film/theater/party producer ALLAN CARR is the subject of a new documentary from Jeffrey Schwarz making its world premiere at the 43rd Seattle International Film Festival.

Legendary film/theater/party producer ALLAN CARR is the subject of a new documentary from Jeffrey Schwarz making its world premiere at the 43rd Seattle International Film Festival.

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Seattle Pride Puts Some Funk Into Their Former Pride Picnic With Sisters, Big Dipper, Double Duchess

by Thursday at 5:34 pm


After years of complaining, Seattle Corporate Pride finally listened to me and has made an attempt to funk up the boring event formerly known as the Seattle Pride Picnic. (insert sarcastic emoticon HERE!) You remember the Pride Picnic, right? Held on the second Saturday in June and featuring community booths, community entertainment, and community hot dogs for the entire family focused community? Rather dully programmed? Like a church social in Hooterville but minus the usually terrific homemade country food you find at rural church events. Or, anything very fun to do like same sex square dancing or making out in a big pile of hay.

Last year (or the year before that?) Seattle Corporate Pride oddly rebranded the Pride Picnic to “VOLUNTEER PARK PRIDE FESTIVAL” which frankly just confused everyone since it was mostly just a name change but still featured the mostly bland elements of the Pride Picnic. Plus they did nothing to market or publicize the change since Seattle Pride has pretty much stopped bothering to reach out to local LGBTQ media (including SGS, Seattle Gay News and The Seattle Lesbian) since Northwest Polite Society’s Chuck Zimmerman took over the reins at Seattle Pride a few years ago. Since local indie queer media can’t afford to pony up big bucks for sponsorship, Seattle Pride has switched their media allegiances to KIRO TV, various radio stations and Encore/City Arts who can afford to spend money…or, in the case of Encore/City Arts it was the employer of Northwest Polite Society owner/Seattle Pride sponsorship kingpin Chuck Zimmerman’s husband Marty Griswold, the then associate publisher at City Arts who has since moved on to be publisher of Seattle Met Magazine. Which is odd since while most of these companies can command much larger reader/viewerships than any LGBTQ only media outlet in town, they are also very unlikely to promote “Volunteer Park Pride Festival” too much on the evening news or during prime time on the radio. I don’t see Steve Raible doing many reports on “DonnaTella Howe named Pride Parade announcer!” or local shock jocks urging their 98% straight listeners to check out the Gay Men’s Chorus singing in Volunteer Park. Yet, Pride shut out the only media outlets who actually have any interest in promoting those announcements…


I digress. This post is supposed to be about Seattle Pride announcing today the line-up for this year’s Pride Picnic, er, I mean “Volunteer Park Pride Festival” happening on Saturday, June 10th from Noon to 7 pm. I’m copying and pasting the info released from the FB invite because Seattle Corporate Pride failed to send out a press release about the announcement…

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SIFF 43 To Honor Legendary Anjelica Huston On June 7th At The Egyptian

by Thursday at 1:38 pm


The Seattle International Film Festival will honor third generation Hollywood royalty when they honor ANJELICA HUSTON with a career achievement award at the world premiere screening of her latest film, TROUBLE, on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at the SIFF Cinema Egyptian on Capitol Hill during the upcoming 43rd festival which opens May 18th. Tickets for the tribute and screening are available HERE.

SIFF will also screen two of Ms Huston’s best loved films THE GRIFTERS and THE WITCHES over that week. Frankly, we’re a tad disappointed we’re not getting MORE Anjelica..bring on both Addams Family films! The Wes Anderson films she’s appeared in!


