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Memo To L’etranger: Robbie Turner Hasn’t Been A Regular At RPlace For Well Over A Year…

by Friday at 12:36 pm


What’s up with The Stranger lately?

They’re kinda stupid.

OK, so first we had Chris Frizzelle breathlessly report on the “scoop” that Cucci Bianca and her filthy fabulous monthly show at Krewwerk (which has been around for….2 years?) is really neat (duh) and Cucci naughtily revealed this juicy gossip last week at the show:

“The real T is that Robbie Turner is leaving R Place. And R Place doesn’t know that yet.”

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Nordo’s New Show Is A Tad Dystopic…Prepare For Onērus™

by Thursday at 2:39 pm

How….timely. The talented folks at Café Nordo, that fascinating theater company that has managed to combine theater with fantastic food and booze pairings for the last decade or so without devolving into your Grandma’s suburban dinner theater presenting Miss Ruth Buzzi in “Evita” (which I would TOTALLY go see, btw…) is back with a fascinating and quite provocative new show that speaks to our concerns about the current political/social climate in the world.

Those concerns that we’re three steps away from having our face stuck in a rat cage or seeing our female friends filing down the street in red robes en route to the latest “cleansing”.

Café Nordo’s fall production is titled Onērus™ and it takes place in the not so distant future…2046 where “citizens are connected to the Cloud 24/7 through a Sync-Disc implant” …with the unfortunate side-effect that they can no longer dream.

Here’s some more info about the new piece with a link to buy tickets. Judging by the timely plot and Nordo’s reputation for delicious food/drink, it could be the hot ticket for Autumn 2017.


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Call For Removal Of Lake View’s Confederate Memorial Leads To Focus On Privately Owned Cemetery

by Wednesday at 4:31 pm

Confederate Memorial in Seattle's Lake View Cemetery. Photo via

Confederate Memorial in Seattle’s Lake View Cemetery. Photo via

After this weekend’s “Alt Right” aka “Racist Nazi White Power Bigots” rally in Charlottesville Virginia which led to confrontations with anti-Nazi protesters and the death of one woman, there have been increased calls for the removal of statues and memorials that honor Confederate leaders and veterans who fought for the losing side in the United States Civil War from 1861-1865. Advocates for their removal claim that the memorials honor and commemorate white supremacy, pro-slavery, anti-black, and racist positions of white privilege and it’s wrong to honor any individual/group that fought for such beliefs. The removal of Confederate memorials and iconography like the “Stars and Bars” Confederate flag have caused demonstrations and rallies throughout much of the South but little has been said about such memorials in non-Southern cities.

Until now.

“Ian S.” has created a petition asking Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council to remove a Confederate Veteran’s memorial in Lake View Cemetery, the main Seattle cemetery that abuts Capitol Hill’s Volunteer Park and the final resting place for many of Seattle’s earliest citizens of the 19th and 20th century.

I am calling on Mayor Ed Murray and our Seattle City Council for the removal of the United Confederate Veterans Memorial in Volunteer Park’s Lake View Cemetery (Seattle).

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Dan Savage and Dominic Holden Both Make The Advocate’s List of 50 Most Influential LGBTs in Media

by Wednesday at 3:36 pm

Seattle native/former Stranger writer/current BuzzFeed reporter DOMINIC HOLDEN made The Advocate's list of 50 influential LGBTs in media

Seattle native/former Stranger writer/current BuzzFeed reporter DOMINIC HOLDEN made The Advocate’s list of 50 influential LGBTs in media

Two Seattle LGBT media types made The Advocate’s list of  “50 Most Influential LGBTs in Media”. The Advocate polled other LGBTQ journalists and asked them who they thought were the most influential out gay journalists, reporters and pundits who work for mainstream outlets…in other words, queer writers working for queer outlets were not included for whatever reason. (Though their definition of ‘mainstream’ seems to be vague; Perez Hilton made this list for his own website as did Jared Yew for his site “Just Jared” both of which are…pretty damn gay).

Dan Savage from Seattle’s weekly for now/soon to be bi-weekly alternative paper/website The Stranger snagged the 12th spot on the list ; (not surprisingly…we’re surprised he’s not higher) and a former writer at that same outlet and Seattle native Dominic Holden who now writes/reports for the web outlet BuzzFeed surprisingly grabbed the 17th position ahead of FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver (18), the NY Times’ columnist Frank Bruni (19), conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan (22), MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts (41) and hunky/adorable ABC News reporter Gio Benitez (50).

