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New Queer on the Block: SIFF Opening Gala Filled with Drinking, Dancing and Lady Gaga

Jayson Potter rips up the dance floor! Watch out SIFF - the gays are taking over!

24 hour party people gathered after the screening of the opening gala film of the Seattle International Film Festival, The First Grader held last night at McCaw Hall and the Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center. There were plenty of well known people to view: Adrian Ryan, Jason Sharp & Jayson Potter, Emma Hassett, Michael Strangeways, Les Sterling, and many, many hundreds more showed up to ring in the beginning of a festival that has premiered films like Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Star Wars. It was the first time for me to be one of the first people in through the doors to a gala party and I nearly felt like royalty.

“Look Mom, I’m moving up in the world!”

By my side were the infamous peeps behind Seattle Gay Scene: Michael Strangeways and Les Sterling. I’ve dubbed these two as the “peanut gallery“. Before the film started, there were a million speeches by this person and that person and then Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn chimed in with political talk of the arts thriving. Whew! I escaped to grab a beer and decompress which escalated to grabbing food before the Gala festivities began. The food was indecisive (just like me!) with mediocre selections on one side of the hall and the other side had a little bit more to offer! Every time I heard a Lady Gaga song blast from the dance floor, I immediately dropped everything and ran after the boys with hopes in getting a number into my cell phone. Oh well, failure in that department. At least I’m still breathing.

It was a blast meeting so many interesting people and who knew that there would be a plethora of gays at the gala party, but then again this is Seattle! Tonight is the closing night performance and party with my lovable cast and crew at Annex Theatre for Women in Peril (starring Joel Steinpreis, Craig Trolli, Peter Benjamin Farrar, Jayson Potter, Em’ma Gawd, Todd Hull). If you have nothing to do with everything that’s going on come to the show and let me show you how a real party is thrown! Theater style! Show starts at 11pm and we have a BAR and it’s ONLY $10 to get in! If you consider yourself a supporter of queer theater then you don’t want to miss this amazing late night show. See you at the theater!

Summer is here and that means only one thing: gorgeous men walking around. Get out there in the sunshine and gawk at the eye candy that surrounds us all.

Video Proof of the SIFF Opening Gala Party Coming SOON!

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