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Capitol Hill Art Walk Features “Imminent Mode: Sirens” At Vermillion

Shot by Stephanie Jamieson. Hair and make up by Erik Warren Jewelry and headpiece by Anouk Rawkson corset,and bottoms by Jordan Christianson skirt by Jordan and Anouk

Artist/singer/actor, Adé Cônnére curates the new art/fashion event, “Imminent Mode: Sirens” at Vermillion Gallery, this August 2016. Shot by Stephanie Jamieson.
Hair and make up by Erik Warren
Jewelry and headpiece by Anouk Rawkson Corset and bottoms by Jordan Christianson Skirt by Jordan and Anouk

August 11 is the second Thursday of the month so that means it’s time for the Capitol Hill Art Walk…it’s your chance to stroll through galleries and venues all over Capitol Hill and check out some fresh new art.

Our Seattle Gay Scene Suggestion for this month’s CH Art Walk is: “Imminent Mode: Sirens” at Vermillion on 11th Ave right off of Pike. It’s the second installment of the “Imminent Mode” series that pairs up fashion designers with fine artists to create interesting new collaborations. The show opens Thursday night as part of CH Art Walk with a reception/party from 6 pm to 9 pm that will include live entertainment.

This show is curated by artist/singer/actor, the one and only Adé Cônnére…here’s more skinny on her vision for this unique art show which includes contributions from some of favorite local artists and designers including Pete Rush, Jordan Christianson, Kerstin Graudins, Cami Funk and John Criscitello.

Curated by Adé Cônnére

The goal of Imminent Mode is to provide a place for designers and fine artists to play with juxtaposition in creative expression.

In the first installment, Imminent Mode married fashion designers and fine artists to collaborate and create original works of wearable art. With this second installment “Imminent Mode Sirens” I will be pairing artists and designers to create pieces inspired by women in music. Each pairing will create 2 looks…one to be displayed as part of the exhibition and one to be worn by a model. Each artist will create a corresponding piece of artwork and as in last years show, the garments will be photographed in an editorial style shoot on models to be displayed in the gallery. There will also be live bands/ musical acts dispersed throughout evening. This installment will be held at Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave off of Pike.

With works by:
Stephanie Jamieson
Anouk Rawkson
Jordan Christianson
Kerstin Graudins
Brenda Bryan
Cami Funk
John Criscitello
Grant Rehnberg
Tara Thomas
Pete Rush
Andrew Lamb Schultz
Diane Knoll
Justin Zachary Bartle

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