Holden was a writer/reporter at The Stranger for many years who earned street cred for reporting on a variety of topics including pot legalization, LGBTQ rights, police brutality and the usual Seattle specific hot issues like bike lanes, density and Capitol Hill Block Party line-ups. He left the weekly alt rag just as it entered its weird interim period between its “heyday” and its current state of transforming itself into something vaguely resembling a bi-weekly Penny Saver written by 24 year olds.

Subsequently, Dom snagged his great gig with BuzzFeed and now works out of NYC and DC.

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SGS Recommends: “Beetlejuice” // Trailer Park Drag // Mama Tits Sings The Blue // Outwest Turns 6

by Friday at 1:57 pm


So much to do this weekend…Seattle Gay Scene recommends the following:



Yes, it’s FINALLY time for Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s annual summer in Cal Anderson Park outdoor movie series and the first film in this year’s three film line-up is Tim Burton’s delicious macabre comedy, BEETLEJUICE starring a still hunky Alec Baldwin and always adorable Geena Davis as a ghost couple trapped in their house who have to deal with the new owners and a pesky demon ghost named….Beetlejuice! Michael Keaton is the dirty eponymous “hero” and a then gothy teen Winona Ryder stars as the homeowner’s moody daughter. It’s fun for the entire family and it starts at dusk (8:30 ish) but get there early for a pre-show and to snag a good spot to see the film. Bring your own blankets/chairs/snacks (Three Dollar Bill will be selling some snacks, too!)

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by Thursday at 4:11 pm

 ©2017 Adé. Photo: Stephanie Jamieson.

©2017 Adé. Photo: Stephanie Jamieson.

TONIGHT (Thursday, August 10th)  is the monthly Capitol Hill Art Walk and since Pike Street is blocked off for a special community project, you can roam around checking out awesome art including this fantastic show at Vermillion, 1508 11th Avenue between Pike & Pine on the newsiest block on the Hill. It’s a fashion show featuring work by Anouk Rawkson, Jordan Christianson, Brenda Bryan, Grant Rehnberg, Julian Peña, Gabriel-Bello Diaz, Rio Abundez, Devon Yan, Carolyn Hitt, Robinick Fernandez, Amanda Franz.


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Chelsea Manning Goes Vogue

by Thursday at 3:29 pm

Chelsea Manning in Norma Kamali and photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Chelsea Manning in Norma Kamali and photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

Hmmmm… be honest, not sure what to make of this story which oddly combines whistle blowing, transgender rights and fashion.

From  the September Issue of Vogue:

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Is October Going To Be “Armistead Maupin Month” In Seattle?

by Wednesday at 3:33 pm

Armistead Maupin heads to Seattle in October to promote new book and documentary. Photo by Christopher Turner

Armistead Maupin heads to Seattle in October to promote new book and documentary. Photo by Christopher Turner

We have a sneaky suspicion that Seattle area fans of beloved novelist/activist ARMISTEAD MAUPIN, best known for his 9 volume “Tales of the City” series of books chronicling the lives of a “chosen family” of LGBTQ and allied friends in San Francisco from 1975 through 2014 will have much to celebrate this upcoming October 2017.

For one known thing, Mr. Maupin is scheduled to be in Seattle on Monday, October 16th for “A Conversation With Armistead Maupin” at Benaroya Hall as part of a national tour to promote the October 3rd release of Mr. Maupin’s memoir, Logical Family. Tickets are on sale now and are available through the Benaroya Hall Box Office, at 206.215.4747 or online at This event is in the smaller Isley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall so if you want good seats, snag them asap!

"The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin" is HOPEFULLY coming to Seattle this fall...

“The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin” is HOPEFULLY coming to Seattle this fall…

One less unsure thing but I’m also thinking highly probable is the fact that TWIST: Seattle’s Queer Film Festival is happening October 12th through the 22nd and Mr. Maupin also has a documentary film about himself, THE UNTOLD TALES OF ARMISTEAD MAUPIN making the festival circuit this year. Guessing/projecting/surmising/hoping that TWIST could maybe/possibly be screening this film while Mr. Maupin is in town for his Benaroya event.

