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October 22, 2011 Comments Off on Gay people getting married at 12 Minute Max at OTB. Views: 1385 #Theater and Stage, Arts & Entertainment, Community Events, Equality, Stage

Gay people getting married at 12 Minute Max at OTB.

Washington State isn’t quite there yet, meaning full marriage benefits for same-sex couples, though we seem to get closer and closer with every major election. Meanwhile, some activists are wanting to push the envelope when it comes to promoting the legalization of same-sex marriage and the acceptance of same sex PDA’s. Every week you read of some outraged bigot freaking out because a gay couple was seen holding hands in public, or a lesbian couple was snuggling on an airplane. Maybe it’s time every gay and lesbian couple made a public display of affection in a public place.

Local ” Idealist, Humanist and Wedding Officiant” Frank Harlan wants to make those displays as public as possible. Mr. Harlan has been conducting wedding ceremonies for all varieties of couples for awhile now, but he wants to take it a step further with very public demonstrations. To that end, he’s taking part in On The Board’s semi annual program, “12 Minute Max” on Sunday and Monday, October 23 and 24 with same sex “marriage” ceremonies being conducted both nights. (Sadly, I have to quote mark “marriage” since it’s not a legal event in the State of Washington). Couples will be wed at the end of the first half of each performance, with a reception and receiving line to follow during intermission.

It’s a great idea and a powerful gesture, though since it’s being performed at On The Boards, it’s rather obviously a matter of “preaching to the choir”….OTB isn’t exactly a stronghold for the Religious Right. It might be one of the top three most liberal places in Seattle, let alone one of the queerest. But, Mr. Harlan wants to conduct bigger and more public ceremonies in the future; the “12 Minute Max” performance is just a precursor for things to come.

There are no advance tickets for 12MM. Tickets available day of performance, one hour before show time. 12MM is staged in the Studio Theater at On The Boards.

Check it out.

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