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NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: Fashionista in the House

The ID1 Clothing Maven's Fashion Show. Photography by Doug McLaughlin.

Saturday Night was the glorious and adventurous ID1 Clothing Maven’s Fashion Show at The Lobby Bar and I have your behind the scenes look at how the event took place with a smooth ride, but will a minor bump here and there. Yes, a few bumps occurred, but it’s not a proper LGBT event without those, or even a tasty slice of drama to add to your night. Am I right? It takes a lot of patience and sanity to run a smooth show and I have the experience to back that up – 10 years of stage managing live fringe theater throughout the Northwest – and I can only say thank you to the champagne that I was drinking; eye candy was also a big part of aiding me through the night.

Upon arriving at the venue there were designers and models awaiting my next move so that they can prepare for their fame. First, I had to get the makeup and hair station prepared – so that the models can get their makeup did and their hair done’d. The lovely Ade needed the information on each designer and model so that she can properly entertain the audience while the models are strutting their junks and showcasing the gorgeous attires on their body down the runway. After the runway portion of the show – Jayson Potter revealed his newest t-shirt to the crowd and then he released the new site to the public – free champagne and free t-shirts were available to all to consume and take home for a gift. There was a schedule live performance of Three Ninjas & Tangentbot, but they ensue a flavor of music that is not suitable for all LGBT minds and was cut short. I can understand why this act was cut – but they are not rappers, they are a form of electronic music and for someone who might not understand or have the knowledge of all types of music would naturally confuse this type of music with rap. Oh well!

Rocky Flowers. Photography by Doug McLaughlin.

I’ve been sporting this shirt around town and in the past 48 hours, nearly 50 people have asked about this company and where to get this shirt. If you haven’t check out the new digs “ID1 Clothing”. Purchase a t-shirt and sport it around town, spreading the word of the wise of fresh new local t-shirt screen printing and other artistic endeavors to come.

The ID1 Clothing Mavens Fashion Show was a hit! Thank you all who support us in our endeavors. The mavens include Jordan Christianson, Julia Evanovich, Stefvin Caswell, Danial Hellman, Sandy Purtlebaugh, Jamie Ullman and myself. The talent varies from accessories, to hand tailored goods for men and women. What you can expect to see from these glorious mavens is a vast range of skill from casual to sophisticated. What ID1 Clothing is doing is building a platform that gives these curated mavens an opportunity to share the talent we see with the world through the Internet and off the runway. We focus on quality and the appreciation that comes with limited production. We design goods that help you feel more you. Eventually when we surpass our operational costs we want to be able to share our opportunities with those who need one too, through clothing. Join us while we add the freshest goods from the fashion show and more. Here’s a little hint as to what to expect. Felt Robot brooches, mens swimwear, limited edition screen printed designs, dresses and mens tailored clothing.

– Jayson Potter

Jayson and Ade. Photography by Doug McLaughlin.

This concludes my “New Queer on the Block” series, but stay tuned for a novel of the same name will be published in January 2012 and you’ll get the first insight to this adventure of mine, which includes a spectacular Red Dress/Book Release Party. Don’t worry, my pretties, you have not heard the last of me. There is plenty of news and gossip to cover for Seattle Gay Scene and I’m just a click away. If you can’t get enough from me on this site, then you’re more than welcome to join my other random musings at

If reading columns is your flavor, then we still got a few good columns on this site including “Grub & Grog” (our food column), “The Movies Column” by Ryan H, and musings by Sylvia O’Stayformore. Catch your smiles and good charms around town and remember to check back for news and entertainment updates from yours truly.

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