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Fall for Zines! at Fred Wildlife Refuge.

September 23, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A pop-up zine fair organized by Kate Berwanger of Swerve Zine Library, featuring some of the PNW’s zine and comic community. Drink drinks, read zines, enter our raffle to win a cornucopia of small press publications. Vendors and DJ TBA as they confirm. Good times for all 21+.

Your host, Kate Berwanger, is a creator of zines, short tales, and concise oddities. She organizes literary events throughout Seattle and is the founder of Assembly Literary Open Mic. Her passion lies in tactile and tangible storytelling. Kate’s work can be found at, and can be yours at the click of a button, in the space of a heartbeat.


Amelia Lea is an illustrator, zinester, and all-around creative mess maker who resides in a tiny apartment/art cave in Seattle Washington. She has a proclivity for pastel colors, tender feelings, and creating magic through art. Her work can be found at

Anna Stout is a shadow artist and the creator of Revolt zine. In 2013, she experienced a health crash while working on a gender-based violence project in rural Cameroon. Thus began a 5+ years journey with disabling complex chronic illness. Her writing explores the ways in which the body revolts against the conditions imposed by modern day society, medical gaslighting, the history and politics of chronic lyme disease, and DIY self-care strategies.

Archive Six is a small press and zine distro that carries work centered around art, social justice, feminism, WOC, intersectionality, fat activism, and survival. For more info and to browse our titles, visit

Born to Cuddle aims to obliterate socially sanctioned narratives around physical intimacy by exploring the radical potential of platonic cuddling to overthrow the heteropatriarchy. This queer zine features how-to guides on how to initiate cuddling with friends, illustrated cuddle positions, as well as other crucial knowledge and perspectives on platonic cuddling!

Brandon Lehmann is a cartoonist and humorist from Seattle. He has had comics featured in The Intruder, The Seattle Weekly, Hic and Hoc Publications.

Cadin Batrack is a Seattle-based artist and designer. In 2018 he’s drawing a comic every single day. Follow along at @cadinb on Instagram.

CENSUS is an independent QPOC-owned and multi-faceted platform for creative production. Zines/miscellaneous print, clothing, skateboarding films, etc.

Ellen Kathleen Hayes is enthralled by speaking with and observing collisions between folks from different backgrounds. Travel expands upon these interests, and allows her to explore the qualities that make us human irrespective of culture. She is also intrigued by the idea of “being genuine” and loves capturing little pieces of interpersonal connection related to languages, relationships, cultural differences, and really good stories. Portraying women, especially queer women, in their everyday surroundings is a focal point for her.

Em mixes and matches weird pictures into weird collages. Then they write weird poems and stir, stir, stir until a new zine is born. Zine childs like babbling about structural violence, the underworlds of nature, social work hypocrisies, teen dating violence and mythical crater cunts who live in the folds of a deep, dark black hole.

Erin Dailey has created zines, comics, and prints for the past four years in both Gainesville, Florida and Seattle, Washington. She thoroughly enjoys doing nothing and watching her succulents (that were gifted to her) wither and die.

Free Association Magazine (Free Ass. Mag.) is a Seattle-based, independently-published, biannual anti-architecture/architecture magazine whose content is driven by the desire to create deeper dialogue and engagement between those who design our cities and those who live in our cities. Free Ass. Mag. is a reaction to the insular nature of the architecture community and driven by a frustration with a too often top-down design approach.

Gabi (she/they) enjoys making watercolor comics, tattoo designs, making and hunting for zines, and participating in poetry slams (be it in the audience, as a judge, or a poet!). Gabi enjoys sharing (Venezuelan) food and fun times with loved ones; puns, graphic novels, and dog-spotting. Gabi also loves hanging out by the water (and tends to blame it on their Pisces moon, but who knows). Torn between the joy of nature and reflections on diaspora, state violence, and queerness, often thinks of her ideal place as “the Caribbean, but in space”. You can follow her adventures on instagram at @gg_tides.

​It’s Gud Comix​ is who they are, and what they love to do​ – ​make comics. Theirs is a work of everyday people sharing big dreams, stories, and images that reflect social issues with observational commentary and a bit of humor. They empower, enlighten and entertain with their indelicate art.

Kayla Rosen is a chronically ill and psychiatrically disabled white genderqueer writer. Their zines mix prose, poetry, and the occasional visual art, and focus on themes of queerness, disability, trauma, and healing. They have performed and facilitated workshops throughout Washington, and their writing has been published by the Bisexual Resource Center. To learn more about their work, please visit or social media @kaylarosenzines.

kindergarten thoughts is a project created by renee shure as platform to explore and rework some basic elementary teachings through a more visual, elemental, big picture language. her intention is to invoke visceral feelings in effort to jolt privileged perspectives while simultaneously offering moments of compassion to those feeling unsafe or unseen in their truth. renee is a queer artist currently living in seattle, new to the zine scene. website coming soon!

Liz yerby is a mouse and a mess. They recently self-published a 400-page graphic novel, city mouse, full of daily comics which focus on being queer and navigating the world with anxiety. They also contribute to the free comix paper Vision Quest and put out anthologies with their comics collective the Sound Ground Wreckin’ Cru. When not working on their comics practice they can be found paper-machéing a giant dragon with children or leading sing-alongs at friends comics readings.

Love & Anxiety is an independent collective of Costa Rican artists based in Seattle, Portland & Costa Rica. Their main creative output is a zine called The Joy, black and white drawings that try to capture bits of our human condition, thoughts, feelings, passions, fears. What makes us human. They also publish individual zines of our artists, make films and music.

Matthew Bathan enjoys drawing dinosaurs and food. Particularly pterodactyls and pizza slices. He grew up in Las Vegas, where he developed an affinity for endless parking lots and hot weather. Carnivorous plants intrigue him and he is easily hypnotized. You can check out his work @gorillacastle on IG.

