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July 31, 2011 Comments (5) Views: 2683 Memory Lane

Memory Lane: Tacky Tourist Club Cruises…they need to stage a COMEBACK!

The recently turned 40 Scott “Bucket” posted on Facebook today a video of a Tacky Tourist Club Cruise from a few years back. The beloved yearly cruise, traditionally scheduled on SeaFair weekend, or close to it, was a beloved Seattle institution for many, many years but faded away a couple years ago partly due to the declining health and subsequent passing of TTCA founder, organizer, the much missed Robin Evans.

(Added Note: And, the fact it takes a HUGE amount of work to put on this event year after year; a year’s worth of organizing for a three hour cruise! So, a big shout out to everyone who worked on the Tacky Tourist Club events and specifically the cruise every year for many, many years!)

I notice on the still existing Facebook page that there is definitely interest in reviving the Club…maybe that’s something we need to talk about…what do you think, Seattle?

And, check out the video…LOTS of familiar faces on it, albeit much younger faces…

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5 Responses to Memory Lane: Tacky Tourist Club Cruises…they need to stage a COMEBACK!

  1. I was the hostess of the TTCA Queen City Cruise for nearly 15 years. I would love for this event to return to Seattle!! The last couple years I was a mermaid at the back of the boat – but even that was worth it! I miss all the Tacky Tourist Events!!
    Bring Them Back!!
    M’wah – M.

  2. JackNH says:

    Those cruises were a lot of fun. A remember one in the 80s, gong through the Ballard locks, when a matronly tourist shouted to her husband “Harold! Harold! It’s all MEN on that boat!”

  3. Lantz T. says:

    “The BABY!…THROW THE BABY!!! My partner of 9 years and I agreed we were always going to do the Queen City Cruise for our anniversary…SO sad to see it go away…FANTASTIC memories…

    agreed…bring ’em back!!!

    Lantz T.

  4. the bucket says:

    Although invaluable to the Tacky Tourist Clubs of America, Robin Evans was not the organization’s founder. If there was a “founder” of the TTCA, it would be my better half, Randy Henson.

  5. Michael Strangeways says:

    Thanks, Mr Bucket for the info…I’ve corrected the post.

    And, a big thanks to Randy and Bucket and everyone who put the events on for all those years. HUGE amounts of time, energy, money and hard work went into putting on these events for the benefit of the community from many, many people.

    Thank you all!