Kathy B. took ONE MILLION PHOTOS on Pride Sunday…here’s...

Mama Tits reminds us what Pride and Stonewall are...

June 30, 2011 Comments Off on More Photos from Sunday’s Parade and PrideFest Views: 2342 Seattle Pride 2011, Some Lovely Photos

More Photos from Sunday’s Parade and PrideFest

ALL photos by da awesome Kathy Bugajsky.

Anthony Weiner visits PrideFest.


If this photo got together with the previous photo, would it be funny, disturbing or Kismet?


A long, tall drink of water.


What can you say about a zexy, bulgey, blue-tongued prideful dude? Date me?


This Sister's got it going ON! We're not quite sure WHAT she's got going on, but it's somethin'!


She enjoys being a girl. He enjoys cut offs.


Rat City Roller Girls ROCK, baby!


Grand Marshal Armistead Maupin passed up SF Pride to be here with his husband Chris, center, and Egan Orion. And, we're still bitter kittens that we didn't get to interview Mr. Maupin, one of our literary gods.


The Neighbours/Budweiser Annual "We're too busy to build a real float, so we'll just put some disco bunnies on the back of a truck, play loud music and call it a day" entry in the 2011 Pride Parade...


We're not endorsing this politician...we just like the dude holding the sign.


Rich and George from Two Knights...the MacDaddies of Seattle Nightlife.


The Three Dollar Bill crew holds down the fort at PrideFest and not at all bitter that Rachael Brister's off in San Fran partying with Go-Go Boys/Girls for SF Pride.


If you can't end a post with a cute kid photo, use one with pole dancing go go boys in jockey shorts instead. Market Optical's fun float in the parade was zexy and creative.

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