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“Bitsy Bates” Us With Cannabis Cooking Tips On New Web Series From Uncle Ike’s

by Friday at 4:59 pm


We LOVE a good advertorial!

Part not-so-subtle advertisement!

Part entertainment!

Part commentary!

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Congrats #1: Beth Barrett Named Permanent SIFF Artistic Director

by Thursday at 1:52 pm

Beth Barrett has been named the permanent Artistic Director for the Seattle International Film Festival. Photo: SIFF

Beth Barrett has been named the permanent Artistic Director for the Seattle International Film Festival. Photo: SIFF

We are SO thrilled that Beth Barrett has been named the permanent Artistic Director for the Seattle International Film Festival. Beth has acted as the interim AD for the last year after the resignation of Carl Spence who had held the position for many years and she’s the ideal choice to lead SIFF into the future.

Switching to the first person from my customary “Royal We”, I’m personally delighted because Beth is AWESOME both as a film professional and as a person. I had the pleasure of working with Beth back in my own SIFF Days in the mid to late aughts, and she is an open and friendly and down to earth person who knows and loves film. The film world is irritatingly rife with pompous, jaded, full of themselves assholes and the Film Festival World certainly has their share of them. There are plenty of folks in FFW who seem to think programming indie art house Albanian documentaries about Jewish Transgender Romany Lesbian Goat Herders somehow magically makes them the equivalent of Pier Paolo Pasolini or Lina Wertmüller. Having worked in the lowly confines of the box office, I’ve had to deal with more than one arrogant, trust fund supported, hipster than thou film studies “artiste” than I care to recall…those types tend to shun anyone not quite in their league of artistic awesomeness….for running a glorified metroplex movie cinema for 3 weeks a year. But, Beth was ALWAYS one of the “good guys” who had no airs or pretensions…she just loves movies and sharing that love with other people.

So, “Condragulations and a Big Hug” to Beth Barrett!

The poo from SIFF about this announcement:

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It’s Confirmed: Joey Burgess Takes Over Former Purr Space For New Club “Queer Bar”…Plus, MORE Change Is A’Comin’

by Wednesday at 3:11 pm


We broke the news last night that it appeared the name of the new venue taking over the former Purr Cocktail Lounge space at 1518 11th Ave was going to be “Queer Bar” and that the word we heard on the street that it was going to be owned by the Guild Seattle group who already own several major food/drink establishments on Capitol Hill. Signage quickly appeared in Purr’s windows indicating “Queer Bar” was coming this fall.

Today we have clarification and confirmation. QUEER BAR now has a website and they’ve confirmed to the Capitol Hill Times blog that the new owner is JOEY BURGESS, a partner in the Guild Seattle company that owns Big Mario’s Pizza and the Lost Lake diner with partners Jason Lajeunesse and Dave Meinert. The trio also own Grim’s the cocktail lounge two doors down from the Purr location that was created and formerly owned by Laura Olson’s Pterodactyl Group.

But it seems Queer Bar will be solely owned by Burgess, an out gay man who has become quite active in Seattle’s LGBTQ community in the last couple years. He currently sits on the board at Three Dollar Bill Cinema who produce Seattle’s LGBTQ film festivals TWIST in the fall and Translations in the spring. Per the CH Times’ post, Burgess states that programming and designs for Queer Bar have already begun and the new space will be designed by his husband/partner Murf Hall.

The CH Times’ post (by Brandon Macz) also raised eyebrows for including an odd quote from Matt Basta, the landlord who owns the building.

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Is “Queer Bar” Moving Into The Old Purr Location? And, WHO Is Behind It?

by Tuesday at 8:10 pm

Well, that was quick.

It’s August 1st and there is already a new sign in the window at 1518 11th Ave on one of Capitol Hill’s hottest night life streets between Pike and Pine. Purr Cocktail Lounge, the popular gay venue owned by Barbie Roberts just vacated those premises this weekend after a monstrous rate hike forced her out to a new location in Montlake at the northeast base of Capitol Hill.

Today, a new sign has appeared in the window at the former Purr spot:


It’s a simple paper banner announcing ” queer / bar ” and “FALL 2017”.

