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January 21, 2009 Comments (2) Views: 926 Outdoors

Get OUT for Sustainability this weekend

Do you love the outdoors and want to make a difference in helping the environment by coming together with other gays and lesbians?

OUT for Sustainability has their first Community Planning Meeting on Sunday January 25, 2009 3pm at REI.

Gerod Rody from OUT Sustainability

Come give your 2 cents at an open space for people to
join in planning what OUT for Sustainability is all about. Share your interests, experience and what you care about. We’ll have fun and laugh, I promise.

They just had something called Greendrinks! back on January 13th. This sounds like not only fun but it is good for the environment too:

Connect: We want to connect LGBT individuals who are deeply committed to sustainability together. And we want everyone else: allies, green, curious…to meet each other and learn together.

Educate: We enjoy learning about things we love, or are learning to love. And we learn more when we get to teach and share what we already know. When this learning and teaching can change the world…it’s powerful.

Advocate: We believe in LGBT equality. We believe in sustainable living. We believe that this is something important to measure and promote in our community, companies and world.

More info about the group is available here.

2 Responses to Get OUT for Sustainability this weekend

  1. Avatar Julian says:

    I’ve heard about this group starting up… something about carbon neutral pride and “trash”ion shows?? Could be interesting… And that Gerod is a hottie!!

  2. Avatar Zanetha Matisse says:

    I’m excited to see what we can accomplish as a unified community. Come join us as we strengthen bonds, make new connections, and stand up for what we believe in – all while having a fabulous time!