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Time To End This Awful Year…What To Do New Year’s Eve

by Friday at 6:49 pm


Stay home. Look up how to immigrate to New Zealand.

(Canada is too cold and too close to Herr Drumpf’s minions of stupidity)

I keed, I keed.


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Honoring Carrie Fisher With A Light Saber Tribute

by Friday at 4:27 pm


This is sweet. Some local folks have created a spur of the moment tribute to legendary actress and writer CARRIE FISHER who passed away earlier this week after suffering a devastating heart attack on board a plane from London to Los Angeles. The actress, best known for her role as Princess/General Leia Organa in the “Star Wars” films and as a writer of novels, memoirs and film scripts was also the daughter of two other entertainment legends, singer Eddie Fisher who passed away in 2010 and actress/singer Debbie Reynolds who very sadly passed away the day after her daughter died.

To pay tribute to the star, who was only 60 when she died and had just completed work on the 8th Star Wars film, a memorial gathering is happening TONIGHT (Friday, December 30, 2016) at 7 pm at Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center. Fans of Ms Fisher are being encouraged to show up with toy light sabers (or glow sticks or flashlights if you don’t have a light saber handy…) to “light up the sky” to honor the actress/writer/advocate of mental health issues.

A bit more info via the Facebook invite:

Carrie Fisher was an Icon. A beloved figure both on and off screen. Let us say farewell by gathering together on Friday, December 30th as we celebrate the life of our favorite Princess. Join us at Seattle Center right by the Fisher Pavilion at 7pm. Bring as many lightsabers as you can carry. Don’t have a saber? Glow sticks and flashlights are just as good. Feel free to come in plain clothes or costumes. All are welcome here. At 7:30 we will have a moment of silence followed by our lightsaber tribute. We will light up the sky as we say farewell to Carrie. Afterwards, feel free to hang around and mingle with fellow fans, have lightsaber battles, or just enjoy the scenery. Carrie is now one with the Force, and May the Force be with us all.

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Don’t Forget The One Off Xmas Shows! Cucci / Ian & Bhama / Alan Thickemas / Inferno / Secret Santa / MORE!

by Friday at 2:14 pm

OK, so maybe you’ve already seen or at least booked your tickets to see the BIG annual holiday shows like Dina Martina and Homo for the Holidays and Ham for the Holidays and Homo Dina Ham For the Holidays but now you need to fill in those empty spots on your holiday show going calendar?

Well, there’s also a ton of smaller one off shows to go see as well and we encourage you to go check out a few…spread your wealth a little bit! Does Dina Martina really need your money to build another wing onto her solid gold luxury mega-mansion? Do you feel compelled to feed BenDeLaCreme’s addictions to buying vintage porn magazines and old Bratz Dolls?

(You should, actually…but you can go see those shows AND other shows, too! Sell an organ if you need to!!!!)

For instance, tonight (Friday, December 16) you can bop over to Bremerton to say farewell to beloved kooky alterna queen CUCCI BINACA who is giving her FINAL “Cucci’s Cake Batter” over at Papa’s Sports Bar. The lovely Cucci is jumping ship to Los Angeles which is lovely for her (hopefully) but sad for us and especially for Bremerton since her shows over there have been HELLA popular. She’ll be missed.

You should make reservations if you want to go tonight…it DOES sell out!!!

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More Holiday Shows We Love: Those “Ham” Ladies Lisa Koch & Peggy Platt Return For “Jurassic Pork”

by Monday at 3:42 pm

Photo credit: (l. to r.) Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt as Heartwood Mac. Photo by Sage Alixander.

Photo credit: (l. to r.) Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt as Heartwood Mac. Photo by Sage Alixander.

We’re so blessed in Seattle…so many holiday traditions to choose from!!!

Yes, everyone and their drunk drag queen cousin now has a holiday themed show to celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior/Winter Solstice which is just code for “LET’S MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!!”

That’s harsh. We’re not going to begrudge area entertainers from making some $$$ during the HoliGay Season. Drag Queens, Comedians, Burlesquers and Tiny Dancers should all have an opportunity to practice their craft and make a buck or two while providing the Desperate Hordes with much needed holiday cheer before the reality of The Illegitimate Regime of Donald Trump begins on January 20, 2017.

(Sigh. Takes long sip of ever present gin based cocktail)

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Support Planned Parenthood With “Pussy Grabs Back 5k Run”

by Monday at 2:26 pm


The Horrid Day that the Orange One and his Brood of Morons takes over the American Government is fast approaching. Obviously, PLANNED PARENTHOOD is high on their list of very worth while organizations to destroy and decimate. Despite the fact Planned Parenthood does so much more than pregnancy termination, it’s always been a big target for the Brood of Morons on the Right…how dare they work so hard to enable women to have safe, effective means of taking care of their reproductive health? The nerve of them!

To help Planned Parenthood in their ongoing fight against the forces of oppression and to guarantee their survival as a vital healthcare organization not only for women but for everyone in the community, Seattle area friends of Planned Parenthood staging a fundraising charity fun run on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at Green Lake Boathouse in north Seattle. And, to mock our soon to be First Predator, they’re calling it PUSSY GRABS BACK 5K in honor of the Orange One’s shocking admission of a tendency to grope and molest women he finds attractive.

It’s a fun short run (hell, even I can do 5k…walking) happening at Green Lake on a Saturday morning, a time when half of Seattle is already probably at Green Lake anyway. It’s a relatively cheap fundraiser…only $15 for adults to enter and participate, $10 for students and $8 for kids. Top finishers will get prizes from Babeland and Central Cinema PLUS there will be free desserts. Go HERE to register for the run.

