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July 6, 2012 Comments Off on SGS Recommends: “Freedom Fantasia” at The Triple Door is DeLaLicious! Views: 1488 Uncategorized

SGS Recommends: “Freedom Fantasia” at The Triple Door is DeLaLicious!

We’re all HUGE fans of the “De” and the “Lou” and the “Rue” that comprise “DeLouRue Presents” the entertainment conglomerate that consists of Ben DeLaCreme, Lou Henry Hoover and Kitten LaRue. They produce some delightful shows including the beloved Xmas classic, “Homo for the Holidays’ and the currently running “Freedom Fantasia” their ode to all things American and patriotic playing tonight and tomorrow (Friday, July 6th and Saturday, July 7th at The Triple Door with shows at 7pm (17+) and 10pm (21+)…Get tickets HERE!)

A mob of homosexuals (and non-homosexuals as well) descended upon The Triple Door on Tuesday night for the opening and a terrific time was had by all as BenDeLa and Company presented a cavalcade of American history that was frequently very funny, more than a bit sexy, and dripping with ironic sass and witty innuendo. It’s all underscored with a smart sense of the actual, not always so pretty history of this country and a firm understanding of the twisted path we took to become the nation we are today. But, “Freedom Fantasia” is too much fun to ever delve into preachiness and BenDeLa keeps things on a highly entertaining track with the aid of a very talented cast, some gorgeous costumes and adorable hand crafted props and the cleverest, wittiest production numbers in town that merrily mix gender bending drag with saucy burlesque and a touch of the art school. I like to describe “DeLouRue” productions as an example of what it would look like if On The Boards and Re-bar ever had a baby…It’s zexy fun with a subtle message and highly recommended.

Favorite moments: Cherdonna and Lou fighting over…mass consumption. A wagon train that snaked through the theater with fatal implications for the American Buffalo.  A bald eagle puppet dispensing wisdom to a historically confused Miss DeLaCreme.  A doo wopping Mount Rushmore. Jinks Monsoon belting out a tune or two. A chain smoking, stripping, French Miss Liberty. Oh, and an implied reenactment of the Kennedy assassination.

There’s just something for EVERYBODY in “Freedom Fantasia”!

(Well, maybe not Tea Party types…)

You’re STRONGLY encouraged to Check It Out…but bring cash, especially if you’re in a party and need separate checks. We adore The Triple Door, but settling up the bill at the end of the night can be a hassle with a large party or even with just one or two people. If you bring cash, you can just throw the money down on the table and hit the road without the long waits to settle up.


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