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Seattle Counseling Service Drops A Bombshell…They Are Closing Up After 53 Years Of Service To The Community

by Thursday at 4:31 pm

In a devastating piece of news for Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community, SEATTLE COUNSELING SERVICE announced earlier this week via its website that the oldest LGBTQ organization will shut its doors after 53 years of service.

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Seattle Gets A New LGBTQ Bar/Club In SoDo: The Comeback…Is It RPlace 2?

by Saturday at 1:22 pm

August is traditionally a slow news month and other than the ongoing tragic disaster in Afghanistan, the other big news of late has been endlessly annoying discussions over who is hosting a nearly 60 year old TV gameshow mostly watched by people over the age of 60.

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Barbie’s Gay Pal Ken Turns 60!

by Thursday at 5:45 pm

Oh, c’mon! You don’t really believe Ken is straight, do you? I mean, he’s always described as Barbie’s “friend” and “pal”. They have less sexual chemistry than Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic: The Motion Picture!!! (Or, for that matter, any photo of Leo with any of his supermodel girlfriends….) And, Ken is far more interested in clothes, cocktails, and Madonna’s Greatest Hits than he is in Barbie or any of her various careers or personas.

Also: THIS phase in his life:

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A Tribute To A Patriarch For LGBTQ Equality In Seattle, Charlie Brydon

by Friday at 6:18 pm

One of the pioneering fighters for LGBTQ equality in Seattle passed away on February 9th, 2021. Charlie Brydon, 81, was a local business leader with his own insurance agency who gathered together other local gay and lesbian business people and community leaders to create The Dorian Group, which sought to fight for LGBT equal rights and to educate the community about the LGBT community at a time where gay people were largely vilified and shunned.

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LGBTQ Books To Snag For The Holidays

by Friday at 9:55 pm

Looking for books to either read for yourself or to give as gifts? Look no further! Here’s a few suggestions for LGBTQ+ books that have come out in in the last few months that make for great gifts for someone special in your life…and, remember what gay icon John Waters has to say about hooking up with someone and you go to their place for the first time and you look around and notice they don’t seem to own any books….

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Mike Curato’s “Flamer” Is A Charming Gay Coming Of Age Graphic Novel

by Monday at 4:32 pm

We are THILLED when we see former Seattleites do well themselves, especially ones we know, and we’re tickled pink to see the success of illustrator/writer MIKE CURATO who left town several years to pursue his dreams of creating beautiful books...after years of entertaining folks with his live performance skills on area stages like Sylvia O’Stayformore’s Bacon Strip.

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Trump, Corporate Media, SPD Spread Lies About Seattle’s Protests & CHAZ

by Thursday at 6:10 pm

Dear Outside World Who Have Mostly Ignored Us for the last two weeks:

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Got Plans For New Year’s Eve? Here Are Your Options In LGBTQ Seattle!

by Saturday at 2:05 pm

In case you’ve been a lazy slug about making plans for New Year’s Eve fun, we’re gonna give you every option we can find for LGBTQ/allied Seattle that we could find…after all, it’s the least we could do to help you welcome in the start of the Roaring 2020s!!

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Oh, My Dog! Upscale Fashions For Your Fido

by Monday at 9:22 am

Well, just what we need…gift suggestions for the beloved little bow wows in our lives!

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New Year’s Eve With Guy Branum!

by Thursday at 3:44 pm

Resolutions we can commit to!

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Call For Writers For New Book From Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

by Monday at 4:22 pm

Seattle based writer/editor/provocateur Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore has issued a Call for Writers for a new non-fiction book that is in the works. The multi-hyphenate is still busy promoting her last novel SKETCHTASY but also working on a new novel AND now seeking contributions for the next big non-fiction book in the pipeline, Between Certain Death and a Possible Future: Queer Writing on Growing up with the AIDS Crisis.

