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June 30, 2011 Comments Off on Play T-Dance is Sunday at Neumos with DJ John LePage! Win Tickets NOW! Views: 2160 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Play T-Dance is Sunday at Neumos with DJ John LePage! Win Tickets NOW!

DJ John LePage. Photo Credit:

The big event for this Independence Day Weekend, (for dj dance loving types) has to be the Play T-Dance at Neumos happening on Sunday, July 3rd (THIRD!!!) starting at 5pm with the uber popular DJ/Producer John LePage at the helm and co-presented by Two Knights Events and Past Curfew Productions. Check out the FAQ down below to answer all your questions about the event, (yes, we’re aware it’s a tad bit press release-y but the info IS useful…) AND you can enter to win tickets to the par-TAY. Check it out.

First 10 emails we receive at with SGS in the subject line, and your full name in the email win free entry into the PLAY T-Dance this coming Sunday. It is shaping up to be the cornerstone event of the weekend, so don’t miss out!
FAQ for Play T-Dance

1. What is PLAY T-Dance?

In 2001, P Tyrone Smith decided it was time instill hospitality, quality production, fun and celebration back into the San Francisco club scene. His answer was PLAY T-Dance and the tag line ‘flirt. frolic. dance.’ was born. Today, after 10 years, PLAY T-Dance continues to create warm, fun and interactive club experiences for its guests and has become one of San Francisco’s most anticipated special events. Whether it’s creative and interactive themes, detail oriented production values, hospitality touches like greeters, fruit tables and massages, the best uplifting t-dance music, or entertainment skillfully woven into the fabric of the event, Past Curfew, Inc, the company behind PLAY T-Dance, is committed to producing exuberant club experiences.

2. How did you come to partner with Two Knights Event?

George Delmar and Rich Kaalaas of Two Knights Event have been producing events in Seattle guided by many of the same principles that shape the events produced by Past Curfew, Inc. We agree that it takes more than just a DJ and sound system to throw a successful event. We both focus on hospitality, original production elements, professionalism and integrity, and of course community support and involvement. George Delmar and I have worked for several years together on various projects and event including the Bare Chest Calendar, a fundraising project in San Francisco that benefits AIDS Emergency Fund as well as Lazy Bear Weekend. We have developed a deep mutual respect and trust for each other. So working together to bring PLAY T-Dance to Seattle seemed like a perfect way to continue our collaborative work.

3. The guy on the poster is really hot. Will he be there?

The guy on the poster is Craig Reynolds, a San Francisco based go-go boy and adult star. He represents the essence of PLAY T-Dance. He likes to get dressed up, he’s playful on the dance floor and he love to dance for hours. While Craig won’t be at PLAY T-Dance, we hope that he’ll inspire Seattle boys (and even some of the girls) to gear up, flirt with each other, frolic across the dance floor and dance to their favorite t-dance tunes all evening long.

4. What can guests expect at PLAY T-Dance? How is PLAY T-Dance different from other events going on this weekend?

PLAY T-Dance is full of some unexpected treats. Theme: Each PLAY T-Dance has a theme meant to inspire participation by guests. The first theme is Military Navy/Sailor and we encourage guest to dress up in blue, blue & white or to all out and dress up in sailor outfits. Hospitality: Each and every guest is greeted at the door with a welcoming gift; drink specials from 5–8pm to get the party started; a fruit and candy table to keep you nourished; a massage therapist to keep you moving. Fun Music: PLAY T-Dance always features fun, vocal, uplifting, hi-energy t-dance tunes to keep you moving all evening. We’ve selected one of Seattle’s favorite DJs, John LePage, to spin this inaugural event. He’s a PLAY T-Dance veteran and knows how to keep the dance floor moving. Community: PLAY T-Dance brings together friends and community members to celebrate and enjoy the best the dance community has to offer in Seattle.

5. How do guests get tickets?

There are several ways to get tickets. PLAY PALS (Hosts) are selling a limited number of $5 tickets. $10 retail tickets can be purchased online at or at Dog House Leathers – 1312 East Pike Street. Tickets will be available at the door. Those who arrive early can get $15 tickets before 6pm. After 6pm tickets are $20.

6. What are PLAY PALS?

PLAY PALS are local hosts who are selling the least expensive PLAY T-Dance tickets to their friends. Our PLAY PAL host program is a great way folks to get their friends to purchase their tickets early and ensure people they know will join them on the dance floor for all the fun. We know from experience that friends go dancing where their friends are going dancing. This grassroots program allows us to keep our marketing expenses down which means ticket prices stay affordable.

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