More from the press release:

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Seattle PrideFest Announces Headliners For 2017: Mary Lambert, Joey Arias, Ultra Naté, DJ Sammy Jo

by Wednesday at 1:46 pm

Some of the headliners for Seattle PrideFest at Seattle Center on Sunday, June 25, 2017: clockwise, from top left: singer Mary Lambert, singer Joey Arias, DJ Sammy Jo, singer Ultra

Some of the headliners for Seattle PrideFest at Seattle Center on Sunday, June 25, 2017: clockwise, from top left: singer Mary Lambert, singer Joey Arias, DJ Sammy Jo, singer Ultra Naté

The first wave of announcements for the entertainment line-up for the 2017 Seattle PrideFest celebration at Seattle Center after the Seattle Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25, 2017 were released at 6pm last night. The major names included in the first wave of announcements (there will be more names released) include popular singer/songwriter MARY LAMBERT, best known for her hit with Macklemore/Lewis “Same Love” the Grammy Award nominated marriage equality anthem that made the trio of Seattle music artists beloved to millions of LGBTQ fans around the world.

Joining Ms Lambert: beloved chanteuse JOEY ARIAS, musician/comedian DEVEN GREEN (aka “Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian”), rapper DAI BURGER, singer ULTRA NATé and DJ  SAMMY JO (known for touring with Scissor Sisters).

More on the announced performers:

Mary Lambert
Main Stage Headliner

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“Dining Out For Life” Returns To Seattle/Sound Sound on Thursday, April 27th!

by Monday at 2:59 pm


It’s the end of April so it’s time to go out to eat!

To support vital non-profits who aid in the fight to end AIDS/HIV and to help those who fight the disease on a daily basis…yes, it’s time for DINING OUT FOR LIFE, the national fundraiser which raises funds for these non-profits with the assistance of participating restaurants, taverns and eateries who donate a portion of their proceeds to area AIDS/HIV support organizations.

This year, DINING OUT FOR LIFE is happening in most locales, including Seattle and the Sound Puget Sound metro area of Tacoma and Olympia, on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Sound Sound folks wishing to participate can go HERE for a full line-up of restaurants involved. For Seattle area residents, here’s the press release from Lifelong with a list and a link of Seattle area venues:

Get Ready to Eat Your Generous Heart Out at Dining Out For Life on Thursday, April 27!

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Help Raise Funds To Support Sparkle Leigh and Becky Peterson, Victims Of Hit & Run

by Thursday at 2:37 pm

Seattle drag star/entertainer/actor SPARKLE LEIGH injured in hit and run on April 13, 2017 after performing at R Place.

Seattle drag star/entertainer/actor SPARKLE LEIGH injured in hit and run on April 13, 2017 after performing at R Place.

Two of Seattle’s greatest treasures are in need.  In the early morning hours of Thursday, April 13th, as Sparkle Leigh and Becky Peterson were about to head home after performing at WTF Wednesdays at RPlace, they said their goodbyes and started to cross the street.  While in the crosswalk, they were struck by a car; the driver sped away and was quickly apprehended by Seattle Police Department. Both Sparkle and Becky sustained several injuries and were transported to Harborview Medical Center. They spent a day and a half in the hospital before being released. Since their initial release Sparkle has been rushed back to the hospital twice for further observation and has had to have emergency dental work to fix teeth that were broken during the collision. 

They have both now been released from the hospital and are resting to try to make a speedy recovery, but the medical costs they have incurred leave a cloud over them.  The doctors have estimated the costs of everything thus far at $15,000- $20,000 and there is possibly more to come. Also, they are both professional entertainers and that job doesn’t often include sick leave, therefore, both are losing wages while they are trying to recover, and rent and other monthly bills will be due very soon. Doctors have suggested they not work for 2 to 3 weeks during recovery.

What is needed; your love and support for these two phenomenal performers is always welcomed and appreciated, as are entertaining memes posted on their Facebook pages to help lift their spirits, they could use a good joke or a link to a happy song, but the most crucial thing they need is your money, honey. Please donate anything you can, every donation will be appreciated more than you will ever know.

Seattle soprano/actress BECKY PETERSON was injured in a hit and run on Capitol Hill on April 13, 2017.

Seattle soprano/actress BECKY PETERSON was injured in a hit and run on Capitol Hill on April 13, 2017.