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“Frankissstein” and the”Call Me By Your Name” Sequel Are October’s Big Queer Books

by Saturday at 7:39 pm

Since it’s now Fall and the leaves are changing and we’re starting to feel like getting cozy in the comfort of our own couches then it’s also the time to start finding new books to curl up with in October.

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Madonna Wows NYC; Starts “Madame X” Tour Nationally

by Friday at 2:49 pm

Something for all you hardcore Madonna fans out there….the former Material Girl turned Madame X has been wowing NYC audiences for the past few weeks with the start of her new “intimate” tour supporting her Madame X album. The Lady M is playing smaller venues to give her fans a more “one on one” experience as opposed to the usual tour taking in huge impersonal arenas.

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Walk to Get To Zero: Seattle AIDS Walk/Run Is Saturday

by Wednesday at 4:03 pm

Calendar mark….it’s not too late to be a part of the 2019 Seattle AIDS Walk and Run to benefit Lifelong….it’s happening this Saturday, September 28th on Capitol Hill/Volunteer Park. You can walk/run and/or donate money to a 33 year old community event that has helped people with HIV/AIDS by providing them life giving services as well as providing funding for research for treatment and a cure.

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Just Announced: Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Heading To Seattle in October

by Friday at 3:38 pm

Hillary Clinton seems to LURVE Seattle…she visits us quite a lot including an appearance earlier this year with husband former President Bill Clinton.

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We Love John Waters Day

by Thursday at 6:28 pm

It’s unofficially “We Love John Waters Day” at Seattle Gay Scene!

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Nooner: Yummy Lee Pace On Being Out, Hurricanes & Rumors…

by Wednesday at 4:56 pm

We’ve loved dreamy actor Lee Pace for EONS! Obviously for his adorable and prematurely canceled cult television series PUSHING DAISIES but also for his moody and debonair role in Tarsem Singh’s film THE FALL (another cult favorite!)

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Do You Need Sperm? Family Building Clinic Can Help

by Wednesday at 2:03 pm


Do you?

Alternate heading: “Everything You Need To Know About Donor Sperm But Were Afraid To Ask”

Sperm, sperm, sperm…it causes lots of problems if mishandled but it is, of course, a building block to creation so there is a pressing need for it…especially if you don’t have any on hand.

Family Equality, the non-profit organization with a “mission to advance legal and lived equality for LGBTQ families, and for those who wish to form them, through building community, changing hearts and minds, and driving policy change” understands that for some couples (mostly female/female), sperm can be tough to come by. To that end, they’re hosting a clinic next Tuesday, August 20th at Gay City’s Calamus Auditorium to answer all your questions about:

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Troubled Seattle Resident Arrested For Capital One Bank Hack

by Tuesday at 4:56 pm

Paige Thompson was arrested Monday, July 29 on charges of computer fraud and theft of information from Capital One Financial Services. Her photo via Facebook.

Paige Thompson was arrested Monday, July 29 on charges of computer fraud and theft of information from Capital One Financial Services. Her photo via Facebook.

Thompson allegedly broke into their servers between March and July of this year. Authorities were alerted to the crime by tips that Thompson was openly discussing the crime on social media including on a site called GitHub where a “white hat hacker” reported Thompson to Capital One on July 17th.

Thompson has a long history of discussing personal issues on social media with many posts suggesting a struggle with mental illness including suicidal threats and expressing a desire to be deported to Denmark to undergo legal euthanasia.

On July 12th she posted this message on Twitter posting under the name “Erratic”:


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For Dem Debate Watchers: Both Lumber Yard and Queer Bar Will Be Screening

by Tuesday at 2:00 pm


Just like June’s Democratic presidential candidate debates, tonight (July 30) and tomorrow’s debates will be eagerly watched by millions of Americans to see which of the 20 candidates do well…and who needs to drop out. The debates are also happening in the state that the Democrats lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Michigan and demonstrates that the Dems do not want to repeat that error for 2020. Major swings states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will be major battlegrounds in the next year.

