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August 2, 2011 Comments Off on Chi Chi LaRue is diva-ing her way into town for a Beach Party fundraiser at The Cuff. Views: 1497 Nightlife, Pornolicious

Chi Chi LaRue is diva-ing her way into town for a Beach Party fundraiser at The Cuff.

The lovely Ms LaRue. Photo: Palladino Images

My old pal, Chi Chi LaRue is coming to town this weekend, (Long story short: she directed me back in the days when my nom d’plume was “Michael ManGina”…) for a dj set at The Cuff Complex’s Beach Party fundraiser for Seattle Counseling Service and Chicken Soup Brigade. The hootenanny starts at 9pm and lasts until 2am and features “prizes, drink specials, great music and a “Best Bathing Suit” contest on the “Beach”(patio)…” And, of course, it benefits two very worthy causes, that are vital threads in our community…and, with every government on the edge of being broke, every non-profit in the country needs some help.

And, it’s also an opportunity to check out the Divine Miss LaRue, the Porn Queen who revitalized the entire gay adult entertainment industry in her rise from a lowly porn store clerk/chubby Minneapolis drag queen to the diva entrepreneur of her own monstrously large entertainment company Channel 1 Releasing (obviously NOT Safe for Work) including her own website, store, calendars, memoir and a thriving DJ career…oh, and she lost a buttload of weight and looks fabulous at 51, and when she’s not hobnobbing with all her celebrity buddies, she bops around the country performing at events like Beach Party.

Miss LaRue is truly the only person I know who reached her career objective. Sure, many many folks decide they want to become prosaic things like doctors, or lawyers, or teachers, but most people with very SPECIFIC and LOFTY career goals never make it. Larry Paciotti from Hibbing Minnesota decided at a young age he wanted to be a Porn Kingpin…and he did it!

(Note: I helped. When Larry moved to California in 1985 or so, he applied at Catalina Video, at that time the dominant gay porn company. I was working at the video store Larry and I worked at, and someone from Catalina called wanting to confirm Larry’s job reference. I gave them a GLOWING recommendation and Larry got the job and began his climb up the porno ladder. Years later, when the bitch writes her autobiography, Making It Big: Sex Stars, Porn Films and Me does she mention my important assistance in her rise to the top? HELL TO THE NO!!! That bitch would be slinging hash at Pollo Loco if it wasn’t for me!)

No. I’m not bitter at all.

Check out the lovely Chi Chi at The Cuff Complex this Saturday and help out Seattle Counseling and Chicken Soup Brigade.



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