Oh, and the final donation to Planned Parenthood after the event is over will be made in Vice-President Mike Pence’s name. The soon to be Vice Henchman is a notorious enemy of Planned Parenthood (as well as anything else that actually helps humanity) and we hope his reign will be brief.

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Just The Facts: The State of The World on AIDS Day 2016

by Thursday at 1:31 pm


It’s the last World AIDS Day under the legitimate regime of President Barack Obama and the White House has released a Fact Sheet about the State of the World and the battle to end HIV/AIDS in our lifetime.

Considering what’s coming under the impending nightmare-ocracy of Cheeto Trumpolini, this might be the last positive news we get on the battle to end HIV/AIDS for at least 4 years…or, until the impeachment/treason trials begin.

Some good news:

Not so good news:

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Take A Break From Political Freaking Out With…The Freakout Music Festival!!!

by Thursday at 12:47 pm


God DAMMIT, I’m sick of being pissed off/depressed/seriously fucking annoyed/distraught and plain ole FREAKED THE FUCK OUT about this fucking atrocity of a presidential election!

FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d head to the Valley of the Dolls but “dolls” don’t work well with heart medications.


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Christine Gregoire Headlines GSBA Annual Holiday Luncheon

by Tuesday at 7:59 pm

Former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire will be the head speaker at the GSBA annual Holiday Luncheon at McCaw Hall on December 14, 2016.

Former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire will be the head speaker at the GSBA annual Holiday Luncheon at McCaw Hall on December 14, 2016.

Oh, this should be good…former Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire will be a very special guest and speaker at the Greater Seattle Business Association’s annual meeting and holiday luncheon at McCaw Hall on Wednesday, December 14, 2016. We’re sure the former governor will have PLENTY of things to talk about in our brave new post-election Trumpian world.

Plenty of things…if you’re a member of the GSBA or just interested in hearing perspectives from community leaders on the future for Seattle it might behoove you to attend. It might help us all navigate the uncertain waters of the next few years…

More dish from the GSBA website:

Take a mid-day break and raise a glass with your GSBA colleagues and friends! This year’s luncheon features a discussion with former Governor Christine Gregoire about Challenge Seattle, a private sector initiative taking on challenges that must be addressed to ensure our region continues to grow, transform, and thrive, while maintaining our quality of life. This is also the time to thank you, our membership, and to announce the 2016 Business & Humanitarian Awards recipients. Arrive early to enjoy our Sponsor Showcase and a special performance by Diverse Harmony, the nation’s first queer-straight alliance youth choir.11:00am | Arrival, registration, and Sponsors’ Showcase
12:00pm | Luncheon begins
12:15pm | Annual Meeting, GSBA Board Members presentation, announcement of the 2016 Business & Humanitarian Awards recipients
12:30pm | Conversation and Q&A with former Governor Christine Gregoire, CEO of Challenge Seattle
1:00pm | Luncheon ends

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Resist. Protest. Obstruct. Inform.

by Saturday at 4:24 pm


Resist. Protest. Obstruct. Inform.

That’s what we have to do for the next four years while the illegitimate Trump Regime and the Republican majority Congress holds power.

I say “illegitimate” because Mr. Trump is obviously not the people’s choice to be President of the United States. Due to the archaic, out of date and very dangerous American system of electing presidents via the Electoral College he “won” the electoral vote despite Hillary Clinton winning over a million more votes nationally.

Mr. Trump is ill-equipped to be President of the United States. He has zero experience in government or even management. He’s a real estate developer who became a celebrity largely due to his own ego and ability to master the art of self-promotion. And, not quite two weeks after the election, his alarming choices for key advisory and Cabinet positions in his administration have already made it clear that he entends to do great harm to a great many people in this country. Every marginalized group in this country has cause to worry as Mr. Trump and his thuggish minions declare war on immigrants, Muslims, the elderly, the poor, people of color, the queer community and all women and their reproductive rights. We’re all under the threat of dangerous actions that can affect our lives, and in some cases, end lives as well.

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Exit Interview: We Talk To DJ El Toro About His Last “Tea Dance”

by Friday at 5:32 pm

Kurt B. Reighley aka DJ El Toro in the highly photogenic men's room at Pony. The DJ and his husband are leaving Seattle for the cheaper charms of Tucson. Photo: Kelly O

Kurt B. Reighley aka DJ El Toro in the highly photogenic men’s room at Pony. The DJ and his husband are leaving Seattle for the cheaper charms of Tucson. Photo: Kelly O

One of Seattle’s Queer Power Couples is leaving town next week.

Popular KEXP disc jockey Kurt B. Reighley aka “DJ El Toro” and his husband, acclaimed artist/designer Mark Mitchell are packing their bags and moving to Tuscon, Arizona…and, Seattle isn’t very happy about it. The couple have a huge circle of friends as well as fans and many people are mourning their move which the couple is admitting is happening partly due to the increased cost of living in Seattle. Both Kurt and Mark have candidly stated that the rampant gentrification in recent years coupled with the inflation that goes along with it, has prompted their move to a smaller city with a cheaper cost of living.