Tonight’s line-up will feature both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two of the front runners with the strongest appeal for social democratic voters leaning farther left plus Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the out gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana who has also emerged, surprisingly, as a major candidate and fundraiser.

For the remaining candidates, it’s their opportunity to shine and gain badly needed traction in the race, especially for Beto O’Rourke, who at one time seemed to be a major player but has had a disappointing summer when it comes to gaining new supporters and badly needed campaign funds. It’s also Senator Amy Klobuchar’s last chance to move up; the Minnesotan senator hasn’t moved from her middle position in the polls. Both need to perform strongly to have any chance to continue into the fall.

For the remaining five candidates for tonight’s debate it’s an even bigger hurdle…to move up from bottom of the rankings to a place where they can legitimately continue their campaigns. It’s “do or die” for Tim Ryan, John Hickenlooper, John Delaney, Steve Bullock and the new age spiritualist/author Marianne Williamson.

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Mark Those Calendars For Scott Shoemaker’s New Show: “Probed”!!!!

by Thursday at 1:13 pm

Scott Shoemaker has an itch that needs...PROBED! Photo credit Bronwen Houck

Scott Shoemaker has an itch that needs…PROBED! Photo credit Bronwen Houck

Sounds invasive…

We’re used to Seattle actor worming his way into our hearts and minds with his hilarious performances in a huge variety of Seattle area shows over the years, most of them of the fringe/off off off Broadway persuasion. While Mr. Shoemaker is fully capable of doing Shakespeare in the Park and Chekhov and we’d kill to see his Blanche Devereaux  in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, you have a lot more creativity options and fun in crazy fringe world. We have all seen him do everything from Prince in “Purple Rain” to stealing the show in various drag/burlesque shows and his own award winning turn as Ms Pak-Man in a series of cabaret shows he has done all over the place the last few years (note to producers in other cities: book his Ms Pak-Man show!!!) and now Mr. Shoemaker and his significant other in life/creativity Freddy Molitch have created a brand new show called…


They’re billing it as a ” A paranormal cabaret” and for once, it appears Scott will NOT be in drag for this show but since we know they’re doing video pieces for it, who knows how many characters he’ll end up playing? He has a lot of voices in his head…

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Useful Tips! How To Clean Your Po Po (aka “Butt Cleaning 101”)

by Monday at 3:39 pm

VERY frequently we see young (and not so young) gay men ask the very vital question:



How do you clean your butt thoroughly enough to prevent “poo poo” emerging to put a damper on the evening’s (or afternoon’s  or morning’s) love making?

It’s not a very pleasant thing to think about but proper hygiene IS important and frankly the neophyte should be learning this valuable information HERE in the safety of an avuncular website teaching “Butt Cleaning 101” rather than picking it up “off the streets” so to speak.

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Saturday Is PACKED With Events Including CHBP & LatinX Pride!

by Saturday at 2:30 pm

The weather is just perfect and there are so many things to go do today, Saturday, July 20th…including Capitol Hill Block Party and LatinX Pride and Kitsap Pride and OutWest’s Closing Weekend and….LIZZO!!!!


You haven’t made it through the wilderness until you’ve spent a night in the wild with Verotica. This summer, join us under the stars and in the woods as we host our first ever Summer Camp… we might even teach you how to start a fire. While at camp, you’ll spend two days dancing your […]

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Mueller Report Live

July 19 @ 8:00 pm – July 20 @ 10:00 pm
Town Hall Seattle1119 8th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101 United States
Mueller Report Live

A marathon reading of the Mueller Report in its entirety (including redactions). For 24 hours, members of the community will read the Special Counsel’s report verbatim. Friday July 19th through Saturday July 20th, 8:00PM to 8:00PM. Party to follow Saturday evening.

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Fantasy Fridays – Neighbours

July 19 @ 9:00 pm – July 20 @ 4:00 am

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