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SGS Exclusive! A Random Post About “Glee” Star Chris Colfer Coming To Town To Promote His Book!!!

by Thursday at 4:00 pm

Chris Colfer comes to the general Seattle Gay Scene metroplex to promote his latest "Land of Stories" fairy tale book from Hachette

Chris Colfer comes to the general Seattle Gay Scene metroplex to promote his latest “Land of Stories” fairy tale book from Hachette

A blatant attempt to snag clicks, this post is ENTIRELY designed to get people to come to Seattle Gay Scene!


I keed, I keed…


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EC Black Pride Events Happening All Over The Emerald City This Weekend

by Wednesday at 6:41 pm

Photo: Adam McRoberts for SGS

Photo: Adam McRoberts for SGS

Just a reminder that EMERALD CITY BLACK PRIDE is happening this weekend in Seattle with events happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at venues all over Seattle with options for everyone.

July 28th:
5pm – Thirst
9pm – SLAY: A Hip Hop Party for LGBTQ, People of Color and Allies

July 29th:
11am – Alki Beach Pride LGBTQ + Event
9pm – ECBP: #BlackLove Party

July 30th:
1pm: ECBP Family Reunion BBQ
7pm: ECBP Afterparty at Wildrose

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Trump Bans Transgender Military Personnel; Community Reacts With Fury

by Wednesday at 3:17 pm


In yet another pathetic attempt to distract and divide, Donald Trump tweeted out this morning his plans to reinstate a ban on transgender citizens from serving in the US military. This comes as a complete reversal from the Obama Administration’s policy which allowed transgender military personnel to actively serve. That policy, made over a year ago, is still in the process of being implemented.


“In the last 24 hours, the Trump administration’s ugly agenda has been on full display and we should not be surprised. This White House has never been interested getting things done for America. They are all about undoing—such as taking away healthcare for millions of poor Americans and now stripping transgender people of their rights. The Trump administration is undoing this nation’s commitment to equity and spirit of community that makes America great.

“The President’s attack on transgender people is a shameful, despicable, and unacceptable attempt to marginalize an entire community of Americans. Serving one’s country is a patriotic calling that every single American, including the thousands of transgender people who currently serve, have the right to aspire to. Taking away that right is antithetical to the American value of equality and Seattle’s unwavering commitment to protect and promote the rights of the transgender community. If we’ve learned anything from the chilling history of the 20th century, it is that attempts to marginalize entire populations cannot be taken lightly. This inclusive city does not take it lightly.”

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Gender Dynamics Fuel Film Making As Well As Promotion For The Raunchy Film “The Little Hours”

by Tuesday at 4:26 pm

Kate Micucci, Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza are foul mouthed horny 14th century Italian nuns in the film comedy, THE LITTLE HOURS now playing at SIFF at The Uptown

Kate Micucci, Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza are foul mouthed horny 14th century Italian nuns in the film comedy, THE LITTLE HOURS now playing at SIFF at The Uptown

How awkward.

Gender dynamics in everyday conversation between complete strangers frequently result in the usual sexist role playing where men feel the need to talk over, through and around women.

As a male of the species, I try to avoid falling into that trap. And, I know I sometimes fail. It can be hard for those of us (regardless of gender) who tend to enjoy hearing ourselves expound on subjects we’re passionate about. Men do it mostly though knowledgeable women are also certainly capable of “monologuing” on a topic near and dear to their hearts…it’s part of human nature. Flappin’ the mouth.

But, men ARE certainly far more likely to engage it than women…in my opinion. And, it happens in the oddest of places…like in press junkets for indie comedy movies starring very funny women.

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VICTORY! I-1552 Fails to Qualify for the WA State November Ballot

by Friday at 3:56 pm


For the second time in a row, anti-trans bigots failed to get a citizen’s initiative on the Washington State ballot that would seek to get voter approval in the state to remove non-discrimination protections for transgender people. The Washington Secretary of State office announced at 3 pm this afternoon that the anti-trans groups failed to acquire enough signatures to get on the November 2017 ballot. This is another victory for LGBTQ rights in Washington and a sign that the majority of citizens in the state are opposed to transphobia and in support of equal rights and protections for transgender residents.

More from HRC:

WASHINGTON STATE: For the second year in a row, a campaign to rollback non-discrimination protections for transgender people failed to turn in enough signatures to qualify for the ballot in Washington State. The WA Secretary of State’s office just announced that the I-1552 campaign cancelled its 3pm Friday appointment to turn in 259,622 valid signatures.

