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Monday is “Ozzie” Day at SLGFF…check out today’s Video...

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Sunday is crazy at SLGFF…check out the Video Promo for suggestions!

"The Rescue" is featured at the Boys Shorts program Sunday at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

It’s the first Sunday of the 16th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and it’s a busy day with many choice films and programs to choose from….like the Boys Shorts program at 2pm at the Egyptian which included the film “The Rescue” the featured photo up above…we haven’t seen this film but we’re lovin’ the cast photo!

We’re also intrigued by the lush costume drama, “The Scandalous Four” about some naughty shenanigans in a British Country House setting…it looks like a must for fans of “Downton Abbey”….though we have to say, the histrionics of the trailer did make us giggle.

The Bruce LaBruce documentary “The Advocate for Fagdom” also beckons us…it’s not a film BY the noted provocative queer filmmaker, but a documentary about his life and his work. We wonder if they’ll be some naughty clips from his many naughty (but beautifully arty) films? Like last year’s “L.A. Zombie” which featured French porn star Francois Sagat as either a homeless porn star on the streets of L.A. or a crazed sex zombie butt rapin’ the men of La La Land with his prosthetic zombie wing wang and the resulting pool of motor oil splooge. It was awesome! (We’re not kidding…we love Bruce LaBruce…he’s an artist.)

The big film Sunday is the first Centerpiece Gala, “Leave It On The Floor” a new musical dance film that’s part “Fame” and part “Paris is Burning”. If you love incredibly sexy dancers doing incredibly sexy dancing to a killer soundtrack, then we think you might just adore this film. (And, the after film reception at Lobby Bar…)

AND, for more info for the entire day, check out today’s Promo Video hosted by Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s Carmel Curtis and Topher Shields for a look at the hottest films and events at the Festival for Sunday…take it away, Carmel and Topher!

October 16 – SLGFF Daily Preview! from on Vimeo.

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