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Review: “Peerless” Is Dark, Devious and Deliciously Fun

by Saturday at 6:32 pm

Maile Wong and Corinne Magin are the conniving "L" and "M" at the heart of Jiehae Park's dark thriller Peerless now onstage at Seattle's ArtWest Playhouse

Maile Wong and Corinne Magin are the conniving “L” and “M” at the heart of Jiehae Park’s dark thriller Peerless now onstage at Seattle’s ArtWest Playhouse

I like my comedy like I like my chocolate and my coffee.

Dark. Sardonic. Bold. Thrilling. 

With a slight hint of nuttiness and depth of flavor.

PEERLESS is the very interesting newish play by emerging playwright Jiehae Park that’s comedic but also not since it deals with some rather vile characters doing some very awful things to achieve want they want. It’s frequently very very funny but it’s also dramatic at times, and touching, not to mention menacing and more than a bit mean.

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Shocker: “Storm Chasers” Star Dies Of Suspected Overdose On Atlantis Cruise

by Wednesday at 2:46 pm

Storm Chaser Joel Taylor dies from suspected overdose at age 38. Photo via MySpace

Storm Chaser Joel Taylor dies from suspected overdose at age 38. Photo via MySpace

Cruising the high seas on a big gay ocean liner is a very popular LGBTQ travel option for many…it’s a chance to unwind for many but for some it’s a week long opportunity for fun in the sun that includes a lot of partying. And, cruises have become notorious for excesses that include over indulgence of booze and drugs.

That seems to have caught up with one of the former stars of the Discovery Channel documentary series, “Storm Chasers” which followed a bunch of midwestern twister chasers across much of the midwestern “Tornado Alley” from 2007 to 2012. According to passengers on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Harmony of the Seas, JOEL TAYLOR died from a suspected overdose on the ship. Sources told TMZ that Taylor was seen partaking of drugs on board. 

Taylor’s body was removed from the ship at San Juan Puerto Rico for an autopsy.

The ship was charted by the gay travel company Atlantis for the 7 day cruise through the Caribbean which began in Fort Lauderdale Florida and included a performance from Olivia Newton-John on Tuesday night.

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EVERY Remotely Kinda Gayish Bar In North America Is Having RPDR: All-Star 3 Parties…

by Tuesday at 6:23 pm 3 for RPDR: All-Stars 3?

Hmmmm….top 3 for RPDR: All-Stars 3?

I really don’t need to do a piece on where you can go in Seattle to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3 which debuts this coming Thursday, January 25th on VH1. You’re pretty safe going to almost any bar with a television in the Tri-State Area and you’ll probably find a drag queen hosting a watching party with vodka drink specials on hand. Especially since we have a hometown gal (BenDeLaCreme from Season 6) on this edition of the popular “greatest hits” version of the drag queen reality show pageant that pits drag performers against one another to win the crown as “America’s Next Drag Superstar”. 

But, I’ll be kind and list some known options of establishments holding All-Stars 3 events…most of them seem to be committing to Thursday night viewings during the entire…8 weeks? (Note: I keep seeing March 22nd as the final episode? Maybe…) it is on.

Of course, there’s the BIGGEST and starriest option, of watching the show with BenDeLaCreme (at least for this week’s first episode) who is hosting a special premiere party with our very own Jinkx Monsoon, who won Season Five of RPDR. But, their event, which was originally scheduled for tiny Re-bar but then moved to the far larger Century Ballroom in the Oddfellows Building on 10th & Pine on Capitol Hill when the Re-bar party sold out in 5 seconds, also quickly sold out at the bigger venue. You MIGHT try and see if there are seats left at the door, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Here’s more info on BenDeLa/Jinkx’s event in case you want to try.

Another RPDR alum is also hosting a viewing party…BenDeLa and Jinkx’s buddy, ROBBIE TURNER who competed on Season 8, is hosting an event at her new home bar just down the street from Oddfellows, at Queer/Bar off of 11th & Pine Street. They’ll have a weekly event for the entire run of All-Stars with a chance every week to enter a drawing to win a trip to Los Angeles to attend RuPaul’s DragCon in May. And, there’s NO cover for their screening parties.

