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February 17, 2011 Comments Off on Wanna be a movie producer? Local queer film needs your support! Views: 1124 Film, Fundraisers, News

Wanna be a movie producer? Local queer film needs your support!

Via Facebook, I learned that the adorably talented local film maker Wes Hurley needs a little help to finish his latest film, Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel, a narrative follow up to his previous film, the documentary Waxie Moon featuring the iconic local burlesque star, Waxie Moon, aka Marc Kinison. Mr Hurley, who has also provided film for stage productions like WET’s RoboPop! as well as acted in area productions, needs $10,000 to finish the film and begin submitting it to film festivals around the world.

And, it’s easy to help him out, as well as many other area film makers. The fine folks at Three Dollar Bill Cinema have a program where they assist these film makers with support and fundraising with “Fiscal Sponsorship”:

Fiscal sponsorship is a contractual arrangement between a legal 501(c)(3) organization and a project that does not have non-profit status. The non-profit organization provides limited financial and legal oversight for the project. During the period of fiscal sponsorship, the project is eligible to solicit grants and tax-deductible contributions that they would not be able to receive without non-profit status.

If you have just a bit of extra scratch in your pocket, you can become a mini-film producer by making a donation. Wes Hurley’s new film, Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel has a potentially awesome plot (wacky gender bending musical comedy) and a great cast including local actors/performers, Waxie Moon, Marya Sea Kaminski, Sarah Rudinoff, Nick Garrison, and John Osebold among many others, not to mention production design from Jennifer Zeyl and a brilliant line up of musicians for the soundtrack including Eric Lane Barnes, Gretta Harley, The Little Penguins, Jose Bold, Campfire OK, and Brendan Patrick Hogan. And, the sooner you help them out, the sooner we get to SEE this film!

AND, there are many other local films that need some love as well including, Ebony Chunky Love: Hardons and Heartaches, Like a Lady: The Fakaleitis of Tonga, Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America and the narrative film, Heart Breaks Open which has just been accepted into the London (UK) LGBT Film Festival. (Heart Breaks Open is also having a big fundraiser/party at Julia’s on Broadway on Sunday, March 6 starting at 6pm. We’ll talk more about that film, later.)

If you can, help these films out, so they can get out of the lab and onto our movie screens.

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