Kurt/El Toro had his final show on KEXP last night and as he multi-tasks packing up his life for the big move, prepping for his farewell gig at Pony on Sunday for his final “World’s Tiniest Tea Dance” as well as looking forward to the return of his husband who’s been in Beirut, Mr. Reighley kindly agreed to chat with us about The Big Move, Queer Music Icons, Saying Good-Bye to Seattle/Hello to Tucson and our mutual admiration for everyone’s favorite go go boy, James Darling.

Michael Strangeways: Last night was your final KEXP show…how are you coping? Are you still verklempt?

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“Sedaris-istas” Prepare To Swoon…David Sedaris To Workshop New Book In Seattle

by Thursday at 1:23 pm

Local fans of beloved gay storyteller David Sedaris all went into a collected swoon with the news that the insanely popular writer noted for his humorous and numerous books detailing pretty much every incident in his life will be work shopping his next book, apparently titled “Theft By Hiding”  in Seattle. Apparently, the humorist does this for every new book…he selects a couple of cities to “try out” his new material before completing his final draft prior to publication. As Sedaris makes much of his living from live performances of his stories at large concert halls across the world, it’s rather important that his tales work well when read aloud.

Mr. Sedaris was in Seattle last night for his yearly gig at Benaroya Hall and announced from the stage he would return to Seattle to give 8 workshop readings at Broadway Performance Hall on Capitol Hill from January 14 – 20, 2017. Tickets are already on sale for these very special events which will include a Q&A at each performance. As the BPH is a small-ish space (295 seats) it’s probably wise to snag tickets ASAP if you want to participate in this unique opportunity.

Some more poo:

David Sedaris is the author of the books Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Holidays on Ice, Naked, and Barrel Fever. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker and Ira Glass’ This American Life. He lives in England with his partner Hugh.

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“How To Survive A Plague” Is Now A Book…Author David France At Town Hall On Nov 28

by Wednesday at 6:12 pm


David France’s acclaimed documentary How to Survive a Plague is a fascinating and emotionally powerful look at the AIDS epidemic and the activists who demonstrated and demanded that governments, health organizations, the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry all needed to step up and fight the onslaught of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s and 90s. His first film, it won accolades (the Peabody/the Director’s Guild) and nominations (the Oscar and Emmy) and captivated audiences around the world.

France returns to his roots as a writer and has adapted his film into a book of the same name from Knopf to be released on November 29, 2016. Expanding on the material in the film, it’s a sprawling decades long story of the fight to tame AIDS from a killer to a managed disease and early reviews are already comparing it to the late Randy Shilt’s seminal early AIDS history,  And the Band Played On.  How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS is, essentially, the second part of that story started by Shilts (who himself died of AIDS in 1994).

The director/author will be in Seattle on Monday, November 28 on a tour to promote the publication and will give a reading/lecture entitled “The Battle Against AIDS in America” at Town Hall, 1119 8th Avenue at 7:30 pm. Tickets are only $5 (really, folks…Town Hall events are one of Seattle’s greatest cultural treats as well as a great bargain…they host a wide variety of terrific events. There’s something for everyone at some point in the year.) Snag them HERE.

It should be noted that with the election of Donald Trump, we could probably learn many lessons from “How To Survive A Plague”…the demonstrations in the days since the election have shown that public protests and civil disobedience are going to be needed to survive this new kind of conservative “plague” which could see the dismantling of public health programs in addition to general revisions/retractions to recently acquired civil liberties for the LGBTQ community.

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Stuff To Do: Turkey “Bacon”….Genderfierce…Dapper Down Anniversary…

by Saturday at 2:27 pm


Are we still in an awful mood after this week’s shitty election results? Tired of blaming each other? Sick of worrying about what’s gonna happen?

You can always leave the house and go DO stuff to take your mind off our impending doom…

There’s the drag silliness of Sylvia O’Stayformore’s BACON STRIP, the ‘big gay variety show’ now in its 38th year and now at Theatre Off Jackson in the International District. It’s the “Stuff Your Face” Thanksgiving Edition with your host Sylvia plus co-host, Honey Bucket  with the Darlings on hand as well as the current reigning Ms Bacon Strip Queen Dan’l (and let us say, it’s refreshing to see the current Ms Bacon Strip actually take the time and effort to continue performing at/supporting the show…it was a tad annoying to see a couple divas crowned and then they seldom actually bothered to perform after they won…) Strawberry Shartcake, Abbey Roads and Vanity White will also be on hand along with FREE bacon and plenty of filthy shenanigans…oh, and tickets have already gone on sale for the SIX performances of the special Xmas Holiday Bacon Strip in December…SYLVIA’S SPECIAL GIFTS will open Friday, December 2nd and run Fri/Sat nights through December 17th. Grab tickets HERE!!

For the youth of our community, there’s an all-ages dance/variety event at the Vera Project. It’s GENDER*FIERCE presented by HEYO, a program of Lifelong. More poo:

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Dear Fellow Leftists: It WAS The Economy, Stupid

by Thursday at 9:22 am


Stop blaming Florida.
Stop blaming “hicks”.
Stop blaming racism. Or misogyny.

Hillary lost Pennsylvania. And, Wisconsin. And, Michigan.
Those are all traditional Blue swing states. Those were all states the Dems counted on and had to have to win the election.

Oh, and Ohio, which along with Florida IS a true swing state. A Democratic candidate for president can win the election without Ohio and/or Florida but that means they HAVE to win ALL the Blue states, even the “light” Blue swing states. Like PA/WI/MI.

In those states, angry blue collar people voted for Trump. Men and women. White but also not white. OR, didn’t vote at all if unhappy with both major options. And, they weren’t voting (or not) based on gender issues, or gay issues, or any kind of social issues.