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7th Annual Gypsy Awards Nominations Announced Honoring Seattle Theater

by Friday at 2:35 pm

The moving play, LYDIA, produced by Strawberry Theatre Workshop in June of 2017 earned 6 nominations in the 7th annual Gypsy Awards honoring excellence in Seattle theater.

The moving play, LYDIA, produced by Strawberry Theatre Workshop in June of 2017 earned 6 nominations in the 7th annual Gypsy Awards honoring excellence in Seattle theater.

We’re thrilled to announce the nominees for the 7th annual Gypsy Rose Lee Awards, presented by Seattle Theater Writers, which honor excellence in Seattle area theater for 2017. This year’s big nominees include BRING DOWN THE HOUSE, the unique adaptation of 3 of Shakespeare’s history plays into a two part all female cast extravaganza that earned 10 nominations for the show’s producers, Seattle Shakespeare Company and the all female led “upstart crow collective” (lower case deliberate). Following with 9 nominations a piece were three productions from smaller theater companies: HOODOO LOVE from Sound Theatre Company; SCARY MARY AND THE NIGHTMARES NINE from Annex; TEH INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS from Washington Ensemble Theatre. 

And, two musicals earned 8 nominations each: RAGTIME from the 5th Avenue Theatre and from Village Theatre based in Issaquah, DREAMGIRLS.

Also earning significant recognition: Strawberry Theatre Workshop’s LYDIA; Theatre 22’s DOWNSTAIRS; and,  Spectrum Dance Theatre earned 4 nominations for their dazzling and moving piece on gay oppression, (IM)PULSE.

The mega Shakespeare production BRING DOWN THE HOUSE earned 10 Gypsy Award nominations.

The mega Shakespeare production BRING DOWN THE HOUSE earned 10 Gypsy Award nominations.

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OMG! Nigella Is Coming To Town!

by Thursday at 3:06 pm


It took years but I finally joined the Nigella Lawson Fan Club late last year and I’m just SMITTEN with the zexy British celebrity TV chef/cookbook writer. She’s a lusty lady who LOVES her food and sneakin’ down to the pantry at 1am to munch down on chocolate cookies or herring balls or saltines and cheese or whatever else tickles her fancy.

Nigella is coming to the Seattle area this spring for an appearance at Stroum Jewish Community Center on Mercer Island, (3801 East Mercer Way) on Wednesday, April 25 for a “High Tea” and cookbook launch event. 

Yes, it’s a loooooong ways off but you want to snag those tickets NOW for your chance to bask in the vanilla scented sultry splendor of Our Nigella. And, while she’s a Goddess, she’s a practical one who makes sensible food that’s not overly “fiddly” or frou frou.

We j’adore her!

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An Avuncularly Gay Convo About The Camp Classic, “Valley of the Dolls” With Jeffrey Robert

by Friday at 4:41 pm

Jeffrey "The Gay Uncle" Robert's new solo show takes us on a journey to the "Valley of the Dolls" the best selling novel/film by Jacqueline Susann.

Jeffrey “The Gay Uncle” Robert’s new solo show takes us on a journey to the “Valley of the Dolls” the best selling novel/film by Jacqueline Susann.

Jeffrey: Yes, she did. She didn’t want anyone to know, and very few people did. The very gay movie critic, Rex Reed (a name that will leave many young people saying “Who?” but who was also everywhere back in the day) was one of the few who did know. He kept it a secret.

The late great Patty Duke as Neely O'Hara. Art by Jeffrey Robert

The late great Patty Duke as Neely O’Hara. Art by Jeffrey Robert

Jeffrey: Yes. Camp can’t be stretched out like that. Two hours is tricky enough. No more. After that it is not fun-bad, it is just bad-bad.

Jeffrey:  In my show, I have a little bit about the whole Judy connection. It goes in a few different directions from where it starts. I find it all so fun to connect the dots. And you can really connect the dots with this story.

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San Diego Pride Donates Surplus Funds Of Over $100k To LGBT Community Orgs

by Thursday at 3:47 pm

San Diego Pride donates excess funds to local non-profits serving their community.

San Diego Pride donates excess funds to local non-profits serving their community.





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15 Places For LGBTQ Seniors To Live With Pride

by Thursday at 1:48 pm


Here’s some interesting news about the top 15 senior living communities for LGBT seniors in the US via, one of the nation’s top senior housing referral services. Note there’s just one for Washington State listed on here, DISCOVERY BAY RESORT over on the Olympic Peninsula, and it’s a mainly meant for women. There’s also an entry for Oregon, in Gresham at the awesomely named Rainbow Vista.