Law enforcement, sexual assault prevention groups and YWCAs opposed I-1552 because repealing the state’s non-discrimination protections would be unnecessary, unenforceable, and harmful.

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Champion Make Up Whiz Erik Warren Talks About Putting The Horror Into Seattle Make Up

by Friday at 12:28 pm

Seattle make-up artist ERIK WARREN applying old age make-up for the film, "Atavistic"

Seattle make-up artist ERIK WARREN applying old age make-up for the film, “Atavistic”

Erik Warren has worked in Special Effects for stage and film, along with fashion and runway makeup for the past two decades. Working with numerous cult icons, designers and celebrities such as the one and only ‘Elvira’ ~ Working in stage and set design for ‘The Mistress Of The Dark herself.’ He’s also worked on numerous projects with local Seattle designer Mark Mitchell, the talented Seattle video director Wes Hurley, the Cult Drag Superstar Peaches Christ and RuPaul’s Drag Race Icons ~ such as BenDeLaCreme, Sharon Needles, Bianca Del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon, and Robbie Turner in The Capitol Hill Web-Series. He has worked on film and stage projects such as: Holiday Hell starring cult horror star – Jeffrey Combs (Reanimator 1 & 2, The Frighteners), Brendan Mack’s Fog Machine Play, Ms Pak-Man, King Beard: a Play with Music, VaudEVILe, and coming in the Fall: Hocus Pocus!

Craig: What was the first horror movie you can remember seeing as a kid?

Erik: SUMMER SCHOOL. It’s not the first ‘Horror Movie’ but it is the first movie that inspired me to do FX makeup. There are these two characters in that who did Special Effects gore makeup in this 80s comedy film, Dave & Chainsaw; I just fell in love with them.  I’ve met both of the actors that played them last year: Dean Cameron & Gary Riley, very sweet guys, we still chat on Facebook.

Craig: Take us back to Wenatchee.  I remember you had a vintage clothing store in the mall.  Was that your first business?

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Purr Schedules “Going Away Party” For July 19; No News On New Location

by Monday at 5:20 pm

PurrMovingPartyA new development in the ongoing saga of Purr Cocktail Lounge, the popular LGBTQ bar on 11th Ave between Pike and Pine on Capitol Hill. Last month, owner Barbie Roberts announced the bar would be making some “changes” and we’ve subsequently learned that she plans on moving Purr to a new location.

Rumors began flying that the bar was actually closing or moving to weird and unlikely locations but we chatted with Barbie over Pride Weekend and she assured us that Purr will soon be alive and well and in a new locale and one that isn’t off the confines of the Hill.

She did mention that there would be a good bye party by the middle of July and today she officially announced the “Purr Going Away Party” to happen on Wednesday, July 19th:

And the Party is just beginning……
Please join us for our “Going Away Party” on Wednesday July 19th. as we say goodbye to our “current” location. We’ve been proud to serve you here on 11th Ave for 12 strong years, and will continue to do so in our “new location”. Stay tuned for additional news as we work on solidifying details of our new home. Hope to see you all there!

Barbie also stressed to us that she’s not leaving the current location out of any bad feelings or due to the building being torn down. It’s simply the end of her current lease and she decided not to continue at that location due to the rent hike she would face under a new lease. It’s Economics 101, folks…gentrification leads to property values going up, followed by a big jump in rents which is something that effects both individuals in apartments as well as small business owners in commercial locations.

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Every Beloved Viral Video Meme Happened In 2007…SHOES!!!!!

by Saturday at 3:15 pm

Graphic via

Graphic via

It is kinda weird when you think about it. Ten years ago, in 2007, every cherished video meme in the world all seemed to happen in the same space of time.

That’s a viral epidemic severe enough to warrant the Center for Disease Control stepping in…

Miles Klee at reports on that phenomenon. Check it out.

I’m fans of most of those videos but I’ve never cared for Chris Crocker’s fake bullshit nonsense. “Leave Britney Alone” was so blatantly phony and over the top…yet it actually worked into turning Crocker into a Grade Z celebrity albeit one largely helped by the fact he extended his 15 minutes of fame (or padded out his 7 minutes of “Britney” fame into a full quarter hour or so, at least to the LGBTQ market) by doing gay porn videos. He turned “Leave Britney Alone!” into “Stick your large penis into me while I squeal like a sex pig!”

