LGBQT Bars & Night Clubs

Bar, Lounges, Taverns, Night Clubs, and Cabarets that cater mostly to LGBTQ patrons and host mostly specific LGBTQ events.

Name of VenueDescriptionHoursClienteleFeaturesWeb
Queer Bar
1518 11th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Capitol Hill-Pike/Pine
” We are a diverse queer crew providing a space for our queer community that is safe, fun, and inclusive! “5pm to 2am Tues thru Saturday. 10:30am to 3:30pm on Sundays. Closed Mondays.Popular drag/video bar hosts a weekly drag show, drag brunch and many special events with out of town guests. Crowd is very gender mixed and diverse and skews younger and “queer” (obviously). Gay owned and operated (also own The Cuff Complex)Food, Video Screens, DJ Music, Dance Floor, Drag, Live Entertainment, Special Events, Out of town Guests,
The Cuff Complex
1533 13th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Corner of 13th & Pine Street, Capitol Hill-Pike/Pine
” Cuff Seattle is Seattle’s Premiere Gay Night Club .. Featuring Local , National & International DJ Talent.”One of the last big disco spaces in Seattle. Gay owned and operated (also own Queer Bar). Noted for “Bearaoke” and many leather and fetish events. Skews more towards men (daddies, jocks, leather folks) but all are welcome. DJs play a variety of music.Food, Video Games, TVs, Pool, DJ Music, Disco, Dance Floor, Leather/Kink Events,
NeighboursOne of the last big disco clubs left. Straight owned by Egyptian/German Canadians!!! Dance venue that has attracted large non-LGBTQ crowds in the past. Hosts weekly DJ’d dance parties, (of a variety of styles), drag events, a Sunday night Latinx dance/drag party and special events. Very mixed crowd.
The Wildrose Seattle’s only lesbian bar. Allies Welcome but obviously skews more towards women. More of a sporty lesbian bar than a lipstick lesbian bar. Food, including popular Taco Tuesday, Games, TVs, Pool, DJ dance music, Some live events
Union SeattlePopular lounge with drink specials. Doesn’t really do live entertainment events. Mixed crowd but probably skews older, professional and male. Gay owned.
The Seattle EagleIt’s an “Eagle” so it’s a down and dirty dive bar that attracts men of all ages/backgrounds most of them looking to enjoy a beer and maybe “make a new friend”. Has hosted more mixed events with drag queens in the past but it’s back to being a mancave dive. Not the kind of bar where you order a Cosmo. Gay Owned.Dive bar with some games, TV, Video. Popular back patio area and notoriously cruisy upper balcony. Has featured a black leather swing and a boot blacking chair. Dark.
Diesel SeattleA very popular bar with the gay male “bear” crowd and their fans that also hosts leather events. No live entertainment in this intimate space. Gay Owned.Bar food, drinks, TVs, Some Games, Lots of friendly bears.
Madison PubAn old school tavern with tons of games/pool/darts and TVs. Skews older, blue collar, jocky and “Daddy-ish”. Doesn’t do live events. Bar food, many games, darts, pool, TVs with sports on them. NOT a drag bar!
CC AttlesAnother popular tavern that seems to attract men of all ages and backgrounds and a few women. Hosts all kinds of events including leather, gamers, kink and drag.Bar food, games, darts, pool, TVs. Parties happen here but not a lot of live entertainment.
PonySeattle’s uber beloved hipster gay bar with a 70s porn magazine aesthetic. It’s tiny with a terrific patio and hosts daily themed DJ’d dance parties on a non-existent dance floor. Pride themselves on being an edgy “gay/queer” bar. Corporate types aren’t going to feel at home here.DJ dance music with miniscule dance floor and Go Go Boys (on occasion). Sometimes they have a food truck out front. Big enclosed patio with heaters.
Kremwerk ComplexAnother hip queer complex that includes multiple venues: the basement level Kremwerk and first floor Timbre Room and Little Maria’s Pizza. Hosts a wide variety of queer drag and comedy events many of them produced by and for People of Color. Best known for DJ dance nights of mostly electronic music. Very mixed crowds; skews younger and very diverse.Food, DJ music and a variety of live shows (drag, music, comedy). Patio area.
Julia’s on BroadwayRestaurant and cabaret venue known for weekly Las Vegas style drag shows. Gay owned but the crowd skews straight and female (lots of bachelorette parties!) If you love Vegas shows/celebrity impersonation/burlesque then it’s the drag venue for you!Full restaurant. Cabaret theater space with stage and professional lighting. Drag, Burlesque, and other live shows.

LGBTQ Friendly Venues

Bars, Clubs, Cabarets that aren’t specifically LGBTQ but are LGBTQ friendly and host LGBTQ-centric events as well as general events that welcome everyone.

Name of VenueDescriptionHoursClienteleFeaturesWeb
The UnicornHipster than thou venue skews young and trendy. Hosts drag events including weekly drag brunch.Tons of fun video/pinball games in the lower level “Narwhal” space where the stage is at as well, the home of the Mimosas Drag Brunch and other events. The Unicorn’s carnival theme decor is worth a visit on its own but they also have tasty bar food.
Chop SueyLive music dive-y venue with a kitschy Asian theme (that bothers some people) that frequently hosts LGBTQ events. Hosts a mix of live music events of all genres (lots of rock/pop) and DJ events with a drag event popping up every so often.
Neumos Large live music venue that hosts big events, concerts and dance parties, some of them LGBTQ specific. A mix of live music, DJ shows, and special party events and quite a few LGBTQ specific events.
Lo-FiFunky neighborhood venue that hosts drag/dance events.If you love funky joints, this is your place. A mix of live shows and DJ events.
The Clock-Out LoungeLesbian owned neighborhood lounge (and excellent pizza joint) on Beacon Hill with a big stage that hosts LGBTQ events including drag shows. All are welcome.Co-owner Jodi Ecklund has been a local booker for live music shows for years so expect a big variety of live music, some DJ events and crazy hip drag parties. Oh, and the pizza is really, really good.
Monkey LoftElectronic music rooftopclub popular with queer fans of the genre with terrific views of the city.
SupernovaHuge new disco space in the funky SoDo district that is very queer friendly and hosts queer specific parties. And, the DJ events feature a variety of styles.
Havana Social ClubMostly straight but hosts some LGBTQ events.
3820 S. Ferdinand St., Ste. 102 Seattle, WA 98118
Columbia City hangout with bar snacks, games, big TVs, 14 taps, cocktails. Private events and catering. Weekday happy hour 4-6 p.m. 4pm to midnight 7 days a weekColumbia City neighborhood bar; very mixed clientele (reflecting its very diverse neighborhood) and super gay friendly that hosts LGBT events including drag shows.
QBig electronica disco that started out as a very gay friendly venue with specific gay events but changes in ownership left it mostly straight. Still, some of its DJ shows (mostly electronica) are popular with LGBTQ crowds.

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