There are efforts to get Seattle on this list with Capitol Hill Housing’s project to construct LGBTQ senior housing at 14th & Union. There’s a community forum and workshop  about this project on Tuesday, December 19th (LGBTQ-Affirming Senior Housing: Community Visioning Workshop) that you should check out. 

Here’s the full story:, one of the nation’s top senior housing referral services, released an article on the best fifteen thriving senior living communities for LGBT seniors. The company recognizes that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) senior community is currently a very important part of the American population, and that the struggle for resources and housing can sometimes be difficult.

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FYI: Madison Pub Is NOT Hosting A Gay Republicans/Pro Trump Event

by Monday at 2:32 pm


Oh, my stars….people have worked themselves up into a tizzy.

Over nothing.

So, here’s the poop….last week, the Washington State Log Cabin Republicans group (aka “The delusional gay people who vote for Republicans despite the fact its against their own interests as gay people but I digress”) posted an invite on their Facebook page inviting the public to join them for “The First Trumpmas” at Madison Pub on Saturday, December 16th. The invite’s info states:

Help make Christmas great again and come join the local LCR members for a night of festive winning.

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Join The Conversation About LGBTQ Senior Housing With Capitol Hill Housing

by Thursday at 2:31 pm


We’ve made it clear we’re excited about and fully support Capitol Hill Housing’s 14th & Union project to provide affordable senior housing for Seattle’s LGBTQ population. 

You can also join in on this very important dialogue by participating in this upcoming community forum scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th at The Summit, 420 East Pike Street. Community members will have a chance to have a say in the design and planning process.

This IS important for our community….after all, we’ll all be old one day.


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Jenny Durkan Sworn In As Seattle’s First Lesbian Mayor/First Female Mayor In Nearly A Century

by Tuesday at 4:58 pm


Attorney Jenny Durkan was sworn in as Seattle’s 56th mayor earlier this afternoon. Ms Durkan is the first female mayor in nearly a century; Bertha Knight Landes was the last female mayor from 1926 to 1928. Mayor Durkan is also the first out lesbian to hold that office and the second out LGBTQ person elected to the office of Seattle mayor following Ed Murray who was elected to that office in 2013 but resigned on September 12th of this year after allegations of sexual abuse ended his political career. 

Backed by a well funded campaign and major endorsements, Durkan easily defeated Cary Moon in Seattle’s municipal elections earlier this month.

Rainier Beach Ceremony:
Ethiopian Community Center
8323 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
3:00 – 4:30 PM

West Seattle Ceremony:
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106
4:15 – 5:45 PM

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A Toast to TOM: Tom of Finland Wines Announces Launch of “OUTstanding RED”

by Friday at 3:58 pm


Who knew Tom of Finland, the beloved (and deceased) gay Finnish erotic artist had a wine label?

Well, he does now! Tom’s heirs have made some interesting marketing decisions in creating a “Tom of Finland” brand.

They’re kicking off with their first release, OUTstanding RED with a big par-tay in San Francisco on December 14th at Heklina’s nightclub The Oasis. Tom of Finland spokesmodel and Dan Savage’s blonder half, TERRY MILLER will be on hand to help launch the new vino.

Vinoholics and fans of classic erotica (that’s a fun Venn diagram!) take note and mark your wine stained calendars!

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Election 2017 Flips A Finger of Disdain To Trumpism With Big Wins For Dems/Minorities

by Wednesday at 1:59 pm


How’s that agenda of hate and division working out for ya, Republican Party?

Judging by the results (so far) of elections across the U.S. held yesterday, Tuesday, November 7th the first national election after Donald Trump’s shocking and illegitimate “win” of the White House one year ago, it’s not working out so well for the Grand Old Party. Democrats won big in races all over the country yesterday with progressive and minority candidates doing especially well.

Democrats won two big governor races in Virginia and New Jersey and both of those states also elected Democrat African Americans as Lt Governors. Virginia also elected the first openly transgender state lawmaker into office with the historic victory of Danica Roem who unseated “Bigot Bob” Marshall, a 25 year veteran of the Virginia Statehouse and best known as the author of Virginia’s anti-trans bathroom bill and a man who boasted of his homophobia.