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Jessamyn Stanley Proves That Yoga Is For Everyone

by Wednesday at 5:28 pm

Yoga teacher/author Jessamyn Stanley visits the Seattle Public Library this Friday, April 21, 2017

Yoga teacher/author Jessamyn Stanley visits the Seattle Public Library this Friday, April 21, 2017

Jessamyn Stanley was determined to show the world that yoga isn’t just an option for thin white woman in expensive workout clothes. Stanley is now an internationally known yoga teacher with a message that yoga can be done by anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or body type and her book EVERY BODY YOGA has become a bestseller. She’ll be in Seattle this coming Friday, April 21 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at Seattle’s downtown Central Library for an appearance with local yoga instructor/writer Nicole Tsong. This event is free but space is limited.

More info:

Jessamyn Stanley is known for combining a deep understanding of yoga with a willingness to share her personal struggles. Now she brings her body-positive, emotionally uplifting approach in a book that will help every reader discover the power of yoga. Jessamyn will appear in conversation with local writer and yoga instructor Nicole Tsong.

As an internationally recognized yoga teacher and Instagram star, Jessamyn Stanley conducts yoga workshops across the country, teaching students of all shapes, sizes, and colors how to make yoga a permanent part of their lives. A rising media favorite, Jessamyn has been profiled and featured by a wide range of international and national news outlets, including Good Morning America, New York, Glamour, Shape, Al Jazeera English, the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail,The Sunday Times Style, and People, among others. She won a 2016 Shortie Award (honoring excellence in social media) in the Healthy Living Category. She lives in Durham, North Carolina.

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Seattle Pride Raises Cone Of Silence: Announces 2017 Pride Announcers

by Thursday at 2:58 pm

About Seattle Pride Seattle Pride is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, WA, whose purpose is to create unity, honor diversity, and achieve equal human rights throughout our region and the world. Seattle Pride is focused on informing and educating the community on LGBT issues through community outreach and produced events, including the Seattle Pride Parade and the Volunteer Park Pride Festival.

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Capitol Hill Pride Festival Moves To Saturday, June 10th

by Thursday at 4:57 pm


So the complicated merry go round that is Seattle’s annual pride celebration continues its topsy turvy revolution with the just announced news that the Capitol Hill Pride Festival is moving its traditional Saturday of Pride Weekend event/street festival (the last Saturday in June) that they’ve held on Broadway for the last several years to Saturday, June 10th. From the email sent out this afternoon by Capitol Hill Pride Festival chairs, Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson:

Dear Community,

The Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally is changing its date for its festival march and rally from June 24th to June 10th, 2017 10am-10pm  to support scheduling, barricade, staging and facilities for “The Equality March for Unity and Pride – Seattle” at Noon on June 11th.

Seattle is proud to join New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, TX, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Diego, Philadelphia and San Francisco—to date a total of 33 cities as well as the Intl. cities of Barcelona, Sydney Australia and Zurich Switzerland in solidarity to march for Equality and Pride in this national and global movement.

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Latinx Intersex Author/Activist Hida Viloria At Elliot Bay To Promote “Born Both: An Intersex Life”

by Friday at 2:49 pm

Author/Activist Hida Viloria will be at Elliot Bay Books in Seattle this Friday, March 31.

Intersex Author/Activist Hida Viloria will be at Elliot Bay Books in Seattle this Friday, March 31, 2017 to promote h/er book “Born Both: An Intersex Life”.

We heard about this so late we just got a chance to write this up which is too bad because we’re very interested in this appearance by Latinx and Intersex author/activist HIDA VILORIA to promote s/her book BORN BOTH: AN INTERSEX LIFE. The author (who uses s/he and he/r pronouns (pronounced she/her) will be at Elliot Bay Book Company (1521 10th Ave on Capitol Hill) this evening, Friday, March 31, 2017 between 7 pm and 9 pm to promote he/r book, recently published by Hachette to great acclaim. More about the book:

Hida Viloria was raised as a girl but discovered early on that he/r body was different. Unlike most people who are born intersex in the first world–meaning they have genitals, reproductive organs, hormones, and/or chromosomal patterns that do not fit standard definitions of male or female–Hida had the freedom to explore the person s/he was born to be because he/r parents did not agree to have he/r sex characteristics surgically altered at birth.

