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Butch woman complains about femme men.

This photo makes Christie Blatchford, and JESUS, throw up in their mouths...disgusting little poofs.

Just saw this posted on Towleroad…Christie Blatchford, a columnist for Canada’s National Post, is in some hot water. She recently wrote a column for the newspaper blasting men in touch with their softer side. What set her off? A bunch of grade school boys hugging each other.

There were a couple of boys, maybe 10 years old, maybe 12, walking ahead of me. Coming towards them was another small knot of boys about the same age. The two groups met, and immediately began hugging each another, one at a time. The trustees and ding-dongs at the Toronto District School Board would have been ecstatic; I was mortified and appalled.

Oh, she’s just getting started!

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I am wearying of the male as delicate creature. I am wearying of men who are so frequently in touch with their feminine side they, not to mention me, have lost sight of the masculine one. I’m just plain sick of hugs, giving and getting, from just about anyone, but particularly man-to-man hugs…

…In aid of all that, let me offer a few reminders of the way it was once upon a time and really always should be.

I remain convinced that the best way to stop a bully is not to go mewling to the teacher, who will only call the victim’s mummy, or to your own mummy, who will only call the teacher. The best way is to take the bully out for a short pounding after school – and may I make it plain, please, that I don’t mean the victims should do this, but rather others. The onus for stopping bullies lies not with the people being bullied, but with those who see it happen.

This has been true for centuries, and it is still true, and it works equally well in the locker room, the office, a bar, and on the factory floor or street.

The self described “the toughest guy in the room” also has issues with masculine speech impediments…apparently, Cindy Brady’s lisp is ok ’cause it’s cute when girls do it…

It is possible to be a gentle and kind man without speaking in a soft, sibilant voice that makes all sentences sound to my ear as though they were composed entirely of Ss?

Here’s a photo of Ms Blatchford:

Christie Blatchford. Photo: Deborah Baic/Globe and Mail

My only comment:

“Girl, you need to get yo’self some moisturizer, some make-up, and stop cutting your hair with cuticle scissors!”

Make it work, honey…no one likes a dried out, butch, masculine woman, right?

(Note: sarcasm mode is on. We don’t want our butch, lady loving lady friends to cut us…they are far tougher than we are!)

(Though we sorta agree about the fighting back…if ONE peer is bullying you, and you can get away with it, punch the motherfucker in the face and kick the shit out of them. {Note: this worked for a young Strangeways once…he punched a bully in the face, unexpectedly, and the bully respected him after that.} If it’s a gang of bullies, this won’t work, but we encourage gay kids to band together to form their own gangs. If physical retribution isn’t viable, then spread vicious rumors…revenge doesn’t have to be physical. Destroying bullies emotionally, is fighting back using their own modus operandi!)

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