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Two Music Options This Weekend: Reeve Carney @ Barboza and J Grgry @ The Crocodile

by Thursday at 4:04 pm

Singer/rocker/actor REEVE CARNEY performs at Barboza in Seattle this Friday June 23, 2017....right in the middle of Seattle Gay Pride Weekend!

Singer/rocker/actor REEVE CARNEY performs at Barboza in Seattle this Friday June 23, 2017….right in the middle of Seattle Gay Pride Weekend!

The entire world doesn’t revolve around Gay Pride every second of the day..even LGBTQ people and allies need a break from EVERYTHING being Pride labeled during their city’s annual Pride events.”

If you already need a Pride “break” here’s two option both involving live musicians.

First up is the adorable REEVE CARNEY who has a show at Barboza, underneath Neumos, this Friday night, June 23rd. Mr. Carney is known to musical theater nerds as the originating actor in the scandalous Broadway musical “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark”. The attractive young actor started out as a singer/musician and since “Spider-Man: You Can’t Stop The Disaster” featured music by Bono and The Edge, it required a young rocker. Since then, Carney has caught our eye on the fabulous Showtime series “Penny Dreadful” where he played a never aging/sexually fluid Dorian Gray, and he also appeared in this last winter’s AWFUL remount of “The Rocky Horror Show” as Riff-Raff, one of the few good things in that unsweet travesty of a show…

We prefer to remember in “Penny Dreadful” where he had lots of hot sex scenes…including one with Josh Hartnett.

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We Love The New Pass Around Party Twink Ken Dolls!!

by Thursday at 3:04 pm


Finally….a Ken Doll who looks like ME!!!

Well, no. They didn’t create “Chubby Middle Aged Bitter Old Bear Ken” but if you’re into hairless, lookalike twink types who pretty much all have the same vapid facial expression but in THREE different skin tones, then YES there is some representation going on here thanks to Mattel updating Barbie’s main man, Ken after their previous makeover of Barbie herself.

They just released the Press Release on Tuesday…Mattel’s Fashionistas line has updated Ken with three body type options: skinny, original and vaguely but not really beefy, as well as seven skin tones, eight hair colors, nine hairstyles and all sorts of  awful Urban Outfitter type outfits.

Frankly, they could have just named this line “Pass Around Twink Party Bottom Ken” and be done with it…

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Seattle Pride Makes Plans In Case Of Anti-Corporate Protests During Sunday Parade

by Wednesday at 4:05 pm

No Justice No Pride protesters shut down Capital Pride in Washington D.C. earlier this month.

No Justice No Pride protesters shut down Capital Pride in Washington D.C. earlier this month. Photo: Dylan Comstock

Seattle Pride is making back up plans in case this Sunday’s Seattle Pride Parade faces anti-corporate protesters.

The Board of Directors for Seattle Pride, the non-profit community organization formerly known as Seattle Out and Proud who produce the annual Pride parade and other events, sent out an email today to all their business partners and sponsors addressing the issue of organized protests disrupting the parade to be held Sunday morning, June 25, 2017 along 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle. The popular annual event which routinely draws over a 100,000 people is being targeted by the Seattle chapter of the “No Justice, No Pride” group.

“No Justice, No Pride” received national attention earlier this month when they successfully protested at Washington D.C./Capital Pride on June 1oth. Protesters barricaded themselves along the parade route resulting in the re-routing of the parade. The group released a list of demands that included demands that Capital Pride be more inclusive towards the Trans community, Queer People of Color, Indigenous people and oppressed communities as well as restrictions on participation in the parade by Police or any Military organizations. And, a main target in their demands was a call to restrict Corporate entities from participating in Capital Pride.

From their petition:

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HUGE Plans Being Made For #Stonewall50″ for NYC Pride in 2019

by Wednesday at 12:40 pm


It’s also NYC Pride Week and they’re already making plans for NYC Pride 2019 which will be the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which helped ignite the modern gay rights movement. “One World, One Pride, One New York City – Unite in 2019” will be the theme and NYC Pride 2019 is also being designated as a World Pride event.

More poo on this big announcement. If Herr Drumpf doesn’t destroy us before then, this will be a YUGE global event.


—50th Anniversary of Stonewall Riots, Birthplace of Modern Gay Rights Movement, to Coincide with WorldPride 2019—

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