It wasn’t until s/he was 26 and encountered the term “intersex” in a San Francisco newspaper that s/he finally had a name for he/r difference. That’s when s/he began to explore what it means to live in the space between genders–to be both and neither. As s/he began to reach out to others like he/r, however, Hida discovered that most intersex people had been scarred, both physically and psychologically, by infant surgeries and hormone treatments meant to “correct” their bodies. Eager to help end this practice, Hida came out as intersex at a national and then international level.

By answering the question “Are you a boy or a girl?” with “I’m both,” Hida’s helped blaze a trail for people–particularly intersex and genderqueer/non-binary people–to celebrate the middle space where male and female are not separate and opposite but entwined. Born Both is an intimate and powerful account of Hida’s search for authentic identity and love in a world that insists on categorizing people into either/or.

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Countdown To Seattle Red Dress Party…VIP Tix Are Gone But A Few GA Tix Remain!

by Thursday at 4:36 pm


Seattle Red Dress Party is now officially sold out of the deluxe VIP tickets for Friday night’s gala party and fundraiser which raises funds for Seattle area HIV/AIDS groups and Seattle PrideFest which is producing this year’s event for the second year in a row. We’ve been told they have only have a few general admission tickets left and if you have a red dress hanging in your closet (or some red curtains and a sewing machine/staple gun!) you should snag those tickets and the opportunity to check out this year’s terrific line-up of talent which includes “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Courtney Act, the sexy singer AB Soto and delightful diva Debby Holiday. Go HERE to buy your tickets!

Some more poo:

Talent for Seattle’s 2017 Red Dress Party includes:
Hosts: Gaysha Starr, Aleksa Manila and Miss Kitty Baby
Headliners: Courtney Act, AB Soto and Debby Holiday
DJ’s: DJ Bret Law, Riz Rollins, Julie Herrera, Tony Burns and Toya B (aka Toya Harris)
Burlesque/Boylesque performances by: Boom Boom L’Roux, Jesus La Pinga, Karmen Sutra and Ernie Von Schmaltz.
Live Jams on tap from: Meanie Jaguar
……and if you can believe it – MORE SURPRISES IN STORE FOR YOU!

Production coordination and Talent Booking by: Kendall’s DJ & Event

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Paramount / Village / 5th Avenue Have All Announced 17/18 Seasons: Who Has The Best One?

by Wednesday at 11:45 am


Alert the media!

(But, let The Stranger know 4 hours ahead of everyone else so Chris Frizzelle can feel good about his journalistic “scoop” and the honor of getting a 4 hour head start on rewriting a press release! #SoJelly)

Broadway at The Paramount announced quite awhile ago and The Village Theatre out in the far reaches of Issaquah announced a couple weeks back but now that the 5th Avenue Theatre has released their season schedule, we have a full picture of what we can expect in the way of Equity level musical theater productions for the next year for the Musical Theater Nerds and Geeks of the Greater Seattle Area.


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Seattle Resident/Bellevue Cop Seth Tyler On “The Amazing Race” Season 29

by Friday at 5:00 pm

Bellevue Washington Police Officer SETH TYLER is a contestant of Season 29 of The Amazing Race on CBS.

Bellevue Washington Police Officer SETH TYLER is a contestant of Season 29 of The Amazing Race on CBS.

He’s a hubba hubba hunk of burning love…and, he’s on Season 29 of the very popular/mega Emmy Award winning competitive travel show on CBS, THE AMAZING RACE. He’s also familiar to many folks in the Seattle area. You might recognize SETH TYLER for his appearances on local television news programs because he’s the face of the Bellevue Washington Police Department as their Public Information Officer…when crimes happen in Bellevue and journalists need information, they contact Seth Tyler.

But, Seth Tyler is also the LGBTQ liaison for the Bellevue Police Department (as well as a familiar face at Seattle’s Purr Cocktail Lounge on the weekend…) The handsome 37 year old police officer refers to his boyfriend in this promotional video released by The Amazing Race  where he discusses his love for trains and why he wanted to appear on TAR. He also says in this interview with KIRO TV’s Alison Grande, that the experience is changing his life:

“It’s exciting but it also makes me a little nervous because I think I do a pretty good job of separating my work life from my personal life and this show has just thrown that all out the window….it’s all gonna be out on the table!”

