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WGAS- We Give A Shit- Meal 4

September 22, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

WGAS is Back and Everyone is welcome. In Memorial of Joe Martin the Crescent donate $100 each month. The rest of us chip in what we can afford each month. If you don’t have a food handlers card that is okay, you just can’t touch any non prepackaged food. There is still plenty to help with and hand out meals 🌈

WGAS started at Crescent Lounge on a couple holidays where we wanted to make meals and bag them to give out as care packs to let anyone hungry know we care. Then we said we should do this every month so we did. We called it WGAS because we didn’t want to be mistaken for any religious organization. People came up to us and asking what do I have to do for it, which religion do I have to hear about and we say nothing. You are human and we care. We are now moving our location a couple blocks down the street where Sisters Of the Mother House Of Washington SOMHOW are letting us use their kitchen and community room for free. It is a pack in and pack out situation that is available 11 to 4pm every 3rd Sunday of the month. We will meet at 10:45am at Crescent Lounge and walk down at 11 the 2 blocks or drive to the kitchen to start at 11:30. Once the meals are all made we will go hand them out as a group in person to the community (usually down by the courthouse). One meal will be provided to each volunteer (the same ones we are making) Along with Meals, we will make care packets to give out as well when supplies are available with everything you might need. Example Socks, toothbrush, soaps, band aids, condoms and tampons, emergency blankets ect… I will post a larger list of items for this to help brainstorm. If you want to donate but you can’t make it the day off you can drop anything non perishable off at the Crescent Lounge 1413 East Olive Way, Seattle WA 98122 which opens at Noon but I have keys 😎 to 2am everyday. If it is perishable then up to 2 days before. You can drop off cash donations as well to help purchase food from Costco. You can order on Online and have it shipped to Crescent Lounge as well. 1413 East Olive Way. I Marc Anderson am the main contact for this so any questions call or text me at (206) 779-7842. Thank You. This will be every month now.

Once a month we are meeting to create food/supply bags for the homeless. If we can get everyone on board to just help pay for one item for 50 food bags we can help give 50 people a meal to start. It feels so good to hand someone a bag, showing them we give a shit about them and they are not forgotten.

If you have a vehicle and can help drive us to hand out the bags that would be amazing. We usually have 2 cars there as is so not a requirement to have a car.

We make sandwichs the day of and label them in case of food alergies. Bottled waters are good because the containers along with the bags can be used to keep things dry and protected in the weather. That is why we are using large Gallon Ziplock bags as well. They make great storage pouches as second use. Soft and hard foods need to be available because many homeless people have health issues and some can’t chew on something hard. We try and get a mix of things.

-Hygene Products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, chap stick, band aids, tampons, q-tips, dental floss, soap, shampoo, ect. You name it and it is something someone out there doesn’t have and needs.

-It is going to be cold outside and Socks, Hats, Scarves, Blankets are in grave need. If you don’t know what to bring and want to donate you can drop off in a bag at the Crescent Labeled We Give A Shit and it will be stored until the next monthly event.
You can send online donations to :
Or to my Venmo.
If you are working for or represent a business that would like to donate once or monthly please let me know. We could really use help on creating the emergency and hygiene kits for this next one. ❤️ The sisters-in-law are a certified non profit so you can do it as a tax write off as well as a bonus 🌈

This month we did 98 meals and another 102 sandwiches with 2 cases of Bottles water.
Meals had:
-Sandwiches- options ham/cheese/lettuce, turkey””, cucumber and hummus, and peanut butter and jelly.
-halo oranges
-snap peas
-String Cheese
– cookies snack bag
-sliced cucumbers
-a napkin


September 22, 2019
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
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