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F**k Coming Out, We’re Coming Home

January 15, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Ghetto Heaven Collective takes over Gay City, curating a four-night disruption with artists from multiple disciplines. Immerse yourself in a series of unique experiences that will remind you that we can create home wherever the fu** we want.

Jan. 15: Drag Show/Tutorial/Practice
Jan. 16: Community Writing Circle/Open Mic
Jan. 17: All-Queer Jam Session
Jan. 18: Queer Networking Event

The QTBIPOC organizers of this event have requested that this be for QTPOC folks.

“F**K coming out, we’re coming home!” (FCOWCH) is a celebration of QTBIPOC resiliency! Too often in our society, we’re forced to “come out” into a heteronormative, CIS-normative, white-dominant, patriarchal, BULLsh** community that doesn’t affirm or honor our complex identities.

Ghetto Heaven is taking over Gay City and curating a four-night disruption of that outdated ideal. We believe it is important to name for ourselves and the queer youth coming up that we are “coming home” to a community of passionate, resilient, and gifted changemakers. Our people are out here and we need to remain connected to affirm and support each other in our journeys.

We are bringing in artists from multiple disciplines to facilitate a series of unique experiences that will remind us all that we can create home wherever the fu** we want, and that we don’t need the validation of any person who isn’t dynamic enough to understand us.


Jan. 15: “We’re Born Naked; the Rest is all DRAG!”
(Drag Show/Tutorial/Practice)
We will have some amazing drag performances to serve as a model of excellence for the girls. After performing, they will demonstrate some tips and tricks for newcomers and veterans alike around continuing their drag journeys. In the end, we will have a low-key runway competition so that we can practice and affirm each other.

Jan. 16: “Homecoming Speeches”
(Community Writing Circle/Open Mic)
We often are forced to come out and often times saying those words are the hardest part. We want to create space for us to talk about coming home to ourselves. Imagine a healing space where you can talk about all the beautiful things you’ve been learning about your identity and perspective in this world. We will have a seasoned poet of color supporting the group in this process.

Jan. 17: “Sing it Loud! We’re Queer and We’re Proud”
(All-Queer Jam Session)
Calling queer musicians, singers, rappers, songwriters, and the folks who love us. We are going to blow the lid off the joint and create a community soundtrack to “come home” to. You read it right, we’re going to work together to make a new song with live instruments that expresses how WE deserve to feel when we come home to be affirmed in our queer identities. Bring your instruments, warm up your vocals, and wear your creative hat, cause we’re about to V I B E.

Jan. 18: “Let’s Have a Kiki”
(Queer Networking Event)
Lock the doors, gurrr. We will provide a soul food dinner, live DJ, and some opportunities for us to spill the tea about what we’ve experienced as queer folks in Seattle. Community care is a helpful tool and system to support resiliency, and we’re going to create safe space for processing experience, being affirmed, and making new friends/family that will have your back in these streets.


Gay City: Seattle LGBTQ Center
517 East Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101 United States
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