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July 4, 2011 Comments Off on NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: Fourth of July Celebrations/Homophobia vs. Racism/”Are you Gay?” Views: 1166 #New Queer on the Block

NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: Fourth of July Celebrations/Homophobia vs. Racism/”Are you Gay?”

This week’s column is not the normal hype about what happened and what’s coming up in the nightlife scene on the Hill – still HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. Not that there’s anything happening tonight on the Hill since every business is closed on this holiday – so I say get out there to a traditional BBQ Potluck with friends and family. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing, eating and drinking with my close circle of friends, which is exactly what the Sergeant ordered me to do. I’ll be eating a few hamburgers for my father since he’s still in Afghanistan fighting the war. Thank you, pops.

There has been a lot of homophobia coming from African Americans and this has my mind all wrapped up in a boggle because its a contradiction that I cannot rebut out of my mind. One moment in particular is what originated this topic for New Queer on the Block. Sunday mid-afternoon on Yesler Boulevard in Central District. After picking up some smokes and a soda, I’m walking back to my house when this African-American man in his early 30s chases me down to ask for a cigarette. This part happens everyday, multiple times a day. As always I refused and he responded with:

F$%& You, Little Faggoty A$$

-Black Man with a Life Crisis

Can you come up with something more original than that! I can think of a few derogatory phrases for you but I am a lady and those simply will not vacate or exit my mouth. They say that hate is a form of fear – in this case a fear to accept your own sexual identity. On a somewhat similar note, I found this little blurb in New York Times to satisfy my Sunday afternoon before I headed out to Annex Theatre and bartend the hilariously funny “Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery”.

Are you gay? Source: New York Times

After getting a good laugh in with my sister with her splendorous internet finds, I pimp thyself up and head back out the door with a strong head on my shoulders and make the people in my life simply, laugh. With or without the respect from me. What’s on your agenda, today? Regardless what your agenda entails, be sure to grab your wiener dog or cheeseburger (beef or tofu) and get out to see multitudinous amounts of fireworks. I encourage you to take out your camera and snap a sundry amounts of photos of fireworks in your neighborhoods and send them into Seattle Gay Scene for publication to

-New Queer on the Block / B.Michael Peterson

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