Michael Perkins is a up and coming photographer with a passion for zines and published SECTION 8 Magazine for two years. Michael is also an avid lover of the arts and spends as much time as he can with other creatives perfecting his craft. He is currently a resident photographer at Blue Cone Studies and a photojournalist for The Blackpack Journalist.

Microverse Press is a small press based in Seattle focusing on art-based books and comics. They believe in the spirit of collaboration and that making art should be fun! For more info, please visit @microversepress on Instagram.

Mimi Jaffe is a Seattle native who has been making zines and comics since she was a lonely college freshman. She is excited to share the newest issue of her collaborative publication Muses&Vices at Fall for Zines as well as some new comics.

miXed is a collective centering the experiences of multi-racial, multi-ethnic, trans-racially adopted folx and those who experience non-binary identities.

Natalie Dupille is a queer cartoonist, illustrator, and teaching artist who currently splits her time (as much as possible) between Seattle and world traveling. Natalie’s art focuses on documenting travel, relationships, and the natural world, and has been published in multiple anthologies, periodicals, and self-produced minicomics and zines.

Nilda Brooklyn makes zines with her friends and family, including the following titles and new collaborations in the works:
ButchValley Mysteries- a campy queer erotic friend fan fiction mystery zine series.
In This Place:206- a reflection on older queer women of Seattle and the gentrification of Capitol Hill.
In This Place: Kitchen Stories- a series about great home cooks.

Papeachu Press is a new literary small press printing the works of women and non-binary/gender non-conforming writers. The press started in order to give a stage to writers they believe in and to voices that are often ignored by mainstream publishers. They are a feminist press sticking around to proudly share the works of women, WOC, queer women, trans and non-binary women, and immigrant women.

Poseurs started in 2014 as a Yoga Fanzine, and has continued its run as the longest running yoga zine to date. So weird and cool! It has grown into a full on class series, and most importantly an awesome community. Our mission is to offer accessible yoga, empower community and to open up the conversation about the awesomeness of this practice.

Push/Pull is a hybrid non-profit/cooperative gallery, studio and retail space founded by Maxx Follis-Goodkind and Seth Goodkind. Now expanded to 10 member artists, Push/Pull represents the work of another 200-plus independent and emerging artists and cartoonists, supporting underrepresented and minority artists and fostering a community between those creating art and those consuming it. Our goal is to provide an outlet and a resource for artists to develop and make connections. Our nonprofit work includes adult and teen education, community events, and cultural outreach, and is powered by Shunpike, the 501©(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success. Maxx is a mixed media artist, cartoonist, instructor and director of Push/Pull and Greater Ballard Arts. Seth is a tattooer, illustrator, cartoonist and Assistant Director of Push/Pull.

Quinn Collard germinated in Houston, sprouted at Smith College, and has come to fully bloom in Seattle. Zine topics include literature and art, mental illness, sex, and They Might Be Giants. She loves old books, old typewriters, old cameras, and old men. You can find her online at

Rhodora Jacob is a Pop Surrealist/illustrator/Comic artist from Seattle,Wa. Whimsical creations made with childlike wonder. She creates all things colorful and mysterious inspired by the magic of Mother Nature. Check out her on Instagram: @rhododoodle for current work.

Sara Bebot is a Filipino creative living on the Hill with her dog Lemon. Loud prints and bright colors attract her, “ugly food” intoxicates her. Sara is spending her 30s defining her inner powerhouse through food, design, and commUNITY. Female rappers and fish sauce fuel her on a daily basis. Peek her IG bananabebot.

Sarah Romano Diehl makes comics about plants, community and social commentary. She has had work published in Thick As Thieves Quarterly, Seattle Weekly, Pen America, Resist! and Hey Lady. She is really into lemons and swimming. Sarah had a pet iguana named Hero when she was a tween. (Yes he was named after the Mariah Carey Song).

Shelly Smith is a Seattle area artist. She writes haiku poetry based on scenes she finds around town. She’s also produces paintings and illustrations based on microscopic life. Her work can be viewed at

Short Run Seattle will attend with all the publications from their micropress (+3 brand-new anthologies!) along with promo info on their upcoming festival in November.

TheLadyCatEye aka Elena Fried is a writer, blogger, mobile photographer, and self proclaimed crazy cat lady. She recently started creating zines, and creates stories and art that catch her readers eyes and allow them see the world through rose colored cat eye glasses.Her work can be seen on IG: TheCatEyeWitch & TheLadyCatEye.

The Corners of Their Mouth is a queer food zine by Robin Elan (comic artist) and L.M. Zoller (queer food blogger). They focus on bi and nonbinary identity, mental illness, and the intersections of food, gender and queerness.

The Mushroom Queendom — One of the first Wakandan Outposts established in 20XX. The Queendom is ruled by Shana T Bryant (aka MQ). Artist, author, and inclusive design geek, she draws inspiration from way way too many years of being Black in America. MQ is also the creator of “terrible allies,” a comic about allies and “allies.” Check out her random political musings on Twitter at @mushrooQueendom. Follow her art and more on Instagram at @terribleallies. For the full MQ experience, join her at //

Thick as Thieves Quarterly is Seattle-based comics anthology focused on local artists like Myra Lara, Marie Hausauer, Lauren Armstrong, CM Ruiz and many more. We regularly publish a free newsprint comic readily available at local comic shops, artist spaces, record stores, etc, as well as the odd special edition. Curated and edited by Simon Lazarus Vasta and Ryan Tiszai.


September 23, 2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Fred Wildlife Refuge
128 Belmont Ave E
Seattle, 98102 United States

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