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January 10, 2011 Comments Off on Gay Ugandans Win Battle, But The War Continues Views: 1070 Gay News, News

Gay Ugandans Win Battle, But The War Continues

At least there has been some “good” news for gay and lesbian Ugandans this week. The high courts ruled that the media could not “out” people publicly in their publications because it’s considered an infringement of people’s confidential rights. Supporters of this decision rejoiced while Pastor Solomon Male is planning on encouraging Rolling Stone to file for an appeal.

Rolling Stone (not associated with the venerable American magazine publication), labels itself as “Uganda’s Leading Investigative Political Newspaper”. And in the above-mentioned issue with the ousting of 100 Ugandans, the article’s headline read “HANG THEM, THEY ARE AFTER OUR KIDS: Pictures of Ugandan’s 100 Homos Leaked.

On October 2, 2010, the magazine published one hundred pictures of Uganda’s “Top Homos” that also indicated their names and where they lived and this jeopardized their life and their dignity. Justice V.F. Musoke-Kibuuka saw things another way and ruled against the magazine ordering them to pay $650 in damages and court fees to each of the three citizens who filed a claim against the magazine.

“Their right of freedom was abused. Exposing them was unfair and by threatening them with death, their rights were arbitrarily abused,” said court official Isac Muwata as he read the judgment.

The three people who filed the claim against the above-mentioned magazine; Kasha Jacqueline, David Kato Kisulle, Onziema Patience, are all members of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). Giles Muhame claims that gays and lesbians are luring children into their homes and that society needs to know who is recruiting them.

“Our supporters should remain strong; the agents of the devil shall be defeated”, says the Rolling Stone Editor, Giles Muhume.

Editor Muhume plans on filing an immediate appeal through the high courts and hasn’t indicated he plans on easing up on the gay men and lesbians fighting for their lives and freedom in Uganda.


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