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Some Lovely Photos: We’re Gasping For Air As We “Hail Britannia!”

February 1, 2016 • Oh, the photos you stumble across on social media…occasionally,...

Photos: Dana Kae

Some Lovely Photos: We Spy Peter In The Dunes…

January 30, 2016 • Here are some GORGY photos by Seattle photographer Dana Kae, of man about town...

Photo: Red Hot/Thomas Knights

Is It Red Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

November 23, 2015 • Vapors! Pass The Smelling Salts! Swoon! Buy me the Red Hot Calendar for...

Model Nyle DiMarco.

Photo: Eric Pietrangolare

Styling: Nathan Ayon

Nooner: Nyle DiMarco Is Adorable…And, A Twin

October 29, 2015 • He’s our next husband. Nyle DiMarco is making waves because…. Super cute/hot...

Dieux du Stade 15

Dieux du Stade 2016 Calendar Video Gives Us The Vapors

September 25, 2015 • Yes, this is obvious click bait but c’mon. Can you blame me? It behooves...


The Nooner: Baseball Been Very Very Good To Me…

May 24, 2015 • We have very little to add to this. We don’t know who he is. Just enjoy the geometry of...

Actor Matthew Lewis for Attitude Magazine.

The Nooner: Longbottom’s Long Hairy Legs

May 21, 2015 • We’re completely fine with feeling lusty towards British actor Matthew Lewis and his...

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