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Seattle’s LGBTQ Leaders Urge Community To Stay Strong

by Wednesday at 2:54 pm


A message from Seattle’s LGBTQ community leaders:

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Vote. And, Where To Go After

by Tuesday at 2:35 pm

Can Can and Fred Wildlife team up for an Election Day Cabaret on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Can Can and Fred Wildlife team up for an Election Day Cabaret on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

It’s Election Day 2016 in these here United States and it means we need to VOTE (if you haven’t already done so) and help others to vote (offer to drive folks to the polls or take their ballots to a drop box or whatever you can do to aid people).

And, since we’re all HOMOsexuals and allies around here we’re gonna encourage you to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton as President. Yes, some of us have reservations about returning The Clintons to the White House but Hillary is VERY qualified for this job. She’s smart, determined, experienced and by far the best choice in Election 2016. The other choices…no. Dr. Stein from the Green Party seems like a terrific person with good progressive values but…she can’t win and if by some freak chance she did win, how is she going to govern without a party in power to support her? (Also: she has zero experience in governing.)

We’re not even gonna mention the two main men running for president. They’re not options. If you vote for them, you’re an idiot. And, you obviously don’t support gay rights, or any kind of HUMAN rights.

Nuff said on the The Orange One and The Dumb One With Poor Geography/Current Events Skills.

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Review: Problematic Adult/Child Relations At Heart of Two Plays

by Sunday at 2:27 pm

Two local theater productions, one a world premiere, examine the fraught relationships between adults and kids…

Roz  and Ray at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Ellen McLaughlin as Dr Roz Kagen. Photo by Alabastro Photography.

Roz and Ray at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Ellen McLaughlin as Dr Roz Kagen. Photo by Alabastro Photography.

First up, Seattle Rep’s premiere of a locally written play they helped develop. It’s Karen Hartman’s two hander, ROZ AND RAY which centers on the problematic relationship between a doctor and the father of children she is treating. Dr. Roz is a compassionate, driven doctor working at San Diego Children’s Hospital who specializes in caring for young hemophiliac patients. Hemophilia is a genetic disorder where blood fails to adequately clot; when a hemophiliac suffers a surface skin cut or even a strong enough blow to cause bruising or internal bleeding, they can quickly bleed to death. Inherited hemophilia is passed to males; before effective treatments, few of them lived to see 20.

Ray is the single father of twin sons, both hemophiliacs. The mother skipped out early on, unable to cope with the situation and Ray struggles to raise his sons and deal with their complicated medical treatment as well as struggling with his own personal issues as well. The play begins in the late 1970s as new treatments emerge to treat hemophiliacs. Ray is originally a bit skeptical but the new treatments are successful and Ray is impressed by Roz’s compassion and dedication to treating his sons and going behind the call of duty in her practice. But, the advent of the AIDS crisis is devastating to the hemophiliac community. Big pharm, the medical industry and the government were slow to react and as a result, thousands of young hemophiliacs were exposed to the AIDS virus and many died. When tragedy strikes Ray’s family, he places blame on Dr. Roz. The play flashes back and forth through roughly a 15 year period between the late 70s and the play’s most recent present (circa 1992) and charts the ebb and flow of the relationship between the pair, the only two characters onstage in this play.

Roz and Ray examines a fascinating albeit heartbreaking subject, the lives of hemophilia patients and treatment during the AIDS epidemic and frankly, it’s this fact based and well researched story that is the best part of this play. Ms Hartman is the daughter of a doctor who treated such patients at that time so it’s a world she has familiarity with and as a result, the play is at its most riveting when it deals with the factual elements of this story. She’s also created two vibrant interesting characters in Roz and Ray; they’re passionate and compelling people.

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Mad Hatter…Legendary Children…Willam…Glitter Sales…Coco Peru…So Many Options This Weekend!!

by Friday at 5:14 pm

OK, who are the idiots who decided we needed 32 thousand events to choose from this weekend, the week after Halloween where everyone has spent all their money on costuming and booze, as well as the week leading up to the most stressful national election in decades.


Really…we just wanna eat lots of empty carbs and drink boxed wine while marathon watching “Bob’s Burgers” and “Futurama”.


However, there ARE things to do to get your mind off of the Impending Horror of Tuesday, November 8th. Friday (today if you’re reading this “today” Friday the 4th) has several fun options…polarizing drag diva WILLAM is at Neighbours to promote their new book “Suck Less” which HAS to better than Michelle Visage’s piece of shit book…right? Tickets available at the door.

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Punk Feminist Icon Alice Bag Brings Her Solo Show To El Corazon

by Thursday at 3:13 pm

Alice Bag. Photo Credit: Greg Velasquez

Alice Bag.
Photo Credit: Greg Velasquez

She was the iconic front for the seminal L.A. punk band The Bags and she’s since earned further acclaim for her work as musician, author, educator, and advocate for feminist, Latinx, queer causes but it wasn’t until June of this year that the amazing ALICE BAG released her first solo album neatly entitled Alice Bag. Characteristically, the album’s songs cover topics near and dear to her heart: sexual abuse and rape culture…immigration…corporate abuses. No topic is taboo for the artist who turns 58 on November 7th.

And, her fans can wish her an early happy birthday this Friday, November 4, 2016 at El Corazon, 109 Eastlake Avenue just off Denny. She’s headlining an all-ages show with:

w/ Wiscon
Control Test
Kooks Maiden, Mother, Crone
6pm doors, 7pm show
All Ages
$10 adv / $12 dos

Grab tickets HERE for this rare opportunity to see a pioneering punk musician.