We know we’ll cheer on Seth for Season 29 of The Amazing Race which has a big twist this year as individuals will be assigned partners for the first time in the history of the show. In previous seasons, teams applied to be on the show and competed together. In his interview, Seth remarks he submitted his application with his brother (a fire fighter!), but only Seth was chosen. During the first episode, which premieres Thursday March 30th on CBS, Seth will compete to be paired with an unknown partner. (We’ve heard rumors he’s paired with a woman…but that’s all the dope we have. We don’t know how he did in the show. Honest!)

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We Are VERY Excited About The Bob’s Burgers Music Album From SubPop!!!

by Monday at 5:45 pm


We love Bob’s Burgers, the quirky FOX TV animated series about the burger restaurant owning Belcher Family and their wacky antics involving themselves and their friends and family in an adorable and vaguely Jersey Shore-ish seaside town.

One of the chief delights of the series is the music. The writers pretty much have a song (or two) in every episode and most of them are original compositions. None are very long; most are 30 seconds to a minute long but they tend to be funny, charming and very, very catchy. Frequently, the songs emerge from the characters own love for music with the best example being Linda, the Belcher mom who is actually voiced by gay comedian John Roberts who in real life has a habit of bursting into random bits of quirky made up songs. The writer of the show began incorporating many of those songs into the show and quickly started adding other songs for the rest of the characters including for the Belcher son Gene (voiced by comedian Eugene Mirman) who has a passion for music and composes songs, as well as talented guest actors like Megan Mullally who plays Linda Belcher’s sad sack sister Gayle and Tony Award winner Kevin Kline who plays their eccentric landlord Mr. Fischoeder.

The songs are a lot of fun (if you like quirky silly songs) and there’s some clever writing here with both the lyrics and the music. Particular favorites of ours include Gene’s flatulent “The Fart Song”; the Gayle/Fischoeder love duet “Electric Love” (about Edison’s notorious electric experiments involving an elephant); Gayle’s ode to a boy she crushed on when she was in high school, “Derek Dematopolis”; and, “Slumber Party Fashion Show” which is something we’ve ALWAYS wanted to do! (Wouldn’t you want to come to “SGS Presents Slumber Party Fashion Show”?)

Many many other people love “Bob’s Burgers” and their songs as well so Seattle’s own hometown music label SUB POP got involved and now you don’t have to troll YouTube to find your favorite “BB” song…they’re releasing all of them for home enjoyment on May 12th! (Go HERE to pre-order). There’s even an option for a super duper deluxe set that includes all sorts of exclusives including a sheet music songbook, posters  and so much more.

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Filipino Stars Take Center Stage In Seattle Rep’s “Here Lies Love” The David Byrne/Fatboy Slim Musical

by Friday at 4:00 pm


Tickets are now on sale for the next hot show at Seattle Repertory Theatre our local regional theater that keeps presenting sold out hits like the huge hit musical “Come From Away” (now in previews on Broadway) and recent successes like December’s Vietgone” and “King Charles III”. The Rep is closing out their 2016/17 season with a very special musical making its West Coast stage debut: it’s HERE LIES LOVE the immersive musical collaboration between musicians David Byrne and Fatboy Slim that chronicles the life of infamous Filipino First Lady, Imelda Marco.

(If you’re over 40 or so you probably know all about Imelda Marcos…for our younger readers, she is the widow of Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country of the Philippines for 20 years before being ousted in a People’s Revolution in 1986. When revolutionaries stormed the presidential palace in Manila, it was much publicized that Imelda left behind thousands of pairs of very expensive shoes [in addition to other luxuries purchased with money acquired from decades of plundering the Filipino treasury…] After Ferdinand’s death, Imelda eventually returned to the Philippines to a triumphant welcome from her fans [less so from her detractors] and was elected to serve in their House of Representatives in 1995 and is, surprisingly at age 87, still in office as an elected official. As for her shoes, they’re still on display in Manila…)

“Here Lies Love” first appeared as a concept album in 2010 before being adapted into a staged musical with superstar theatrical director Alex Timbers (known for “Peter and the Starcatcher” and “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”) which debuted off-Broadway at NYC’s Public Theatre in 2013 and then had a sold out run in London in 2014. Reportedly, there are changes being made for this production so Seattle will experience a version of “Here Lies Love” not seen anywhere else. The musical is billed as an immersive/disco dance party experience and Timbers is restaging the work for its Seattle premiere in a proscenium theater that will still emphasize the dance club experience.

