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June 24, 2011 Comments Off on Choices, Choices…what to do today? We vote Prom Dress Rugby, Evolution, Comeback. Views: 4843 Seattle Pride 2011, Stuff to Do

Choices, Choices…what to do today? We vote Prom Dress Rugby, Evolution, Comeback.

Last year's Prom Dress Rugby. Photo: Gary Lennon.

We are NOT doing individual posts for EVERY freakin’ event going on today/tonight…there’s too many and you can check out the calendar we’ve slaved on, and others have (probably) copied…Here’s three events that excite us.

Prom Dress Rugby is the big fundraiser put on by the Seattle Quake Rugby team and it’s pretty self explanatory: Rugby studs play the game while wearing Prom Dresses. If the site of burly, hairy men tackling each other wearing sequins and taffeta gives you a stiffy, we suggest you check it out this afternoon/evening at Cal Anderson Park starting at 6pm. Here’s the skinny:

Once again we are extremely excited to invite the Community to our 2nd Annual “Prom Dress Rugby” Exhibition Match, kicking off Pride Weekend in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. We’re looking at a 6p kickoff on Friday, 24 June 2010.

Great news!!! We will be at Bobby Morris Playfield at the south end of Cal Anderson Park – right in the heart of Capitol Hill!

This event is similar in style to the annual “Dykes vs. Drag Queens” softball game. We will be selling tickets for admission to the sideline and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – The Abbey of St. Joan will be working the crowd to sell penalties, conversions, scrums, line-outs, meters, tries and conversions. Proceeds from “Prom Dress Rugby” will benefit Seattle Quake RFC and our mission.

Why “Prom Dress Rugby”? Because the members of Seattle Quake RFC will be wearing dresses. Due to the limitations – and the overall fun nature of this exhibition match, we will not be playing full tackle rugby, but will be playing “light wrap” or “team tackle”. Rugby League rather than Rugby Union. Our opponent this year will be Seattle RFC Women’s team, The Breakers.

Local “Celebrity” announcer/”Referee” will be the ever-fabulous GAYSHA STARR!

Afterwards, we have been invited to go to the new CC Attle’s (Olive and Boylston) where they will have cocktails named in honour of PDR.

Admission to the “prime” sideline areas will be $5 per person.

We’ve already yakked A LOT about Evolution, the big dance party at The Baltic Room produced by our buddies at TwoKnights Events with DJ Craig Gaibler. Tickets will be available at the door tonight starting at 9pm…it will be hot, sweaty fun regardless of the weather…and, you’re encouraged to whip your shirts off in a frenzy of dance fueled lust. (We, however, will not be stripping down…we don’t want people fleeing the club in horror…)

And, Comeback’s annual “Gay Shame” Edition is always hugely popular. Join regular DJs Porq and Colby B. along with Hard Times Press and a big line-up of guest performers including:

DJ Nita & Gant Johnson (along with Comeback resident Colby b)
and for the first time on the west coast
which is ErickaToure Aviance, One-half Nelson and Clifton Brown.

The shameful naughtiness starts at 9pm at Chop Suey…cover is $10 until 11pm.

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