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Matthew Inman is not gay…but we love “The Oatmeal” anyway.

Matthew Inman is ridiculously successful as the creator of the ridiculously funny, smart and addictive comic website “The Oatmeal” and he’s only 27. He’s also a local (Fremont) and slightly paranoid that “Matthew Inman Gay” is a search option on Google. Here is my response:

Dear Matthew,

This means a couple of things.

One: You’re successful. Every single famous man on the planet gets “Gay Googled”.

Two: A lot of gay guys think you’re cute enough to take the time to Google your name to find out if you’re gay.

It’s a compliment.

Now, because of this post, something will actually pull up when people Google your non existent “gayness”.

You’re welcome.

Mr. Strangeways

It could also mean that some gay guys are hoping you’re gay because you’re rich and successful but we won’t dwell on that. It’s probably the cuteness and your love for the kitties that are attracting this attention.

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