In other words, you’re going to be expected to have a good time and be on your feet for the 90 minute show. (If you’re less inclined to be “immersed” there will be less immersive options in seating. If you’re inclined towards that option, you’d be wise to call the Rep’s box office to arrange for that choice. Also: go HERE for more information on the immersive experience).

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LGBTQ Community Condemns Trump Admin’s Attack On Trans Student Rights

by Thursday at 4:36 pm

“This is an issue best solved at the state and local level. Schools, communities and families can find — and in many cases have found — solutions that protect all students”

Around the country, LGBTQ groups and advocates condemned this move from the Trump Administration.

“Supports for transgender students in K-12 schools change and save lives, and hurt no one. President Trump’s reversal of federal guidance affirming Title IX protections in schools undermines the settled expectations and protections afforded by federal law, hurts transgender students and impedes the progress we have made creating safer and more inclusive learning environments for all.

“While the Trump administration may abandon transgender students, GLSEN won’t. And neither will the thousands of teachers, administrators and parents around the country who work with GLSEN and our local Chapters to ensure that transgender students everywhere have the opportunity to simply be themselves and live better lives. Schools, leaders and teachers must do the right thing and give all students the chance in life they deserve.

“Research has consistently shown that transgender students are more likely to face severe violence and discrimination at school than their peers, and at greatly increased risk of suicide and self-harm as a result. GLSEN’s National School Climate Survey has shown that 76 percent of transgender students felt unsafe at school simply because of their gender. We also know that transgender students who are allowed simply to be themselves at school are as healthy and happy and successful as their peers. Rescinding guidance designed to help schools help them makes zero sense.”

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Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit Needs YOU!

by Thursday at 2:57 pm


The Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit is on the hunt for a few good men and women to participate in take part in vital HIV vaccine research.  If you’re between 18 and 50, HIV negative and in good health, contact them TODAY and do your part to end AIDS/HIV in our lifetimes.


Help us fight HIV! The Seattle HIV Vaccines Trials Unit, part of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, is looking for volunteers to take part in HIV Vaccine research.

We are currently looking for men and women, 18-50 years old, HIV negative and in general good health.

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Pussy Riot To Stage World Premiere For New Show At Crocodile In March

by Wednesday at 2:18 pm


Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk band/music collective/activist group has created a new music theater piece called “Revolution” and they’re taking it on tour this winter/spring. It will be an autobiographical work detailing their formation and history as a band of musicians and political activists frequently clashing with the problematic regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. That in itself would be pretty awesome but to make it even better, Pussy Riot will stage the world premiere of Revolution here in Seattle on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at The Crocodile in the Belltown neighborhood. It’s an all-ages show with ticket prices at a reasonable $25 (grab them here; it’s likely this will sell out so don’t dawdle).

Here’s some more info on the show:

The Crocodile Presents:
World Premiere: Pussy Riot Theatre Presents “Revolution”
Pink Parts
Wed, March 8, 2017
7:00 pm
All Ages
The Crocodile
2200 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA

World Premiere: Pussy Riot reveal their psych rock theatre production as Maria Alyokhina & cast tell the story of protest & life in the Russian prison system. This performance will be followed by a discussion with the creative team & cast members.

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Special “Feud” Screening Party At Purr On Thursday, February 23rd!

by Friday at 3:19 pm


We’re VERY excited about FEUD the delicious biopic about the filming of the camp classic film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” and the legendary onset and off rivalry/feud between the film’s two iconic Golden Age of Hollywood stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. TV producer/director Ryan Murphy is bringing this rivalry to the small screen with FEUD which stars Jessica Lange as Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. It looks like a HOOT and it premieres on FX on Sunday, March 5th.