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Mama & Izzy Visit KING 5’s New Day NW For Some Hot Topix…Say Bye To Mama This Saturday

by Thursday at 1:57 pm

Isabella Extynn, Mama T (Tits), host Margaret Larson and New Day's Audience Coordinator, Suzi Wiley on KING 5's "New Day" on Thursday, November 3, 2016.

Isabella Extynn, Mama T (Tits), host Margaret Larson and New Day’s Audience Coordinator, Suzi Wiley on KING 5’s “New Day Northwest” on Thursday, November 3, 2016.

Both hosts of MIMOSAS CABARET got to pop into KING 5’s New Day Northwest talk show today to discuss some “Hot Topix” with host Margaret Larson. Mama “T” (aka Mama Tits ’cause you still can’t say tits on the radio…or TV) and Isabella Extynn were the main attraction on the popular segment where guests discuss the hottest bits of controversy and scandal. They managed to cover Bono being named “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine and the phony rumor that was bringing In-N-Out burgers to Seattle.

(They’re not.)

Of course they also got to plug Mama’s upcoming winter long gig in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (she leaves next Wednesday) and the fact that Ms Isabella is taking over as the main host of their popular Mimosas Cabaret weekend brunch drag show at The Unicorn/Narwhal while she’s gone. Mama’s “Good-Bye” show is this coming Saturday, November 5th at 1 pm….grab tickets HERE to say adios to the diva.

(You can also snag those tickets to their NEXT big show at Mimosas…their holiday show, written by Isabella, A BOOB JOB FOR CHRISTMAS opens NEXT Saturday, November 12th for TWELVE shows only. It’s an updated/rewritten version of the holiday show they did two years ago…it’s a HOOT!)

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For PNB’s Jonathan Porretta, It’s “Dance: 10” AND “Book: 10”

by Wednesday at 5:58 pm

PNB principal dancer Jonathan Porretta in David Dawson's A Million Kisses to My Skin. Photo by Angela Stirling.

PNB principal dancer Jonathan Porretta in David Dawson’s A Million Kisses to My Skin. Photo by Angela Sterling.

“Growing up Gay…Saved by Ballet” is the theme of a new book showcasing Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer Jonathan Porretta. The New Jersey born performer was bullied as a child but found a “Billy Elliot-esque” escape through his love of classical dance. Now, in a rare book that examines the life of male dancers in ballet, Mr. Porretta reflects on that painful childhood and the dance career that led him to Seattle’s acclaimed Pacific Northwest Ballet. Written by journalist Marcie Sillman with gorgeous photographs from Angela Sterling, (and also including personal family photos from Mr. Porretta), Out There: Jonathan Porretta’s Life in Dance has just been published and is receiving positive reviews from critics as well as fans of ballet.

Originally an essay published earlier this year, Marcie Sillman was encouraged to expand the material into a book. Porretta, sidelined by foot surgery had the time to work with Sillman. Both author and subject wanted the book to be about more than just dance. They wanted the book to speak to others struggling with being gay or different. Sillman in an interview last month:

“Definitely his fans will buy this book, and maybe just look at the pictures, and that’s enough, but I think he would like young boys to read it..Boys that might or might not be gay, but boys that are ostracized because they’re dancers, bullied because they’re dancers. I think that his intent is really to say ‘it gets better’…because his life was really sad. It’s hard to imagine. He’s the most gregarious, outgoing person, and he says to me: ‘Nobody talked to me. I ate lunch with the lunch lady,’ and then I started talking to other gay men I knew, not dancers, just men, and they were like, ‘Oh yeah, that was my story.’ I think it’s kind of universal for people who don’t fit the mold.”


Jonathan Porretta was the only boy in his dance class in Totowa, New Jersey. Photo: Jane D’Annunzio

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David Duchovny Comes To Seattle To….Well, We Don’t Know

by Wednesday at 2:33 pm


From the Department of Ambiguously Vague Press Releases:

David Duchovny

Crocodile Café

February 19, 2017 | 7:30PM

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This Is Halloween

by Monday at 4:23 pm


Most of the drunken slutty frivolity for Halloween seemed to happen on Saturday, the 29th this year…not surprisingly. Having Halloween on a Monday is sort of a minor buzzkill. But, there ARE options for fun tonight…just be smart if you’re wandering around this windy, spooky, creature laden night.

The main event we like: COLLIDE-O-SCOPE’S big screening party at the Egyptian Cinema. Michael and Shane are bringing their beloved bi-weekly crazy video party up to the Hill from their usual haunts at Re-bar. It’s an earlier evening event from 7:30 pm to 10 pm so you can move on to more drunken activities if you desire.

The spooky poo:

For one night only, SIFF Cinema Egyptian will become a graveyard and your seat – A COFFIN! Collide-O-Scope, Seattle’s premiere purveyors of ephemeral film and video mash-up, montage, and reconstructive mayhem, present a frightfully fun fest of found-footage phantasmagoria filled with laughs, shudders, thrills, and prizes! WITNESS! Actual human monsters roaming the aisles. TREMBLE! As the Tingler breaks loose in the theatre. SHUDDER! As hosts Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson guide you through their gallery of ghoulish film and video delights.

