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October 24, 2011 Comments Off on “It’s Versace, Sweetie!” Views: 1059 #Fashion, Living

“It’s Versace, Sweetie!”

It’s coming to H&M on November 17, 2011…Donatella joins the huge roster of big fashion names to design a collection for the H&M chain. (Will they also sell “Donatella Orange Body Spray Tan”?)

We like the pink.

Think Pink!

And, the psycho print.

So Tunnel circa 1988...

The rest of the collection is a bit too “Jersey Shore” for our taste…though we also liked a comment we saw over at Tom & Lorenzo from “DanimalChgo”: “This is Versace for H&M… or Versace for The International Male catalog?”

We’d be tempted to buy these and wear them, just so H&M could be horrified and offer to pay us to NOT wear their clothes…except for the fact we doubt these come in any sizes over “Skeletal Twink”.

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