Virginia elected its first openly transgender state lawmaker on Tuesday, voting Democrat Danica Roem into the state’s House of Delegates. She unseated Virginia Del. Bob Marshall, the Republican who introduced the “bathroom bill” that would have prohibited transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice.

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“A Night Out For Trevor” Supports The Amazing Work of The Trevor Project

by Monday at 2:06 pm


The Trevor Project is hosting a special party to raise funds for its very important agenda: providing “crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13–24”.

Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, the Project provides numerous numerous services but most importantly, it operates a 24 hour a day hotline manned by professionals to offer guidance and counseling for LGBTQ youth, a service that has helped save many lives.

“A Night Out For Trevor” is a “conversation about Trevor’s latest efforts to build a brighter future for LGBTQ youth” and it is happening this Thursday, November 9th from 6pm to 9pm at the Kimpton Alexis Hotel at 1007 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle. Admission is free but there will be donation opportunities (if you can’t attend the event, you can still donate money, HERE!) Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be served.

Note this is a 21+ event.

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“Read With Pride” Conference This Weekend Showcases LGBTQ Romance Literature For Readers and Writers

by Thursday at 2:31 pm


Read with Pride/Write with Pride Northwest returns this weekend with their 5th annual conference that promotes the writing, reading and enjoyment of LGBTQIA romance fiction, one of the most popular selling genres in the LGBT book world and one that has a large straight following as well.

Their “Read/Write with Pride” festivities include events for writers and readers.  Write with Pride happens FRIDAY, November 2nd and you can still register to attend. Here’s all the info/links:

Write with Pride is a one-day multi-session workshop focused on the craft of writing and led by a fantastic group of LGBTQIA romance and genre authors.

Registration is still open, and is on a sliding scale of $0-$25. Register for Write with Pride

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Zombies (That Aren’t Tech Bros) Will Take Over Capitol Hill Thursday

by Tuesday at 3:47 pm



It’s for the entire community!!!

It’s CAPITOL HILL ZOMBIE CRAWL and it’s happening this Thursday, Oct 26th. Throw on your best tattered rags and some cheap make up that will probably give you a nasty skin/eye infection and stumble drunkenly around Capitol Hill.

Why this is any different than any other night of the week I don’t know…quite a few drag queens do the EXACT same thing 5 out of 7 nights every week of the year…

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Review: 5th Avenue’s “Ragtime” Is Best Musical Production This Year

by Saturday at 3:31 pm

Douglas Lyons as Coalhouse Walker, Jr. and the Cast of Ragtime - Photo Credit Mark Kitaoka

Douglas Lyons as Coalhouse Walker, Jr. and the Cast of Ragtime – Photo Credit Mark Kitaoka

No fooling around here…the 5th Avenue Theatre’s just opened production of RAGTIME is the best musical production this year and the best thing on the 5th Avenue’s stage since they did “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” over a year and a half ago. Director Peter Rothstein has done a brilliant job of adapting and staging this beautiful but problematic musical which has received critical praise since its initial production twenty years ago for its lush score and beautiful production values but has also seldom been a success otherwise. Ragtime’s huge cast and sprawling mise en scene have caused it to be seldom staged due to the big budget needed to adequately stage it.

And, the numerous and complex plot threads of Ragtime, based on the acclaimed novel by E.L. Doctorow, are a lot to condense and a lot to follow in a piece of musical theater. There are three fictitious story lines in Ragtime, each following a different archetype of characters…an upper class well to do white family; a father/young daughter pair of Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe; a black ragtime pianist and his girlfriend and child. These three main threads intertwine with the real world of early 20th century American history and real world characters like escape artist Harry Houdini, educator Booker T. Washington, banker J.P. Morgan and chorus girl/socialite Evelyn Nesbit and many others to create a fascinatingly intricate tapestry that illustrates the beginnings of modern culture and society, both the good and not so good.

The 5th Avenue has spared no expense in staging this lavish production but Mr. Rothstein, who originally staged and adapted this work at Minneapolis’s Theater Latté Da last year to great acclaim, has stripped down the cast and the elaborate set design. Gone are the huge choruses used in the original productions and now the entire ensemble of 16 play multiple roles. Also gone are expensive set pieces like working Model T cars as Mr. Rothstein uses the motif of the piano to symbolically represent that all important plot point (as well as other staging devices). In fact, that’s just one device the director uses to create a carefully structured and symbolic show that unites the many plot threads in Ragtime, including a very clever use of silhouette that recalls a key plot/character point of one of the main characters.

