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We’re BAAACK…Geek Girl Con Takes Over This Weekend!

October 6, 2016 • That’s right, everyone. Geeks and nerds who are sick of the heteronormative masses at...

Eugene Eeveelutions

Gay Men as Pokémon: Generation 4

August 9, 2016 • You’ve seen them wandering the sidewalk, heads buried in their phones,...

Drag Misty

Gay Men as Pokémon: Generation 3

February 17, 2016 • As the Pokémon franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, the wildly successful...


Photo: Korra Q

Nerd Xmas is Over. How’d You Do At PAX 2015?

September 3, 2015 • And just like that, PAX Prime 2015 was done. This year, it was so huge, it...