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Gettin’ Cocky In SFO Leads To Controversy

There are Wieners in the streets of San Francisco!! Photo via Scott Wiener’s Facebook page.

How can you not love San Francisco? It’s the Queen City for Queer People and it’s in your face ferocity for all things queer is endearing…and, sometimes a bit provocative.

Public nudity is apparently legal in San Fran and in recent years it’s gotten increasingly popular much to the chagrin of folks, both straight and gay, who aren’t huge fans of such public demonstrations of the “Body Beautiful”. Things are apparently reaching a head…the abundant use of cock rings by gentlemen who enjoy walking to the Qwik E Mart in their birthday suits, has some San Franciscans up in arms.

From Huffington Post via The Bay Area Reporter:

District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the city’s Castro district, told The Bay Area Reporter that he is “considering” a legislative proposal on public nudity. “People can have whatever view they want to have on public nudity in general. But to be walking around with a cock ring on or something similar is just not acceptable, responsible behavior,” Wiener, who is openly gay, told the publication. “The whole purpose of a cock ring is to draw attention to that area.”

Again, only in San Francisco could you have this as an issue dividing the community.

Naked men on Seattle streets would immediately cause a city wide shutdown and mass hysteria.

Personally, I’m not sure why you would want to be nekkid in San Francisco more than about 20 days out of the year…they’re almost as chilly and grey as Seattle. Chilly weather + exposed dong = shriveled exposed dongs.

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