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All The Tasty Things At SAM…Including Saint Laurent, Taste, And Legendary Children

by Friday at 6:04 pm


As usual, I’m tardy about writing things but I really need to remind and encourage everyone to head to the Seattle Art Museum very soon to check out all the goodies on hand this fall.

Of course, the Biggy Wiggy thing to go check out is SAM’s huge current superstar exhibit Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style (October 11, 2016–January 8, 2017) which highlights pretty much every single aspect from the legendary French fashion icon’s 44-year career as a designer. It’s all there: adorable but precocious youthful scribbles….paper dolls he designed in his youth (like all gay little boys into fashion do!) Then, his debut and all the looks that made him a name.

(Note: All photos from here on are mine (Strangeways) and taken with my phone camera so excuse the blur. I’m shaky around so much beauty…)

The Bow Dress:

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Halloween 2016 Lurks Upon Us….Strange Things To Do

by Thursday at 4:20 pm


The scariest photo I could find.

Annoyingly, Halloween 2016 is on a Monday this year…who the hell goes out on Monday?

In Seattle, the answer is: NO ONE!

OK…to be fair, there are actually events happening on Monday, October 31…the men of Collide-O-Scope are throwing a big fancy viewing party at the Egyptian Cinema on Pike Street instead of their usual hauntings at Re-bar Place. And, crazy Cucci Binaca is having a “Spooky Weed” party down at Kremwerk. Neighbours is hosting Gay Gaymers and The Cuff is…serving booze in a spooky sort of way with DJ Matt Stands. We’re assuming every bar on the Hill/in Seattle/in the world that observes Halloween will be doing SOMETHING “spooky” on Monday involving booze and rotting pumpkins.

It’s also a tad sad that several of our big queer Halloween traditions have kicked the bucket. Gay City slowly strangled the once popular BUMP! Halloween party to an untimely death…it hasn’t happened in a couple years and no one else has stepped up to the plate to do a big community event. (We would, but we really can’t afford it…) And, since the Broadway Grill was mismanaged to death three years ago, the other big fun Costume Party event is also toast.

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TWIST Was A Huge Success…Announces Winners

by Wednesday at 3:03 pm

TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival screened its closing night film at the Seattle Cinerama. Photo: Eric Gregory

TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival screened its closing night film at the Seattle Cinerama. Photo: Eric Gregory

The first rebranded Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is a wrap! And, “TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival” was a huge hit thanks to the hard work of the event’s producers, Three Dollar Bill Cinema under the leadership of executive director Jason Plourde and this year’s programming director Keith Bacon. (Oh, and the hard work of the entire team and Three Dollar Bill’s awesome volunteers).

They even overcame the drama of losing their main exhibition venue after the Egyptian Theatre suffered structural damage after being hit by a truck 3 days into the festival!

Here’s all the poo from Three Dollar Bill on what films won in the various competitions and what to look forward to next…a make-up screening/live event of the locally made film THE LONG HAUL starring local male exotic dance troupe The Buckaroos happening on Tuesday November 1 back at the Egyptian.

Head programmer Keith Bacon and Three Dollar Bill Executive Director Jason Plourde at Twerkshop with The Lady B Photo credit: Kimi Ozawa

Head programmer Keith Bacon and Three Dollar Bill Executive Director Jason Plourde at Twerkshop with The Lady B
Photo credit: Kimi Ozawa

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A Toast To Pete Burns…Who Defined Fluidity For A Generation of LGBTQ People

by Monday at 4:36 pm

Pete Burns

Pete Burns

Another music legend has left us. Eighties gender bending pop icon PETE BURNS isn’t quite at the level of say, David Bowie or Prince, two other music stars we’ve lost in 2016 but it’s still a loss for fans of the Dead or Alive singer who died yesterday at the age of 57 from a cardiac arrest.

“It is with the greatest sadness that we have to break the tragic news that our beloved Pete Burns (of Dead or Alive), died suddenly yesterday of a massive cardiac arrest. All of his family and friends are devastated by the loss of our special star.”

“He was a true visionary, a beautiful talented soul, and he will be missed by all who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories the has left is with.”

“We have no more words, we will make a further statement when we have had a chance to come to terms with our devastating loss. He will live forever in our memories. Sending you all our love. Lynne, Michael, Steve.”

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Photos We Love…Sorta, ‘Cause Smoking Kills

by Saturday at 11:32 am

Bowie and Taylor 1975. Photo: Terry O'Neill

Bowie and Taylor 1975.
Photo: Terry O’Neill

Singer David Bowie shares a cigarette with actress Elizabeth Taylor in Beverly Hills, 1975. It was the first occasion that the pair had met. Print size: 20 H x 16 W inches Frame size: 25 H x 21 W inches

This 1975 photo, of Elizabeth Taylor “feeding” David Bowie a drag off a cigarette is rather lovely.

It’s very intimate for a couple who had just met but maybe it’s different when one celebrity meets another. Especially when they’re as iconic as Bowie and Taylor.

Bowie is beautiful here. Beautiful but a tad frail. All cheekbones and angles and glowing with artistic vitality, yet…

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Tipsy’s “Bombshell” Moves To Unicorn Before Heading To Puerto Vallarta

by Thursday at 4:38 pm

Tipsy Rose Lee IS Marilyn Monroe in "Bombshell" her new solo cabaret show. Photo credit: Michael Doucett

Tipsy Rose Lee IS Marilyn Monroe in “Bombshell” her new solo cabaret show. Photo credit: Michael Doucett

There’s a slight change in plans for Tipsy Rose Lee’s performance of her solo cabaret show, BOMBSHELL originally scheduled for Sunday, October 23, 2016 at The Studios in downtown Seattle.