Mr. Rothstein’s thoughtful, smart staging is also closely tied to other production and design elements with several of the key collaborators on this production having worked with the director on their previous staging in Minneapolis including choreographer Kelli Foster Warder (smoothly complex choreography and movement), set designer Michael Hoover (chiefly, a starkly evocative wall with several doorways) and costume designer Trevor Bowen (richly textured period costumes from the early 1900s).

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TWIST Kicks Off In A Few Hours…Some Scary/Sexy Picks For The Fest

by Thursday at 3:06 pm


TWIST: Seattle Queer Festival kicks off TONIGHT, Thursday, October 12th with the Gala Opening of THE UNTOLD TALES OF ARMISTEAD MAUPIN at SIFF at The Uptown…a tiny handful of tix remain as of this posting, so hurry to snatch them!

The 10 day festival kicks off into high gear on Friday, October 13th with screenings at SIFF at the Egyptian and Northwest Film Forum on Capitol Hill. Check out ALL the films in the festival HERE but you can also narrow down your search by specific genre as well.

For example, here are the Thriller/Horror options at TWIST:

It’s Friday the 13th: do you know where your queer ghosts are? This docuseries follows a team of queer ghost hunters contacting LGBTQ spooks across the country…

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“queer/bar” To Be Opening This Weekend With New Show MX And A Vegetarian Menu!

by Thursday at 5:01 pm


The bar/club taking over the old Purr space at 1518 11th Avenue (between Pike & Pine) on Capitol Hill will be opening this weekend.

Queer Bar (or, “Queer/Bar” or “queer/bar”….it seems to have multiple styles in use) is the name of the new venue being opened by Joey Burgess who already co-owns the mostly straight nightclub Grim’s which is just two doors down from the Queer/Bar space on 11th Avenue. Burgess is also a partner in the Guild Seattle Group that owns Big Mario’s Pizza and the Lost Lake Diner with partners Jason Lajeunesse and Dave Meinert. Between the three men, either individually or within Guild Seattle, they now control a significant slice of Capitol Hill/Pike & Pine nightlife including the Neumos music venue and the popular Capitol Hill Block Party held every summer. Burgess appears to be the sole/principal owner of Queer/Bar which assumed control over the space after a messy transition in lease holders over the summer with Purr owner Barbie Roberts unhappy that she was apparently priced out of the location her bar called home for 9 years in favor of this new project from Burgess.

Roberts has moved on from the change in venue and just re-opened last night at her new location in the Montlake neighborhood with a capacity crowd welcoming her return. Meanwhile Burgess has released some info through some social media channels that Queer/Bar is opening this Friday, October 6th with an invitation only “Friends & Family”  event followed by a public opening on Saturday, October 7th. Actually, most of the info I’m seeing is via employees/performers at the new club posting on their own private social media accounts. Queer/Bar just created a Facebook page within the last 10 days and while they’ve had an Instagram page for awhile, it didn’t feature much info until this week when a series of photos of staff, entertainers, and merch was posted. Their website is also live with info on the club’s big weekly Friday/Saturday drag show MX. which is being hosted by popular Seattle diva and RuPaul Drag Race contestant Robbie Turner.

Workers hustle to complete renovations for the grand opening of Seattle's new LGBTQ venue: Queer/Bar opening Oct 7, 2017. Photo: Strangeways

Workers hustle to complete renovations for the grand opening of Seattle’s new LGBTQ venue: Queer/Bar opening Oct 7, 2017. Photo: Strangeways

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Reminder! Purr Re-Opens At New Montlake Location TONIGHT

by Wednesday at 3:29 pm


After weeks of remodeling and worry, Purr owner Barbie Roberts can breathe a sigh of relief as she and her team head into the final stretch leading up to the grand re-opening of the cocktail lounge at its new home in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood. Roberts was forced out of her 9 year long residency at Purr’s original location on 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill after a drastic rent hike earlier this year. Months of searching led her to 2307 24th Avenue East at the base of Capitol Hill in the cozy residential neighborhood right across the canal from the University of Washington via the Montlake Bridge.

