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Michael Strangeways – Editorial Director

Michael Strangeways writes, edits and does about a million other jobs for Seattle Gay Scene. A semi-proud Midwesterner by birth, with the waist line to prove it, he’s lived in Seattle since 2000. In his spare time, he gets slightly obsessive about his love for old movies, the novels of Angela Thirkell,”otters”, RuPaul’s Drag Race, vodka, chocolate,”I,Claudius”, Lizzie Borden, Natural disasters, show tunes, Weimar era Germany, flea markets, pop surrealistic art, the sex lives of Hollywood actors both living and dead, the films of Joe Gage, kitties, chicken fried steak and David Bowie. But, not necessarily in that order.

Twitter – @MJStrangeways

Adam McRoberts – Operations Director

Adam McRoberts has lived and worked in the Seattle LGBT community for the past 10 years and is thrilled to join the SGS family.  Adam specializes in business branding, marketing and promotion and is bringing his 15 years of experience to SGS in an effort to create Seattle’s premier LGBT news and infotainment website.  Adam lives on Capitol Hill and is active in the Seattle LGBT community, serving on the Board of Directors for Seattle Pride since 2006, among numerous other volunteer projects for the community.

Meet our fabulous writers and contributors!


L.A. Kendall

L.A. Kendall has been a fixture in the Seattle Nightlife Scene for nearly two decades, playing at and throwing some of Seattle’s hottest events. She founded Seattle’s hitgirl! collective in 1997, and has been a passionate advocate for women in the industry ever since. Along with her business partner and manager, David”D$” Richey, she’s been behind such popular Seattle parties as: Kiss My Ass, Hot Mess, Hard Times (and that’s just the recent past!). She’s also a vocalist – most well known for her single”Kiss My Ass” (produced by DJ Spire), being one-half of the short lived project by electro-pop-raptresses (as dubbed by Larry Mizell Jr. of The Stranger), Luxury A.K. (with Miss Adraboo), and for her most recently released E.P. with Sammy LaForge,”The Eyes Of Laura Kendall”. A typical set by L.A. Kendall might include Classic House, Disco, 80’s/’90’s classics, Top 40, Electro Remixes, Indie Jams, and original tracks (complete with live vocals), seemlessly mixed to keep the dance floor motivated. She’s also a business lady, booking and brokering talent including: Boy George, Princess Superstar, Spinderella, Tina T, Cazwell, Amanda LePore, DJ Shortee, Avenue D, Q Boy (aka Sam LeMann) – to name just a few!  She’s also worked for the last 4 years consulting on talent for, and curating/managing the DJ stage at Seattle Pridefest.

Korra Q

Korra Q is a Seattle-based nerd who plays fetch with her cat. She’s into sci-fi, un-sparkly vampires, and chicks who kick ass. To support her habits, she’s the sassiest server you’ll ever order from.

Twitter – @Kittyslap27

Earle Dutton

Naughty, naughty! Earle Dutton has yet to submit his bio. Hopefully it’ll appear here soon.

Matt Baume

Matt Baume has already started making a name for himself on the”scene” despite only having lived in Seattle for a couple months. Matt is a regular contributor to The Advocate and Queerty and we’re thrilled he’s going to contribute feature articles and photos for the new Seattle Gay Scene.

Ryan Crawford

Born and raised in the PNW, Ryan Crawford devotes more time to Twin Peaks than is considered healthy. He is a dating columnist, online content marketer, social media manager, and Pokémon master. He recycles all of the things. His published writing is available through,,, Remark, and Gay City Anthologies vols 3-5.

Brad Gilligan

Brad Gilligan is one of our more polarizing writers. Born in the Midwest, his presence was bestowed upon us thanks to the United States Air Force. He has since retired from fighting for our freedoms, moved to Chicago, but remains a part of our staff reporting on pop culture, club kids/events, as well as other various topics to push your buttons.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is a writer and musician who grew up in Seattle and covers music, nightlife, and local politics. He has contributed to outlets including The Stranger and KCTS-9 and plays in a band called Buffalo Stagecoach. He’s pretty sure he saw Macklemore when he opened for Blue Scholars back in the day, but he could be making it up.

Dominic Arenas

Dominic Arenas started taking pictures when he was twelve. He didn’t know then how much he would fall in love with the medium. Since then, Dominic has exercised and experimented with photography, honing his skills with scenes and static objects. He loves wandering the neighborhood, meeting new people and taking their pictures.

Andy Caldwell

Proud of his Idahomosexual roots and his artistic and activistic work there, Andrew Adam Caldwell moved to Seattle in 1993 to write, photograph, design, and politically pontificate. His photographs have adorned nearly every Seattle Erotic Art Festival. His t-shirts sometimes end up on the bodies of perfect strangers. Links to sites featuring his creative and/or political work–some SFW and some NSFW–can be found at

Heather Hysteric

Heather Hysteric covers lots of crazy events in Seattle.  Ms. Hysteric is everywhere, all the time, capturing photos and little snippets of Capitol Hill life.  Watch out!

Last, but certainly not least, the rest of the SGS Family!

Brian Donahue – Technical Director

In addition to maintaining the site (and our sanity) here at SGS, Brian Donahue also contributes design work to Seattle Pride and works full-time at a marketing firm in Belltown. Brian’s loves include UX, espresso, and cats.

Email –

Michele Jewett – Advertising and Marketing Director

Michele Jewett is an experienced branding and marketing executive who will maximize exposure for your business and events.

Email –

Bill W. – Publisher Emeritus

Referred to only as Bill W., he has been active in Seattle’s gay scene for close to twenty years. And with a unique perspective on local gay entertainment his blog doesn’t fixate on any specific genre but covers everything gay; from the classic mega-circuit party to Seattle’s vibrant alterna-gay scene. The founder and publisher of the Seattle Gay Scene, he is proud that in 2015, the site will begin its ninth year of operation.

Twitter – @BillAtSGS

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