BUT, lucky Seattlites can check out a screening and party at Purr Cocktail Lounge next Thursday, February 23rd at 8pm. You just need to go grab yourself a pass to check it out!!!

Here’s the skinny:

Get excited to see one of the biggest feuds of all time! There will be an advance screening of Ryan Murphy and FX’s new show FEUD: Bette and Joan on Thursday, February 23rd at Purr Cocktail Lounge at 8pm. Go to to get a pass. There will also be drink specials and appetizers available.

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The “Green Neighborhood Revolution” Starts With A “No Gasoline Day”

by Thursday at 11:42 am

Seattle based non-profit wants to make our country Gasoline Free by 2040.

Seattle based non-profit wants to make our country Gasoline Free by 2040.

Green is good.

But, to get “green” or to live an eco friendly lifestyle, you have to make changes in your life…and, sometimes we need help with that.

A local non-profit, COLTURA, is stepping up to help you make those changes. Their mission is a Gasoline Free America by 2040 and to achieve that, we’ll have to learn how to use and rely on clean forms of transportation. Obviously, this is not going to be easy…especially since we currently have an illegitimate president in the White House and a corruptly corporate administration who refuse to acknowledge Climate Change is a global threat to all of us. In fact, the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are moving to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, the government agency designed to eliminate corporate policies that harm the environment. Now more than ever, we need to take steps to protect ourselves from the growing threat of carbon based pollution.

To achieve their goal, Coltura is hosting its first Green Neighborhood Revolution at Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center, 330 19th Avenue East on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm. This is an all ages, free, family friendly event with activities available for kids and adults and a lot of valuable information on how you can create a shift to cleaner forms of transportation.

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Reviews: Two Plays That Don’t Quite Gel

by Saturday at 3:56 pm

We’re not starting off strongly with the 2017 Seattle area theatrical season.

I blame Donald Trump.

Two recent theater openings that didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

As always, it’s up to you to decide…

Rebecca Love and Tim Gouran in "Every Five Minutes" at Washington Ensemble Theatre. Photo: Chris Bennion

Rebecca Love and Tim Gouran in “Every Five Minutes” at Washington Ensemble Theatre. Photo: Chris Bennion

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We Lost Our Mary

by Wednesday at 4:03 pm


The world mourns the loss of the actress who “turned the world on with her smile”.

The iconic star, MARY TYLER MOORE died today at aged 80 from complications of diabetes.  The actress rose to fame in the early 1960s co-starring in “The Dick Van Dyke” as Dick’s wife Laura but it was her own 1970s show, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” that made her a TV legend as Mary Richards the plucky local TV news producer at a third rate Minneapolis TV station.

From The Huffington Post:

She later starred on the beloved 1970s sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” which is one of the first shows to feature a never-married, working woman as its central character. Moore played single, 30-year-old TV news producer Mary Richards.

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Questions About The Affordable Care Act? Gay City Can Help

by Tuesday at 5:19 pm


Soooooo. It’s quite obvious that President Shitler and Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell’s Axis of Evil Congress want to kill “Obamacare” aka the Affordable Care Act which allows millions of uninsured Americans access to government mandated health insurance benefits. The Republicans like to imply they will replace ACA with something else but there are many indications that either that just won’t happen or their replacement plan would be inadequate and leave most people now covered with no viable health care coverage options they could afford.

Yes, it’s alarming.

But, you do need to be aware that even if the Axis of Evil kills the ACA, it’s STILL CURRENTLY FUNDED THROUGH 2017. The open enrollment period for the Washington Healthplanfinder (Exchange) is Nov. 1, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2017….which means you have a week to sign on for a new plan or make changes to an existing one.

(Also note that “a qualifying life event” or for those who could qualify for Medicaid coverage (known as Apple Health in WA State) can apply/make changes at any time of the year and not just in this current qualifying period ending next week.)

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