The doors will reopen this evening at 6pm, Wednesday October 4th with regular hours starting tomorrow when the bar will be open from Noon until 2am Mondays through Fridays, and 9am to 2am on Sat/Sun where the popular Purr Brunch will return.

New things to look for, starting on Thursday Oct 5th:

Our hours will be Mon – Fri noon to 2am, and Saturday and Sundays 9am-2am. We will be serving up a new full menu daily until 10pm, and Brunch on the Weekends until 2pm, then regular menu until 10.

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Something Different AND Great: “Deafies in Drag Show” At Broadway Performance Hall

by Tuesday at 1:46 pm

YouTube stars SELENA MINOGUE and CASAVINA are DEAFIES IN DRAG and coming to Capitol Hill's Broadway Performance Hall this Oct 7th! Image from their video "The Tea"

YouTube stars SELENA MINOGUE and CASAVINA are DEAFIES IN DRAG and coming to Capitol Hill’s Broadway Performance Hall this Oct 7th! Image from their video “The Tea”

Here’s a terrific different kind of show reaching out to a vastly under served audience: the Deaf community.

OR, more hyper specifically, the deaf community who enjoy drag queen performance art (ie, probably gay  but not necessarily).

The DEAFIES IN DRAG SHOW is happening this Saturday, October 7th at Seattle Central College’s Broadway Performance Hall at 1625 Broadway, corner of Pine, with MULTIPLE seating options depending on whether or not you understand ASL (American Sign Language). The first show will be entirely in sign language and it starts at 5pm. The second show will start at 8pm and be voice interpreted for hearing audiences.  A VIP reception follows at 10pm.

Deafies in Drag are a gay, deaf, comedy drag duo consisting of CASAVINA and SELENA MINOGUE. Casavina is named after Amy Winehouse (Casa is Spanish for house; vina/vino is Spanish for wine) and Selena Minogue is named for Mexican pop star Selena and Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. The pair, actually Jimmy and Alvaro, met in 2010 while attending Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. They became friends and started dating and a mutual love of RuPaul’s Drag Race and a desire to perform themselves led to the creation of Casavina and Selena. The pair became popular on YouTube and social media with their drag videos featuring tutorials on drag and comedy sketches, many dealing with some of the problems deaf people face when dealing with the hearing world including bad ASL interpreters and encounters with clueless waiters and retail clerks.  The videos and now their live stage shows are their way of incorporating queer humor into deaf culture.

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Ice, Ice, Baby….The 10th “Taste Of Iceland Festival” Is Happening Oct 12-15

by Tuesday at 12:41 pm


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! EVERYONE seems to love Iceland nowadays. Great airfare deals have led to a huge upswing in visits to the magic wonderland known as Iceland. Every other day, one friend or the other is posting dreamy photos from their vacay in the Land of Volcanoes, Steamy Spas and the Divine Björk Guðmundsdóttir…aka Björk.

Seattle hosts a weekend of Icelandic goodness every year so you don’t necessarily have to pack up your bags and move to Reykjavik….REYKJAVIK CAN COME TO YOU!!!

Via yummy food and booze and fantastic music, film, art and culture.

Here’s all the 911 about our favorite Scandinavian nation’s big Seattle festival with event happening all over Seattle, Bellevue and Ballard.

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LGBTQ Puerto Rico Needs Our Help

by Saturday at 12:43 pm

Denise Spivak is the Senior Director Programs & Outreach for CenterLink, the national association of LGBTQ+ community centers.  CenterLink is working directly with Cecilia La Luz to raise funds specifically for the needs of the LGBTQ communities in San Juan and throughout Puerto Rico.  You can contact Denise by email at or by phone 954-765-6024

Puerto Rico needs your support today.  Many people in the United States are asking me how they can support my fellow Puerto Ricans on the island (also fellow US citizens) which was devastated by hurricane Maria last week.  I am including here several ways you can support.  I don’t like asking for donations, but there is no other way right now.  Puerto Rico needs your support.  I ask for your support.  But first,

Call your Congress representatives to release the aid to communities in Puerto Rico NOW and to support the recovery!!!

Sign this petition to tell your Congress representatives to release the aid to communities in Puerto Rico NOW and to support the recovery!!!

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