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Project 42: Jono Vaughan

First Thursday @ SAM: Craft Flowers to Honor Trans Women with Jono Vaughan

June 5, 2018 • Seattle-based artist Jono Vaughan contends with the pattern of violence against...

Photographer and trans activist Florencia Güimaraes Garcia and Alejandro Pablo Rodriguez met almost two decades ago. In 2016 they finally tied the knot, six years after same-sex marriage was made legal in Argentina. Florencia was forced to leave her family when she came out, leaving her no choice but to pursue sex work. With Alejandro's support, Florencia stopped doing sex work and embarked on a new life. "All of us have suffered the effects of transphobia, of being expelled from our homes when we become girls." Photo: Kike Arnal

New Press’s “Revealing Selves” Highlights Transgender Lives In Argentina

March 12, 2018 • A fascinating new photo book from New Press focuses on yet another queer community in the...