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Shakespeare’s “Wives” and Annex’s Jemima Canard coming to a stage near you..

Candace Vance as Mistress Ford and Leslie Law as Mistress Page. Photo credit: John Ulman.

Hello Readers of the Theatrics in Seattle! Did you enjoy your weekend with local performance art? I’ve got more enticing tales from “Old Sckool” and “New Sckool“. Over at Seattle Shakespeare Company, the dream makers and story tellers of William Shakespeare are giving us a delicious production of the classic “The Merry Wives of Windsor” and this is going to be a night to miss because you’ll want to live the story through the eyes of director, Terry Edward Moore.

That lovable rogue Falstaff has taken up residence in the country town of Windsor, but negotiating the intrigues of this sleepy burg are more than he can handle! After Falstaff tries to seduce and swindle Mistress Ford and Mistress Page, these original desperate housewives catch wind of Falstaff’s plan and then have a laugh at his expense. This bright and bouncy comic gift features sly wit and clever pranks wrapped around a tender young romance.

The Merry Wives of Windsor is written by William Shakespeare (of course, duh!) and runs April 20th through May 15th at the Center House Theater in Seattle Center. You can reserve your tickets today, here.

Jemima Canard gives you bedazzle, raw characters, and a story that will make you melt, feel and leave the theater wanting more!

Out with the old and in with the new because Annex Theatre is presenting a new play based on Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck”. “The Tale of Jemima Canard” is sure to please your eyes, ears, heart and soul! Written by Brandon J. Simmons and directed by Carys Kresny, this show opens this Friday with a killer post-show party that will fulfill your cocktail needs. Tickets are only $10 and I believe there are still seats available, better reserve your spot today!

The underbelly of Beatrix Potter comes to life in The Tale of Jemima Canard. A young innocent, capricious but willful, falls under the romantic sway of a predatory cad—but the characters are not Edwardian ladies and gentlemen; they are ducks, hounds, badgers, and foxes. As the author is interrogated by one of her own characters, layers of love, envy, jealousy, and much worse become revealed as the play delves into the deceptively whimsical lives of Jemima, her hard-as-nails sister Rebecca, the rugged but earnest St. Hubert brothers, the degenerate Tommy Brock, Miss Potter herself, and the elegant and alarming Tawny Whiskered Gentleman. Seattle actor Brandon J. Simmons makes his playwriting debut with this anthropomorphic dream-play, using Potterʼs The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck as a springboard to explore the nature of fate and time, blurring the lines between animal/human, love/violence, food/sex, and the artist and the art she creates.

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