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President Obama & Dave Matthews to “rock out” at The Paramount on May 10

The PUSA¬† POTUS is coming to town! President Barack Obama is heading to Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on Thursday, May 10, 2012 for a big fundraising event for the 2012 election. Tickets are available here, but you should know the cheapest level is $100 for balcony seating/nose bleed section…it’ll cost you at least $5000 for a photo op.

One, this is obviously exciting for Democrats and anyone impressed by a presidential visit. Two, it’s also worth noting that this event is from Noon to 3pm so traffic in that area will be a nightmare and swarming with security; we’re also guessing the Prez will be roaming around town for a bit, so expect traffic issues all over the place that day. Plan accordingly.

Three…DAVE MATTHEWS?!?!?!? Mr. Matthews isn’t our cup of tea but obviously he has many fans in his home town and he’s a well known liberal supporter but he doesn’t seem like he’d be a particular musical favorite of Barry. Now, we could totally see Bill or Hillary getting all jiggy with the smooth sounds of Dave Matthews, but not the Obamas…they’re too cool for that kind of musical blandness.

It’s too bad Kurt is dead; we’d love to see and hear, “It Smells like Obama Spirit” on the stage at The Paramount…

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