Oh, the show is still going on, but Tipsy is moving the show to her home base at The Unicorn/Narwhal on Capitol Hill, where the diva stars and choreographs the hit “Mimosas Cabaret” brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Same time just new venue.

Here’s all the poo from Ms Tipsy herself:

Unfortunately I have had to change the date and venue for the Seattle showing. The good news is that this gives you a chance to see the show for a fantastic price! Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door. Cash only please. Come send Tipsy off to Mexico with love and booze. Tell your friends and come see her all live singing tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

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Stranger Things Have Happened…Barb & Eleven Are Coming To Emerald City Comicon 2017

by Thursday at 8:02 am

Actress Millie Bobby Brown from the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things" is scheduled to attend Emerald City Comicon 2017 next March.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown from the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things” is scheduled to attend Emerald City Comicon 2017 next March.

Yikes…it’s started already. The hubbub over EMERALD CITY COMICON 2017 which doesn’t happen until March 2-5, 2017 but passes and tickets just went on sale and…



You snooze, ya lose around FanBoy/FanGirl Land!

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Barney Frank Comes To Town to Get Out Some Votes For Brady

by Wednesday at 5:55 pm


Out Washington State politician Brady Piñero Walkinshaw is running for the 7th District Congressional seat against Pramila Jayapal.

It’s the battle for the 7th Congressional District seat and front runner Pramila Jayapal  and Brady Piñero Walkinshaw, both Democrats and both currently in the Washington Statehouse with Jayapal representing the 37th legislative district in the Washington State Senate and Walkinshaw repping the 43rd legislative district in the Washington State House of Representatives are bringing big names to Seattle to stump for them.

Jayapal got the bigger gun; former presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders came to town last Saturday, October 15 for a “Get Out The Vote” rally at The Showbox. Sanders supported the progressive Jayapal after she endorsed the Vermont Senator during his run to grab the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination that he ultimately lost to former First Lady/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Now Brady Piñero Walkinshaw has jumped on the “let’s get a big liberal name to come to town to support us!” bandwagon by snagging former congressman BARNEY FRANK, the maverick Massachusetts politician who served in the U.S. House from 1981 to 2013 and achieved legendary status in 1987 for being the first U.S. congressman to voluntarily come out publicly as a gay man. In his 32 year long stint in the House, Frank became a leading voice for progressive causes and held the mantle as this country’s preeminent gay politician.


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Review: “La Mancha” Dazzles Visually, But…

by Tuesday at 9:00 pm

Rufus Bonds Jr. as Don Quixote with the Commpany of Man of La Mancha. Photo credit Mark Kitaoka

Rufus Bonds Jr. as Don Quixote with the Commpany of Man of La Mancha. Photo credit Mark Kitaoka

Some musical theater aficionados sneer that the 1964 musical MAN OF LA MANCHA (currently on stage at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre) with a book by Dale Wasserman, lyrics by Joe Darion, and music by Mitch Leigh is a “one song hit” from a trio of creators who only had one hit Broadway show. That’s not entirely fair to librettist Wasserman who also scored success with his theatrical adaptation of Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in 1963, but it is sadly true for Darion and Leigh who both failed to create another success like “La Mancha” which ran for 2,328 performances and won five Tony Awards and entered the pantheon of great Broadway musicals.

But, those nasty snide queens like to snipe that “La Mancha” was a hit largely due to the huge success of its “big” song “The Impossible Dream” which became a standard and was recorded by dozens of other artists. That’s not really a fair challenge either; “La Mancha” does have a couple clunky songs (frankly, all of Sancho’s comic songs are a bit tiresome in my opinion) but “Dulcinea” and the title song “Man of La Mancha” are worthy in their own right and overall, the show has a lovely score. Yes, the libretto does seem a tad out of style, if not a bit “clunky” by modern standards…frankly, it could use an overall. But, Wasserman’s overall structure for “La Mancha” is sound and he really did solve the problem of how to adapt Cervantes’ sprawling and very episodic 17th Century darkly comic masterpiece. It is a greatly simplified (dumbed down according to fans of Cervantes) adaptation but it does contain the heart and soul of “Quixote”.

For those of you needing a synopsis, “La Mancha” is actually a play within a play. The musical opens with the actual writer of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes himself, being thrown into prison on the command of the Spanish Inquisition. There, the other prisoners threaten to strip him of all his belongings including the unpublished manuscript of Don Quixote. Cervantes suggests he be put on trial by his fellow prisoners and his performance of the novel will serve as his defense; if the jury dislikes the story, they can do what they like with the manuscript. Cervantes, with the aid of his man servant and the prisoners themselves begins to tell the story of Don Quixote, with Cervantes himself playing the main role.

But, there’s yet another layer to the tale since “Don Quixote” himself, is a figment of an addled imagination…Kindly older gentleman Alonso Quijano is in the twilight of his years and now imagines himself to be a great Knight named Don Quixote. With his trusty servant/squire Sancho Panza he embarks on a series of misadventures that includes fighting windmills (Quixote thinks they are dragons) and defending the honor of a lovely lady-in-waiting Dulcinea, who’s actually nothing more than a serving wench/prostitute really named Aldonza working in a grubby inn. Eventually, Quixote/Quijano’s family “rescues” the old man, but his heart is broken and he takes to his deathbed having failed to achieve his “Impossible Dream”. Only the arrival of Aldonza to his side and her insistence that she really is his “Dulcinea” rallies the old man long enough to die with a smile on his face. This story moves the prisoners in Cervantes’ prison to proclaim he won “his case” and they break into the 32nd reprise of “THAT SONG” as Cervantes is led off to face the Inquisition. Cue tears and standing ovation.

