May Day Occupy Protests Escalate

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May 1, 2012 Comments Off on WTO 2.0? Anarchists Cause Anarchy in Downtown Seattle Views: 995 News

WTO 2.0? Anarchists Cause Anarchy in Downtown Seattle

An hour or so ago a group of black clad Anarchists (college speak for douche bags) wreaked havoc in the retail core of downtown Seattle.  Casualities have included broken windows at NikeTown (a key target in the WTO protests of 12 years ago), Fidelity Investments, American Apparel (uh, don’t they produce their clothes in the USA?), Wells Fargo and the Federal Courthouse.  So far they have used sticks, rocks, paint and smoke bombs.  The Anarchists also vandalized private vehicles (including the car of one very pissed of Candadian, a rare breed indeed).

The police response so far has been effective and measured.

It should be noted that the rally at Westlake is peaceful and rather boring.

More pics:


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