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Imminent Mode Returns For 2022 With Huge Show At King Street Station

IMMINENT MODE, the Seattle area fashion arts collabortive group has been producing fantastic local fashion events for several years now, getting bigger with each new show they produce. Every year (well, except for ones where Covid stops everything) talented teams of local artists and fashion designers team up to creat amazing works of locally produced fashion art. Oh, and they include live performances in with the mix as well.

In previous years, Capitol Hill’s Vermillion Gallery and Art Bar has been the host for many of their events but this year the folks at Imminent Mode have moved up a dress size to snag some recognition/funding from the Powers That Be (aka Seattle Office of Arts & Culture) and this year’s show is taking place at the art space at King Street Station in the heart of the city’s old town Pioneer Square neighborhood.

This year’s Imminent Mode will run from November 3rd through January 5, 2023 with a big, live opening night party/performance to kick it all off starting at 5pm on Thursday, November 3rd with a DJ, live performances and a fashion show. The event is FREE and open to the public AND it’s all ages (but, really…let’s leave the little kiddies at home, ok? But, do bring your fashionista teens! And, nothing wrong with the wee little kiddies but they will put their grubby little paws all over the Gucci and RUIN it!)

All the skinny:

IMMINENT MODE: US is an immersive exhibition that pairs built environments with one-of-a-kind fashion. The exhibition features installations by eight teams that explore the broad theme, US, asking artists for a deeper examination of where we’ve come from, why our ancestors immigrated to this land, and how our cultural differences can find harmony. Each team will explore and celebrate their unique cultural heritage and express that through their work.

“This year’s theme US is really about how we can illustrate the diversity, sense of community and creation/collaboration when we work together towards a common goal. We are so excited about the art created and artist teams in the exhibition, they are incredibly talented and showcase the phenomenal artists in the Pacific Northwest.”

Jordan Christianson

Curated by Jordan Christianson, Adé A Cônnére, and Anouk Rawkson, IMMINENT MODE: US is comprised of eight creative teams featuring a garment designer and fine artists who collaborate to create a unique piece of couture/wearable art displayed in a large-scale installation based on the theme: US. Each team will also create two additional garments that will be showcased in the opening fashion show.

The diverse, regional/international groups of artists include:

  • Jordan Christianson + Anouk Rawkson
  • Mary Anne Carter + Michael Welke
  • Casey Curran + Devon Yan
  • ANDROS grant + Bren Bryan
  • Christopher Vazquez + Aaron Lafferty
  • Jacob Sutton + Amanda Manitach
  • Mariel Andrade + Pete Rush
  • Jordan Christianson + Lilia Deering


IMMINENT MODE is a platform for multidisciplinary artists to play with the juxtaposition of creative expression, mediums, cultures, and voices. IMMINENT MODE: US is the sixth exhibition from the collective.

Previous exhibitions displayed at Vermillion Gallery include SIRENS (2016) womxn in music who have inspired us; REVOLUTION/RESIST (2017) team interpretations of how our communities’ committed acts of resistance or revolution; LORE (2018) folklore from and inspired by our respective cultures; and FAST FORWARD (2019) hypothesized how politics, society, and religion could change the face of fashion and culture.

Opening Night

Join us on First Thursday, November 3, 2022, 5 – 8 p.m. for a fashion show, DJ, and performance by Adé A Cônnére. Fashion show + performance start at 7 p.m.

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