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Big Truck Crashes Into Egyptian…TWIST Film Festival Has To Make Adjustments

by Tuesday at 1:59 pm

Damage from a truck accident at SIFF's Egyptian Cinema in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood has caused changes to TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival's screening schedule. Photo: SIFF

Damage from a truck accident at SIFF’s Egyptian Cinema in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has caused changes to TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival’s screening schedule. Photo: SIFF

You may have already heard the pooh that there was a nasty accident on Saturday, October 15th at the Egyptian Cinema (Harvard & Pine) on Capitol Hill. A large commercial truck managed to slide under the overhanging marquee in front of the theater and got wedged. When the truck managed to pull free, it caused serious damage to the marquee and the front of the building which is owned by Seattle Central College but leased and managed by the Seattle International Film Festival.

The accident occurred around 1 pm and fortunately no one was injured. TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival has taken over the Egyptian for the week to screen films during this year’s festival. The damage caused by the accident was significant enough that the Fire Marshal ordered that the main entrance to the cinema be closed and as a result of the loss of one of the primary fire exits, the Marshal also reduced the capacity of the Egyptian to only 150 seats.

As a result, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, the producers of the TWIST have had to make some changes for their programming and screening. While some screenings (those that have sold under 150 tickets) have continued at the venue, others have moved across the street to Broadway Performance Hall which is also owned by Seattle Central College. If you have passes or tickets to screenings at the Egyptian for this week, please take a little extra time to get to the screening.

Jason Plourde, the executive director of Three Dollar Bill Cinema issued this statement today to clarify the screening situation for certain films and days. The biggest change: the multi-media/live performance and screening of the locally made documentary THE LONG HAUL about the male strip troupe “The Buckaroos” has been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 1, 2016. And, ALL Wednesday/Thursday screenings will be at Broadway Performance Hall. TWIST screenings at Northwest Film Forum are obviously unaffected.

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Spend Pre-Turkey Day With Violet Chachki At Triple Door (With Kitten, Lou, Cherdonna & BenDeLa, Too!)

by Monday at 1:40 pm


FINALLY!!! Something to do those two dreary days BEFORE the holiday season begins!

Seattle’s adorable duo (onstage and off) of Kitten ‘n’  Lou just announced they’re bringing their draggy/burly show CREAM to Seattle venue The Triple Door for three shows on November 22 and 23, 2016. That’s the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving so unless you’re a Grandma slaving away in the kitchen basting the turkey and curdling the gravy, you’re free to join them plus special guests like Cherdonna, hostess BenDeLaCreme and The Atomic Bombshells for their “outrageously glamorous confection of a show” which has enjoyed sold out runs for the last couple years at the Southern Decadence festival/orgy in New Orleans.

And, joining them as a special headliner, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Seven, VIOLET CHACHKI! It’s been awhile since this fashionable diva visited the Emerald City so it’s a rare treat to get to see her live and in person.

CREAM! is the perfect pre-TDay snack before the holidays…especially for fans of this group of local cabaret stars. It’ll help feed the habits of the many Kitten ‘n’ Lou / BenDeLa / Cherdonna addicts in town and help them make it to the premiere of this year’s version of “Homo for the Holidays” their beloved holiday show which opens December 9th at Oddfellows Hall on Capitol Hill.

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“Hedwig” Tour Names New Star As Seattle Tix Go On Pre-Sale

by Monday at 12:49 pm

Actor Euan Morton, pictured here in his Tony Award nominated role in the Boy George musical "Taboo" in 2003, will take on the lead role in the national tour of "Hedwig & The Angry Inch" starting in November 2016.

Actor Euan Morton, pictured here in his Tony Award nominated role in the Boy George musical “Taboo” in 2003, will take on the lead role in the national tour of “Hedwig & The Angry Inch” starting in November 2016.

There’s a new Hedwig coming to town…and, it’s not Jinkx Monsoon reprising one of her signature roles. Nor is it “Glee” star Darren Criss, currently appearing in the role in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


The new cast for the national tour of the acclaimed and much beloved queer rock musical, Hedwig & The Angry Inch was released today and while we’re getting a Tony Award nominated actor in the role, we’re kind of disappointed we’re not getting our hometown “Hedwig” superstar…or, even a “Glee” has-been.

John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s off beat fable about an East German boy who undergoes a botched sex change in order to escape to the west became a hugely successful off-Broadway hit in 1998 and was followed by a cult film, directed by writer/star Mitchell in 2001. “Hedwig” finally made it to Broadway in 2014 in a highly acclaimed production that won 4 Tony Awards including Best Revival/Musical and Best Actor in a Musical for star Neil Patrick Harris. The national tour for “Hedwig” began earlier this fall in San Francisco with Darren Criss reprising the role he also played on Broadway, following turns by Harris, Andrew Rannells, Michael C. Hall and original star Mitchell. But, Criss is apparently too busy for the entire tour (really? Darren Criss?) so following San Francisco and Los Angeles the role will now be played by Tony nominated actor Euan Morton, best known as the lead in Taboo, the 2003 floppo musical about Boy George, and as the father of cute/annoying child theater critic Iain Armitage.

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